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Winter Wonderland — suzanne-mcrae.com

Winter Wonderland

The scenery here yesterday and this morning was absolutely spectacular. It looked like winter wonderland. Of course it was beautiful from where I was looking, from inside a warm home.

I had plans yesterday and nothing turned out like I thought it would. I woke up feel really ill at 5 am, to realize later that morning that I was having a healing reaction (for lack of better words), a clearing that was happening from my Heilkunst remedies. So that left me unable to do anything for the whole morning. But after that I mostly felt fine.

My daughter had to help our son get ready to leave and then she drove him to the farm yesterday morning since I couldn’t do it. By the time she got back a few hours later the snow had started coming down pretty hard.

I also had plans to have a small group of women come to our home last evening for a veggie luck dinner that I was hosting. I had to cancel it not knowing how I would feel by dinner time. I couldn’t chance it.

Our son made it back home safely with the young woman who had him over at their farm for the day. My husband usually has about a one hour drive back home in the evenings, but last evening we saw him pull in the driveway 4 hours later. The roads were in terrible conditions, the poorest he’s ever seen. As if he didn’t have a long enough day and drive home, when he pulled in our driveway he got stuck. Out came the shovels and then I had the fun of attempting to push his car out with our daughter also helping. I can’t drive a standard vehicle well so this wasn’t the time for me to practice that skill. We managed to get his vehicle un-stuck at the same time that a neighbour was beginning his job of cleaning out driveways. There was no way we could have shovelled that heavy snow by hand, so we had called earlier asking for him to do this job for us with his tractor and blower.

At the same time as I saw my husband arriving at home, I saw that someone had messaged me online saying that she was really worried about her mother-in-law that lives in our town. The daughter-in-law had no car to make it out to come and check on her last evening. She had not been able to reach her all day and also knew that she had an appointment booked in another town yesterday. So my husband and I drove to town in hopes of finding her at home safe and sound, but instead we found her home in total darkness and no one came to the door.

An hour later we decided to drive back to town to go and see if she was there. We also thought of speaking with a few neighbours that might still be awake, hoping that someone might have noticed her leaving or would maybe know of her whereabouts. As we pulled up to her driveway, there she was arriving back home. She had gone with someone else to her appointment. I don’t think anyone knew how bad the driving conditions were going to be yesterday.

Making that phone call to her family to tell them that she was back home safely, was the best news that we could have given anyone yesterday.

Winter Wonderland

The beginning of the snow storm yesterday… birds coming and going at the bird feeders.

And now a taste of the beautiful scenery photographed this morning.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Click on photo to bring you to the summer view of this flower garden. I don’t believe that I’ll find the little creature talked about in the that blog post… not with this much snow.

Winter Wonderland

Our dog trying to plow through the deep snow.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

My lilac bushes to the left of the house… you can find photos of Lilacs in my Etsy Shop for sale… http://www.etsy.com/shop/SuzanneMcRae… or click on the image to take you to the blog post about it.

Winter Wonderland

Click on this image to find this tree in the fall season with red leaves.

Winter Wonderland

I love this photo of the dog standing on the snow bank… our Canadian flag… and the beauty and pureness of all the beautiful white snow!

Winter Wonderland

The white birch centre-right seen here still fatigued from the Ice Storm of 1998. The branches bent over from the weight of the snow this morning. Click on image to read my blog post about Ice Storm 1998.

Winter Wonderland

One of our beautiful tall evergreens… to the right a tiny evergreen and another one is hiding behind… both small ones planted as seedlings 9 years ago in memory of both of my parents-in-law after they passed away.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

My daughter photographing and her dog tagging along.

Winter Wonderland

The burning bush shrub covered in snow that looks like fluffy cotton-candy.

Winter Wonderland

Click on photo and it will bring you to a blog post about Fall Colours. There you will be able to see this tree in golden fall colours with the sun shining brightly through its leaves.

Winter Wonderland

A view of our backyard in the winter. To the right back is a log fence… you can read my blog post about a few afghans I had made. Late last fall one of them was photographed on the log fence.

Winter Wonderland

Even the bird feeders are buried in snow.

Winter Wonderland

Trees near my parents home.

We would love to hear what part of the world you live in and what your seasons are like?

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  1. LOVELY photos Suzanne – THANKS for sharing them all!
    That was nice of you to go check on your friend’s family and then be able to give them good news.
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Day 28 of Share A HeartMy Profile

  2. Oh wow, Suzanne, how white and wonderful! It really is a winter wonderland. Here, in Sydney, it’s the first day of autumn, it’s raining and I can feel the energy descending. I would love to have seen these images a few days ago when I was in the tropical north of Australia, where the rainforest meets the reef. It was Bikram yoga hot, catch your breath steamy and I was looking for shade and ice in my drinks! Oh what a wonderful world it is that we can share such images with each other. I don’t envy the drama of driving in snow, but I do love how you get the full four seasons where you live, bringing a gratitude for spring when it comes with all the colour of fresh blooms. Lovely post, with all your links to other posts. Thanks for sharing.
    suzi recently posted..i love you to the moon and back – stitched lettering designMy Profile

    • Suzi, it’s so hard to imagine the seasons being so different from one another. You can visualize our cold and snow anytime if it helps you stay cool. 🙂 I have to drop by your blog to see what you have been up to and to check out if you have lovely pictures of your recent vacation in the tropical north of Australia. 🙂

  3. Dawn Conery says:

    hi suzanne, what lovely photos! almost makes me miss maine and all the snow there, but not quite! sometime soon i will post some pictures of the beautiful sonoran desert we are staying in above lake pleasant just outside of phoenix. so pretty with spring in the air and the desert turning green. thanks for sharing and glad your feeling better and your neighbor is safe at home!

