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Journeying with octopus medicine — suzanne-mcrae.com

Journeying with octopus medicine

I am taking an online class these days called Visual Quest, a Shamanic Painting eCourse with Pixie Lighthorse. This past year I have been drawn to shamanism in a few different ways and one of them has been through Pixie’s online classes. Animal totems and animal medicine have fascinated me for several years. I was taught a few things about the animals through one of my Reiki Master teachers a few years ago and it has had me curious ever since.

Only a week or two into the class, I had one of those weeks where I didn’t have two minutes to myself. It was one emergency after another that had to be dealt with. When the rough waters calmed down I was so exhausted.  I couldn’t focus on anything. I felt frustrated because I couldn’t get the momentum going to get back into the class.

Yesterday was one of those days where the weight of the world (of my life) was really weighing me down. The past year especially been one incredibly overwhelming, intense and chaotic time in so many ways. It has felt in many ways like I have been blindfolded and forced to sit down and experience one wild roller coaster ride with no way to get off the fast-moving ride, no off switch or even a gear to slow it down. The speed has almost been neck breaking at times… taking me up, and down and in every direction imaginable almost, never knowing what is coming next. Everything has felt out of my control. I have had very little to hold on to in a way that could help me feel safe, what has felt like very little familiar territory to hold on to.

So yesterday I was searching online for flower essences that could help me on some level remain intact during this intense time of changes. All of a sudden an octopus appeared on my screen. It was a clear sign. This was the 2nd time I had octopus show up for me lately. It immediately dawned on me even though I had not done the class homework in almost two weeks, I was being pulled in from a different angle to go in and explore this further. I dropped everything I was doing and escaped to my creative space so I could research and create the image below of octopus. I felt the calling and I accepted it. I knew in that moment that I would be journeying with octopus medicine to help me get through these challenging and transformative times in my life.


It didn’t take very long for me to see octopus holding a special key for me… a key that would somehow help me unlock some of life’s challenges and maybe receive new insights so I can navigate those waters with greater ease. Right away when I connected with octopus I saw so many parallels with my life circumstances and octopus medicine. I was so excited when I realized that I was already beginning this journey with octopus.

This past summer I had the intense desire to go and spend a month by the ocean… ALL.BY.MY.SELF. It didn’t happen. I couldn’t make it happen. But that intense desire to be there never left me. It is still calling me intensely in so many ways. I wonder if that’s why octopus is showing up now in my life at this time? Maybe it decided that it needed to bring the ocean to me along with its medicine.



Ancient creature

sacred messenger

you are one of the most intelligent, powerful, versatile and fascinating animals on the planet

thank you for choosing to come and teach me

magic, illusion, mystery

octopus, luring me to the ocean floor where you live

camouflaged, hidden, ever-changing and shapeshifting

deep magic happening

secret knowledge

knowing, expansion, big changes

nothing is as it seems, illusions is all it is

you slip in and out of the tightest of places

dwelling on the bottom of the ocean floor

hiding in crevices

blending your colour with your surroundings, within mere seconds like magic you disappear

unrecognizable and hidden from danger

your many hands make work a lot lighter

thank you for the reminder to seek assistance from those I know that are capable of helping me right now.


Your have eight tentacles, arms

the number eight, the symbol of powerful

the symbol of transformation

2014, also my #8 personal numerology year

eight a symbol of infinity

holds the ultimate key to the past, present and future

where lies the mystery, power and absolute significance for my life

also the number of Karma, the Universal Law of Cause and Effect

the Symbol of Chaos

and I am feeling it all so intensely.


Octopus, you are able to discard your limbs and later regenerate them

reminding me that even as I release my old ways of being that my essence is never lost

it is always within me, nothing can ever take that away

you are multi-faceted and skilled in many things

you destroy negative barriers… shall I tell you that you have your work cut out with me

you are a very complex spirit animal

one who interacts with the Universe on many levels and has a lot to teach

everything in my environment has been in motion

just like the waters of the ocean where you live

I am seeking serenity and desiring to learn to go with the flow

and of extreme importance you remind me to take care of myself, and not just work mindlessly

octopus, your body so powerful, seemingly soft but incredibly strong.


