Reaching for the light!!

the opening

Part of me wants to reach for the light. I have been stuck in this dark and painful place. Desiring to unfold into a more authentic and real me. It always feels like its not quite the right time so I sit and wait not always so patiently. It is dark, gloomy and lonely in this space it feels like there is no end in sight. Almost like a painful death make losing hope all too easy. Trusting … [Read more...]

Advocating… and the results!


A few months have passed already since I advocated for our son about changes that the government had just put into effect. The changes that had been made were going to have an impact for one of the activities he enjoys tremendously, downhill skiing. You can read about my initial post on this topic #WorldAutismAwarenessDay ... #drumming ... #dreaming. At that time my husband and I brainstormed … [Read more...]

Buds & Blooms!!

Buds & Blooms!!

Buds and blooms, after what was a long cold and snowy winter. Nature, awakening in its full beauty. It is so miraculous to see as buds begin to open up on the trees and the first blooms of the season have arrived. Not long ago, we were under a thick blanket of snow, one that never left it seems for 5 months or more. I am so ready for … [Read more...]

My Writing Process Blog Tour


My Writing Process Blog Tour I am delighted to be participating in this blog tour so that you can get to know me a little better. I have blogged for two years, but since last fall it’s been a quieter time on my blog due to life happening. I am so grateful to have you here. Welcome!! I was passed the torch by the lovely Dale Anne Potter, you can read her story here. What am I working on? I feel … [Read more...]

#WorldAutismAwarenessDay … #drumming … #dreaming

Ski slopes

Today, April 2nd 2014 is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay. Around the world today there are thousands of parents, families, and other advocates that are doing all they can to bring awareness about the autism world. Many are raising flags, others are choosing to Light it Up Blue. I chose to remain quiet about the whole thing. The thought of advocating leaves me feeling drained. I prefer to keep the energy … [Read more...]

Time in nature to fill my soul!

Time in nature

I woke up this morning visualizing a forest where I was walking and was feeling energized by the sights that surrounded me. All I could think of was how heavenly that would be to experience for real... and anytime soon would be welcomed. My life has hectic lately and a bit of self-care like walking in a forest would be welcomed. I went to bed last night asking in my prayers that I be shown what I … [Read more...]

WE HAVE A WINNER!! Soul Comfort eCourse with Brave Girls Club

Soul Comfort eCourse

I would like to announce the WINNER for the Soul Comfort eCourse... DENISE (the Oncology Nurse) your number came up. You were randomly chosen from the comments left in my previous post. Thanks Brave Girls for your generous giveaway. was used to pick the winner. Denise has contacted me, luckily through someone in another of my eCourses that knew her. The mystery has been solved she … [Read more...]

Brave Girls: GIVEAWAY “Soul Comfort” eCourse

Soul Comfort eCourse

To the tired, the exhausted, the overstretched…here’s an invitation (a GIVEAWAY)… Life can be simple. What if we celebrated the brave act of….taking a break? What if simplicity, comfort, and quiet were the goal? What if there really was a way to quiet the chatter in our minds and let us recharge our body & soul? And what if it was fun, too? Introducing a new eCourse . . . Soul … [Read more...]