  4. Hi Suzanne

    I am loving your photos of winter. Just lovely.


    • Hi Visma, I bet you don’t miss winter or do you with being south? I’m starting to feel ready for spring to come soon. This was beautiful yesterday with all this snow, but now it can stop anytime and bring on the warmer months. 🙂

  5. Hi Suzanne! Wow, it’s breathtakingly wonderful! I felt like stepping into Narnia for a second. So much beauty after such a hectic day… xo
    Laly recently posted..Elusion : nouveau tableau, papillons et souvenirsMy Profile

  6. Oh, Suzanne! Everything looks so beautiful blanketed in snow. We only have snow like that here about every 5-7 years. (Definitely nothing like that happening here this year!) What a great idea to link your images to photos from other seasons.
    janice recently posted..Lessons in Letting GoMy Profile

    • Hi Janice, loved having you drop by. The fresh blanket of snow didn’t last long, it started looking dirty by mid-morning today… it got warmer and started melting at least a little and getting slushy.

  7. Hi Suzanne,
    I am anxious for spring but can weigh in that your photos are lovely! We have a helpful neighbor who comes by with his tractor and blower when we need him. How does one manage? We really have to look out for each other in cold weather climates, don’t we? My sister once told me that there is a law in Alaska that you can really get in trouble for not stopping to help someone in need along a roadside. Interesting, if true-that you can legislate ‘caring’. All the best, Becky
    Becky recently posted..An Ordinary Outdoor Winter Play DayMy Profile

  8. Absolutely beautiful pictures. Certainly a winter wonderful but how lucky for you to have had the time to get out there an enjoy capturing these gorgeous pics. I love the one of Russell in the white snow and the red Canadian flag shining again the bright white contrast

    • Thanks Denise for dropping in. It was a beautiful morning to be taking photos not too cold, just perfect. The picture of the dog and the flag against the white background is also my favourite. 🙂

  9. It was a spectacular snowfall, indeed. These are wonderful photos. Hopefully, it’s the last one of the year?
    Gabriella recently posted..Tapping My Way to Inner-Calm at MidnightMy Profile

  10. Oh wow, that is beautiful! Just today in California I was wearing a tank top, capris and flip flops. It was in the 80’s here.
    Kristen @ Whimsy Inspired recently posted..ATC Flower PowerMy Profile

  11. Belinda Rose says:

    Suzanne the photos are lovely! It looks like things around here right now. I love winter and the snow…how beautiful each season is! I have loved getting to know you during the blog challenge! Much love to you…Belinda

    • Hi Belinda, thank you for coming over to read my post. It’s been wonderful getting to know you a little also during your blog challenge. You write so beautifully. xo

  12. Wow, these are stunning Suzanne. As others have mentioned above, it’s in the 80s where I am in California, so a very different feeling! I don’t miss the hassles of snow, but I do miss that feeling of being blanketed – the world feels so still and crystal clear.
    Hope you are feeling better, and processing well. – Lisa
    Lisa recently posted..Interview with Deonesea La Fey: Movement, Sacred Dance, and Sensuality as Paths to Feminine HealingMy Profile

    • Hi Lisa, thank you, yes I am feeling much better. What a contrast winter and California year round weather. I don’t know if I could get used to not having snow as much as there are days that I wish it would melt so we can see spring and summer once again. The joys of living the seasons. 🙂

  13. Suzanne, what lovely photos of your winter wonderland! They truly are serene. Since I grew up and lived most of my life in New York these scenes are very familiar. But I have since moved south to the Atlanta, GA area and I have to say, I really don’t miss those wintery days. Although pretty to look at from your nice warm home the shoveling before you can get out of the driveway became tiresome. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!!!
    Sue recently posted..Comment on From the Sketchbook by 6ftmamaMy Profile

  14. These are such beautiful photos! The snow is so thick and the scenes AMAZING! I just love winter and these pics show why!

    • Hi Karrlin, it’s so nice to see you again. Love how you enjoy winter. I can’t say the same for myself. I tolerate it because I have no choice but a few months of this white stuff and the cold would be enough for me. Spring is almost around the corner.

  15. These photos are so lovely. We haven’t had 2 inches of snow, so far this winter!! I do love a good snowstorm, at least once during the winter. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through your wintry wonderland photos! 🙂
    indigene recently posted..This Week In Studio Nookery…My Profile

    • I’m glad you loved looking at my winter photos Indigene. Two inches of snow, wow that is not very much. But you are right, there is nothing like a good snowstorm at least once a year. 🙂

  16. Suzanne,

    I love this and the photos are wonderful. I feel like I could reach out and touch it but I have my own here now! Not a winter person but I do appreciate the beauty of it. We had an ice storm a few years back and I walked for hours taking photos. It is a magical feeling. June

    • June you sound like me, not a winter person but do enjoy the beauty of it. It’s so wonderful that you spent hours photographing after an ice storm. Did you see the blog post I wrote in January about Ice Storm 1998? Be sure to go and check it out. I wish I had more photos but at least I managed to get a few.

  17. What lovies you and your hubby are to go the extra mile IN THE SNOW to make sure that all was okay in someone else’s world. Blessings to you, creative friend! {The photos are absolutely gorgeous!}

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