Beltane and Wesak Full Moon Ceremonies

Wesak and Full Moon Ceremonies

Spring is coming alive in our part of the world, here in Canada, and last weekend we got to experience Beltane and the Wesak Full Moon the biggest Full Moon of the year (Super Full Moon). I had never heard of Beltane until a few years back when our daughter had spent a few months on a small island off the coast of British Columbia. When she was there that May, she was telling me about the … [Read more...]

Mayday, Beltane and Life…

Us... then 34 years ago!!

Today is Beltane... the Gaelic May Day festival and celebrations... the halfway point between spring equinox and summer solstice. So Wikipedia tells us. Not that I know that much about May Day or Beltane. May 1st has always been associated as "Mayday Mayday"... as my husband always teased me, and us about. This date 34 years ago is when we officially began dating. He'd always joke "Mayday, … [Read more...]

A perfect time to pray…

Laura Story "Blessings"

Why doesn't sleep come when you feel you need it most? The past few weeks have been interesting. The middle of the night tossing and turning some nights could even count as a workout... and at other times wide awake in the silence of the night. At first I blamed it on the intense energy of the recent new moon and solar eclipse. Now almost two weeks later, I could blame it on the upcoming super … [Read more...]

Creating more of the life I desire…

Australia Shepherd & Tabby Cat

I've been looking at my life, and wanted to find ways to create more of what I desire, but also seeing what I already have that brings me the most joy and happiness and finding ways to help that expand more. So allow me to share with you... I spent hours drawing symbols and words, what I call my mini-coasters. I really connect with the energy of symbols. I have always loved symbols even as a … [Read more...]

Never doubt the power of prayer!!


What do you do in times of confusion... overwhelm... or despair? Do you give up? Do you scream out at just how unfair life is sometimes? Do you try and figure it out with your head, all on your own? Do you shrink away? Do you pray at times like this? A few days ago I was stuck in that place of despair, and certainly overwhelmed by many things in my life. I was feeling defeated. It was one of … [Read more...]

Make me an angel

Make me an angel

After posting a photo on Instagram yesterday of a fresh snowfall that was looking like a blank canvas, an online friend wrote "Make me an angel" I smiled. This was not the first time she asked me to make a snow angel. The child in me that rarely gets to come out and play was grinning from ear to ear. She knew that the serious part of me, was going along for the fun. Both my husband and … [Read more...]

What A Year It’s Been, 2014

kind gesture

Today, the end of another year... an intense year for me, and to be completely honest a very intense few years. Two years ago today I wrote a blog post 2013 New Year - The Journey Inward little did I know what was truly coming. What I didn't realize is where the *imaginary boat* I was in while loss at sea was going to be taking me. I will share with you some of my posts I wrote in 2013 that … [Read more...]

Journeying with octopus medicine


I am taking an online class these days called Visual Quest, a Shamanic Painting eCourse with Pixie Lighthorse. This past year I have been drawn to shamanism in a few different ways and one of them has been through Pixie's online classes. Animal totems and animal medicine have fascinated me for several years. I was taught a few things about the animals through one of my Reiki Master teachers a few … [Read more...]