The ocean

water element

constantly in movement and transition

a source of life and death

new tides of depth of possibilities

great mystery, power and magic

a place where I can learn to loosen up, relax and cut loose any excess baggage

cleansing, freedom and flexibility

an archetypal symbol of birth, death and creativity

purifying and healing

rhythm and movement

shifting of tides

the womb of life

re-emerging more powerful after time spent relaxing by the ocean

sea creatures guiding me when the water of my life becomes murky

ocean, symbol of all possibilities

symbols of the sub-conscious and the conscious minds

awaken the deeper levels of my consciousness

the realms of the unknown

the emotional depths and profound changes.


Octopus, I thank you for showing up at this time of my journey through life

I welcome you and honour you

I accept your teachings, secret knowledge, medicine and the healing that you bring

I sink deeper into the energetic depths of the ocean with you

thank you for coming to help me make sense of my life and journey

I am so ready!!


Friends, I invite you to come and read a few of my earlier posts where I was beginning to feel the intense stirring and connection of something deeper that was unfolding within me. What a wild, exciting, overwhelming and crazy ride it’s been.

A journey into the Soul

Entering into the Sacred Silence of my Soul

Please leave a comment. I love reading each one of them. Blessings!!

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  1. I’ve always found it fascinating that in moving forward, I often step “back” to nature, and her cycles and rhythms –and creatures. I too have felt such powerful ebb and flow this past year, and have found nature so often soothing and comforting me through the, sometimes, overwhelming changes. Thank you for sharing your beautiful octopus medicine.
    Ease and flow,
    Julie Masters

  2. What a powerful post. Octopus is so flowing, not only his arms, but his head moving with the currents. I honor your path and wish you well.
    Linda Watson recently posted..Bookmark Moments of GratitudeMy Profile

  3. I really have loved your post. I hope that you could pass some times with ocean, alone, as you wish it soooooo.
    All alone??? Maybe not. Octopus!
    Fannoche recently posted..Novembre brumeuxMy Profile

  4. Wonderful blog. I also work with totems and animal medicine. I haven’t ever explored Octopus so Thank you. As I was reading your blog I was reminded of a powerful experience I had at the GA Aquarium with the octopus there. “She” interacted with me and it was awesome. Wishing you all the best on your journey.
    Christine G. recently posted..Dragon Fly MedicineMy Profile

  5. Deep and powerful. I am crazy for octopi. I have written about them before. There is an intensity to them that I am really drawn to. That and their ability to disappear. I envy that.

  6. Beautiful Suzanne! What a powerful connection and how exciting you’re deep diving into this exploration.

  7. Very, very interesting…..
    Elda recently posted..When Anger Can Work To Our BenefitMy Profile

  8. Wow – I had never thought about the symbolism of an octupus – even when it is staring at me – this was so interesting! thank you and keep on this journey
    Vickie Martin Conison recently posted..SWEET HOME ALABAMAMy Profile

  9. Hi Suzanne,

    I love octopuses. They are so cool! Silent, deep, private and also able to use “many hands” at once. It sounds like you have too many hands right now doing too many things, but at the same time the octopus is such a stunningly beautiful and elegant creature. I had the pleasure of watching one in an aquarium once and it was so mezmerizing how it moved. It would very slowly extend its limb and then grab on and very slowly pull itself towards that point. I loved watching it. It felt like the whole world stopped while waiting for it to get to its destination, just a short ways. I always remember that.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Tao Tuesdays: Chapter 75My Profile

  10. Sending love, dear Suzanne.
    Just so much love.
    Healing waters surround your
    priceless heart,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..River she keeps rolling….My Profile

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