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The magic of manifesting your clear intentions into reality — suzanne-mcrae.com

The magic of manifesting your clear intentions into reality

What are your beliefs about manifesting what you desire?

Last week the magic of manifesting my clear intentions into reality became just that for me, in a very-obvious-way. One that could not be denied or mistaken for anything else.

You see there was this class I saw maybe a month or two ago somewhere online. I can’t remember if someone talked about it or if I simply found the site. As soon as I had seen it without a doubt in my mind I knew that I had to take it. This all took place of course shortly after I had just finished telling my husband that I wasn’t going to take another course or class for 6 months at least. I had so much left that I wanted to work on, and it would give our wallet a bit of a break. This was certainly going to be a test for me. I didn’t say anything about it. Instead I just tucked it not too far in the back of my mind. I felt that if it was meant to be it would happen somehow.

On July 8th it was the New Moon. I had read Mystic Mamma’s Astral Insights. I took out 8 1/2 x 14″ pages (my favourite size to write) and sat quietly to feel what her messages were about. Then I began what I call meditative journaling, allowing what I was feeling in my heart to flow onto the pages. I wrote about what my greatest desires in life were; what I was wishing to align myself with and so on. By the time I finished, I had four sides of 8 1/2″x14″ pages filled. I have connected for a long time with the energy of the moon without understanding a lot about it. I just feel how powerful it is. My husband had started a campfire that evening, at my request. When it’s a must to connect with the moon I love to have a campfire. I said a silent prayer, setting my intentions and released each page out there for the Universe to hear what my desires were. I put each one in the campfire, one crumpled sheet at a time. It feels so magical doing that. I planted many seeds that evening of things that I wish to align myself with, and this class that I desired was one of them.

Rocks - Salt Spring Island, BC

Beautiful rocks that I had found on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (Canada) while vacationing there with my family in 2010. This photo was photographed by my daughter Amy. I left the rocks there, but came home with this beautiful photo of them. 🙂 Click on the photo and it will take you to Amy’s Facebook Page… go check out what she’s doing and who she’s all about!

That same day before I sat down to write my desires and intentions for the New Moon, I had posted in a Facebook group that I belong to since last fall, from a class called Flying Lessons. I wrote “Dreaming of taking Soul Restoration online class with Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club… and was asking if any of them had taken the class before”. Several women shared that they had indeed taken the class and it was one of the most transformation classes they had ever done. I was wanting to take it even more by now, but still hadn’t told my husband.

My mind was made up. I wanted to sign up. I also wanted to find to get the money on my own to do this. Not easy, because I don’t have an income stream, and no 9-5 job that pays me. My husband had been laid-off from work for 3 weeks at this point and I felt guilty asking if I could take the class, knowing that we had to pay bills and put food on the table before me taking any class… plus we were in the midst of changing our furnace and hot water tank, a big expense. So my creative mind got busy… I had $50 in my wallet, I smiled knowing I had surpassed the half-way point. The class was $99. Then I found more change in my purse another $18, then I remembered I had money sitting in PayPal from an affiliate purchase someone had made through my website (thank you whoever you are). Ah! Then the brilliant idea popped into my mind, if I could gather another 5 women to take the class that would give one person a free registration to the class… I didn’t want a free pass to take the class, instead I wanted to split the cost 6 ways with all the women including myself. That brought it down to $82.50, I was only missing $3.50. That’s when I told my husband. He just smiled. He knew I really wanted to do this, he could sense my determination to do so.

Within minutes I had to leave for my first aqua fitness class, I was smiling all the way there. My heart was literally bursting with joy that this class was going to be happening for me. When I arrived at the community pool I asked if our family swimming pass still included aqua fitness classes this year. It didn’t. Oh no, I thought! I really wanted to do this also. My heart kind of sank thinking I might have to slack off and not go as often instead or find a different way that wouldn’t cost me to get fit.

After I returned home from aqua fitness class, I checked my online messages and someone had messaged me privately on Facebook. She was a fellow FLYER *who wishes to remain anonymous* (from my Flying Lessons class last year), she had written telling me that she wanted to GIFT me the Soul Restoration class. She wanted this opportunity to pay it forward, and perform an act of kindness. She told me that she had been thoroughly enjoying reading my blogs. That all left me almost speechless. I’m not very good at receiving. For me it’s so much easier to give. But it is also an imbalance that I have worked on. So I knew that I had to accept graciously her incredible generosity and this beautiful gift. It took me several minutes to realize that I now had the money to go to aqua fitness classes all summer if I wished to do so since I wouldn’t need it to pay for Soul Restoration class.

Within 2 days of setting clear intentions and manifesting some of my greatest desires at the time of the New Moon… one of them had come true for me, this class. I didn’t know how on July 8th as I wrote my intentions how it was going to happen, but I knew that all I could do was share it with the Universe. Even though I had enough money to make this class happen… the Universe sent me this wonderful lesson and opportunity for me to learn and be ok with accepting. I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face and woke up the next morning still smiling. I just love these moments when my heart is bursting with such extreme joy and gratitude.

