What A Year It’s Been, 2014

kind gesture

Today, the end of another year... an intense year for me, and to be completely honest a very intense few years. Two years ago today I wrote a blog post 2013 New Year - The Journey Inward little did I know what was truly coming. What I didn't realize is where the *imaginary boat* I was in while loss at sea was going to be taking me. I will share with you some of my posts I wrote in 2013 that … [Read more...]

Journeying with octopus medicine


I am taking an online class these days called Visual Quest, a Shamanic Painting eCourse with Pixie Lighthorse. This past year I have been drawn to shamanism in a few different ways and one of them has been through Pixie's online classes. Animal totems and animal medicine have fascinated me for several years. I was taught a few things about the animals through one of my Reiki Master teachers a few … [Read more...]

Grounding in nature

Grounding in nature

It's been a slightly stressful 30 hours or so. Mom called and asked me to rush her to the hospital last evening when something wasn't right. I hate those trips to a hospital when it feels that you can't quite drive fast enough and worry that something could happen on the way there. So I prayed... I prayed a lot so we would get there safely and so she would get the medical help she needed. … [Read more...]

Autumn’s Beauty

Autumn's Beauty

"Your deepest roots are in nature.  No matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of life you lead, you remain irrevocably linked with the rest of creation.  Charles Cook" A perfect cool autumn day for a walk in the forest before snow arrives in the not so distant future. So much in nature has already let go. Leaves dropped to the ground creating a thick blanket that will enrich the … [Read more...]

Slowly coming out of the fog…

Slowly coming out of the fog...

Slowly coming out of the fog fears that if I move too fast I may get even more lost afraid to be seen afraid to show my vulnerability my imperfections all who I am as a human being feeling so beaten up and exhausted yet energized in other ways it's been foggy so damp, so dark like someone shut all the lights off and kept me in the dark I have felt blinded by this thick fog I have felt … [Read more...]

Reaching for the light!!

the opening

Part of me wants to reach for the light. I have been stuck in this dark and painful place. Desiring to unfold into a more authentic and real me. It always feels like its not quite the right time so I sit and wait not always so patiently. It is dark, gloomy and lonely in this space it feels like there is no end in sight. Almost like a painful death make losing hope all too easy. Trusting … [Read more...]

Advocating… and the results!


A few months have passed already since I advocated for our son about changes that the government had just put into effect. The changes that had been made were going to have an impact for one of the activities he enjoys tremendously, downhill skiing. You can read about my initial post on this topic #WorldAutismAwarenessDay ... #drumming ... #dreaming. At that time my husband and I brainstormed … [Read more...]

Buds & Blooms!!

Buds & Blooms!!

Buds and blooms, after what was a long cold and snowy winter. Nature, awakening in its full beauty. It is so miraculous to see as buds begin to open up on the trees and the first blooms of the season have arrived. Not long ago, we were under a thick blanket of snow, one that never left it seems for 5 months or more. I am so ready for … [Read more...]