My daughter asked me what I had I been doing that was different. I told her that I had been focussed a lot more on being mindful lately, to do only the things that made me really happy, and attempting to align myself more with that energy as much as possible in everything that I did. She smiled, and said keep doing it because you have attracted so much into your life.

Last year sometime things started changing and coming to me, and so often for free. I was also really beginning to live some of my dreams, embracing who I truly was deep down. Without knowing what that abundance was all about at that time, now I can say that I am seeing why it’s happening a lot more clearly. Since the last few years I have been slowly learning how to align myself more and more with what makes me truly happy, what fills my soul, even with what feels like dreams that are not possible or attainable… if the feeling is there I aim for it. Often I cannot even describe it into words what this knowing, these feelings, all the stuff that just pops up into my mind… but I totally trust that if it showed up that somehow I am being shown the way and I am trying to simply follow it. Since last fall if not before, I have received several one-on-one sessions with different people online, some free coaching as well, I have won books, an energy healing session, an Earth Day Zine beautifully created by an online writer friend… and this amazing class that I’m going to begin in a few weeks. I also have to comment about the hundreds if not thousands of people I have connected with in these past few years online where I have so much in common with so many of them. I feel so grateful for every single little thing that someone does for me, to every little or big thing that comes my way. I am so blessed. Focusing on being grateful has become a huge part of my daily life. It is such a simple yet powerful act that we can all do. It literally takes seconds of our time to stop and express gratitude for all that we have.

I encourage you to reflect on some of these questions and see what comes up for you. What do some of your dreams and desires look like? What are you being called to do? What is it from your childhood that maybe is popping into your mind lately that you wish you could do again? What do you wish for that could make your life a little easier or enrich it in so many ways? What gifts or talents of yours can you share with the world to make it a better place? What can you see yourself doing but you have no clue how it could ever happen? Is there an out of this world idea that keeps popping into your mind and you wonder about never being able to get there or have it? I say keep imagining… keep dreaming… keep desiring… and see yourself having it, or doing it or being it. Be very grateful for all that you have today even if you might think it’s not enough, or not the right thing. Leave no space for any doubts to enter, even if you have to pretend about it. Make yourself believe it. Most of all stay joyful. Be in that joy filled place. Stay present. These are a few ways that I know how to create what we truly wish to come into our reality.

Last week’s manifestation showed me that there’s been a real softening for me around money and learning to accept and receive. Something that has always been so challenging for me is beginning to flow. It has shown me very clearly that when we align with our greatest desires they do begin to come true.

Soul Restoration online class by Melody Ross of Brave Girls Camp, check it out. Go take a look around their website, they offer so much goodness to women around the world. I have spoken to several women that have taken this class, all shared that it’s changed their life in so many amazing ways that they never could have imagined. If you’re ready for some life changing, goodness, soul work, learning to see how you look at yourself and your life, and getting in touch with the true you that is beneath all of who you think you are… then it’s my wish for you that you will also be there to enjoy these 8 weeks of sacred time for yourself. I hope to see you there. 🙂

PS I wanted to share that I am not an affiliate of this class.

Share below with us how you manifest your greatest desires into your life. We would love to hear from you. Feel free also to share this post or any other you enjoyed.

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  1. christine says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    This is very nice. People are very generous and it could not have happened to a better person. Good for you.
    Christine xxx

  2. Beautiful, my dear friend! I’m totally with you yet again. The first step is to be very clear about our desires and then to allow them to come to us. This allowing happens when we relax into the flow of things (even when they seem to be going against our wishes) with complete trust and gratitude. I’m now practicing joy on a daily basis and it’s like a miracle: life does flow and feel good even when there’s challenges along the way. Love it! So happy for you and for the abundance you’re experiencing! ♥
    Maryse recently posted..A Summer InvitationMy Profile

  3. I am so HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY for YOU! Good luck with your class and blessing to the Fly-sister who passed it forward!
    Robin Heim recently posted..Nurturing Mind & SoulMy Profile

  4. Good for you, Suzanne! And thanks for the reminder to put those desires out there <3
    Susan recently posted..Shadows and ReflectionsMy Profile

  5. We all love you, Suzanne. I am willing to bet that everyone who reads this is like, “Yeah, she deserves it!” Good manifesting!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Study of Humility: Part 7My Profile

  6. Hi Suzanne,
    Love this post and love how you are empowered to give and receive what the universe has in store for you!

    When I was a child- I loved to create, loved to make things that would make others happy. My life took me in another direction, a career that focused on facts and analysis. I spent many years not using that creative part of my brain. But now I have had the chance to rekindle that part of my brain and I am loving it!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Amy Kelsch recently posted..Dazzling Shoes to Delight Your Sole: The Mindful Shopper’s Top 13My Profile

  7. Barbara Michel says:

    Wonderful manifesting story Suzanne! So happy to hear of all the abundance that you’re creating…you absolutely deserve every bit of it! Enjoy the class…I look forward to hearing about your new journeys along the way…xo

  8. Love this post, Suzanne…and what perfect, aligned timing…I have had getting in the (manifesting) zone on my blog topic list for the last three weeks…and here you have presented a perfect example of getting there…love that! We were in Vegas last weekend…and practiced being in the zone…and then jumping out (voluntarily!)….amazing things happened and stopped happening…
    Keep on manifesting! xo
    erin recently posted..the halfway point.My Profile

  9. Oh Suzanne – this is such a delight to read! I’m excited you manifested the class and am doing a happy dance for you. But even more, I’m delighted you’re aligning yourself ever more fully with what brings joy to your heart so you can continue to call it to you. And that you understand abundance requires flow – both the incoming of receiving and the outgoing of giving. Have fun and keep up the manifesting magic.

  10. Thanks for your post I agree with everything you said and I think yours is a great example of manifesting what you desire utilising the law of attraction.
    Manifest Your Desires recently posted..Relationships and the Law of Attraction, Part Two By Chris SpinkMy Profile

  11. I don’t think I manifest anything. My life has proved to be part of a pre-design, and it all unfolds on a daily basis. If what I want happens to tally with what life has in store, then it appears to others that I manifest. This is my own experience. I think there are others who live a different reality in which they do actually manifest things, as the movie The Secret suggests. I don’t think that we are all subject to the same reality streams for various divine reasons. I know this about myself because I did the whole Secret journey for many years and I always got what I needed, not what I wanted. I hope you discover what your truth is! I like your beautiful story, Suzanne, and your hubby sounds just like mine, an absolute gem.
    Yaz recently posted..My Camino Chronicles: The Burdens of the MindMy Profile

    • Yaz, I absolutely love your take on manifesting and how you have allowed your life to unfold. Thank you for sharing that we are all different, having different reality streams for various divine reasons. I almost appreciate the wisdom you bring, always. xo

  12. tanya jewell says:

    Suzanne – this is so inspiring – THANK YOU! I love reading your posts and this one is perfect timing and particularly resonating with me…I had ‘dipped in and out’ of the BGC website previously and now – after reading this – am seriously considering their Life Restoration class in October or later on. I am just about to start Visual Quest with Pixie Campbell – which I am REALLY looking forward to – and she has gifted her Woman is a River course (as well as Medicine Animals and Totems) to all VQ participants – and I am so grateful for that! Bloom True – and Flora – were very inspiring but that felt like ‘small steps’ to me as I didn’t fully engage with it and I hope to watch all the videos again before they close…I so LOVE your ‘outside studio’ and seeing what comes out of it! Love and best wishes Tanya xoXO

    • Tanya, I was so happy to read your comments. I LOVE that you are considering Life Restoration class with Brave Girls Club. I wish for you to have an incredible time in that class. As for Visual Quest with Pixie Campbell, emails have been coming in for me about this class and I have seen her name appear often in different places. I feel that I would really connect with the work that she is doing as well. Yikes! But how many hours do I have in my day to do it all? lol I love how you taking huge steps to connect more deeply with yourself as well Tanya. I’m so happy you loved my ‘outside studio’. 😉 xo

  13. Awesome, Suzanne! This really brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes we need to lose something (in your case, income, which is temporary) to gain something more important: another way to manifest what we want. The Universe has always provided us with the vehicles (which are permanent) to manifest what we want and receiving is one of them. I am so happy to hear that you accessed that part of you that allows you to receive with joy! Because of it, you manifested more than one thing that you wanted. The possibilities from now on! Enjoy! Blessings and gratitude!
    Someday I can only hope to be accepting and manifesting in my own life more, but, of course, each journey is unique and timed precisely…
    Enjoy your Life Restoration class and the aqua fitness classes. 🙂 xoxo

  14. Beautiful post Suzanne! I love how all that stuff happens if you give it a chance and just trust. You’re a sweetie!

    Love you,

  15. what a wonderful gift for you ~ both from the giver and from the Universe! Someone out there is telling you that you’re on the right path. How incredibly inspirational. I’m off to check out the course now 😀
    Stacy (The Novel Life) recently posted..Kid Konnection: Little Dinos Don’t BiteMy Profile

  16. Such a beautiful example of manifesting and the power of intention, gratitude and mindfulness. Thank you for sharing!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Journey Back to Yoga…It’s What I NeedMy Profile

  17. It’s about midnight here and I’m exhausted but I just had to say very quickly that I am loving your blog! So glad we are in Soul Restoration together!! I’m a strong believer in manifestation. I even belong to a group (Magical Sabbatical through SageGoddess.com) that meets online usually at the new and full moons mainly to work on manifesting our best lives. You would probably love it. Oh and I was in the original Flying Lessons course several years ago and LOVED it! So much more I could say but I’m falling asleep. I’m sure I’ll be back regularly though 🙂

    • Hi Meegan, I’m so delighted to have you over at my website. Thank you for your beautiful comment about my blog. I’ve never heard of SageGoddess.com I will have to check it out for sure. Thank you for sharing that with me. Hope to see you here again. 🙂

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