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Surrendering Into the Energy of 2013 — suzanne-mcrae.com

Surrendering Into the Energy of 2013

We are already two and a half weeks into this New Year and I’d like to share with you an update since I have written one of my latest blog posts “2013 New Year – Journey Inward“. If you haven’t already read it, I invite you to start there so you will understand better what I am about to share with you here.

2013 somehow seemed to be the kind of year that I was wishing for in some way, to be able to slow my pace and have it be a quieter year. Certainly it was a year where I thought it could free me so I could get quieter and learn to do less. There was no doubt that I’d be in for some challenges since those are the exact things – being still and doing less – that are so difficult for me. So here I am two and half weeks later and already feeling the effects big time of the energy of my #7-year in numerology. I’m getting the meaning of it – LOUD and CLEAR!

This past week I have done a lot of soul-searching and writing. Everyday seemed to unfold more clearly for me. I no sooner thought that I had written what was going to be a blog post about it that something else was being revealed. I have had several people in my life this week help me in ways that they don’t even realize, and I am so grateful to them for that. So here I am to share with you about these first few weeks of my new year.

I find myself barely able do any of the things I was in the midst of doing. It feels like just about everything has come to a complete halt for me. That’s probably a good thing because I felt like I was speeding so fast on the highway of my life so much so that I wasn’t able to see the exits anymore, let alone the places where I could stop and rest. Sure I was extremely proud of all of my accomplishments in the past few years but also knew that I couldn’t keep doing so much and pushing myself beyond what was humanly possible for me to do. Yet I felt stuck in that vicious cycle. Even last week I began a 4-week online class that is part of the one-year membership program that I’m in, even when I was feeling like I was and should have known better. I was thinking that it would be great for me to learn how to create online eClasses which I hope to do one day. What I found was that I didn’t get very far until I stalled, my intentions were good but my body wasn’t allowing me to do much of it. At first I thought that the fear monsters were out and that I had to work through my fears but then it became clear that now is not the time for me to do this class as much as my head wants to do it. I’m getting the message from the universe that it’s not the time for me to be doing so much. I knew that already, but I thought that maybe I could somehow test my numerology number this year and sneak in a few things. Ah! I was wrong!

I am finding it all disappearing before my eyes anyway so what choice do I have? The more I attempt to grasp on to, the more everything slips out of my reach. Like trying to grab water with my bare hands. I’m not able to hold on to any of it. The more I try the further away from me it gets. I sense that I have to let go of e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g now even though my head is still telling me “but what about all the things you want to do this year? They are not going to get done if you don’t crack down. What about all the classes and programs you signed up for and you have to work on?You can’t possibly let that go, it all cost you a lot of money… and so on” The little voices in my head had me spinning. But I have come to realize that all that can wait now. I have to make myself the priority, for what feels like the first time in my life. I’d like to invite you to come and listen to Sera Beaks’s message… the importance of embodying our true feminine soul. Be sure to go and listen to her video in that blog post. Her message speaks loudly to me.

I’m very serious about creating space in my life now. And that will help me reconnect quietly with my higher self better than I have been. I see that I will be more receptive to the intuitive part of me that will then be able to show me what my soul truly desires for me.

Since the beginning of this year (and even before) I was sensing myself to be like the sinking Titanic ship from the weight of everything I had taken on. In case you are wondering if I’m depressed, I am NOT! I actually feel pretty awesome most of the time. Exhausted, but awesome. The exhaustion comes from me going upstream, against the current for too long and I want to learn to go more with the flow of my life instead. I’m ready to live life with ease.

In 2013 as I go and explore that deeper inner journey, there’s no doubt for me that having chosen to work with numerology this year is indeed proving to be quite interesting to say the least. It’s a time for me to trust and to have patience. I will have to learn to be ok with not being as present in some places where I have been very busy and active and instead be content in the quieter place of solitude.

The words below I heard in Sera Beak’s video truly say what I am feeling…

the pull of your soul

This weekend I thought I’d try picking an oracle card from one of the many decks that I have. I wanted a message about what I was feeling about these changes. Out of the 52 cards in my deck I picked a card three times within a 24 hour period. Each time thinking I could receive a different card and message, no that was not meant to happen. Every single time the same card would appear for me. The last time it flew out of the deck and landed beside me. I understood!

Lady of the Lake was the oracle card from The Wisdom of the Avalon, a 52-Card deck by Colette Baron-Reid. The message that The Lady of the Lake had for me is about absolute truth, courage, self-respect and responsibility, having the highest respect for yourself and how you operate in the world around you. She tells you that where denial exists it gets swept away by a tidal wave of events. So it’s time for me to listen and see the signs. It’s not a time to second-guess or play games. The message is to take care when Lady of the Lake appears, for serious business is at stake. But if you learn to work with that truth then great success is yours. My plan is to go after success. With that said I have my work cut out for me, hopefully I can flow with ease in that direction!

I invite you to voyage with me on this journey and take a peek at your own life and where you may need to make changes or even learn to let go and surrender. Do you have too much going on in your life too? I would love to hear your thoughts on this or anything else you may be experiencing or have gone through in your life.

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  1. What an AWESOME post Suzanne – THANK YOU for sharing your thoughts & insights.
    2013 seems to have so much energy and YES, we need to take each minute as it comes or that feeling of overwhelm or just fear comes into the picture.
    Sometimes we forget to listen to the whispers….
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Week 3 of 52 SparksMy Profile

  2. I relate to your post! I’m so glad you had an explanation for it!!!! I certainly stumbled upon your post for a reason… I NEEDED it!! I guess I need to get one of those decks of cards!!! I must keep in touch. Like you I’m happy, content with my artwork but always bettering myself with techniques, knowledge and discovery! I DID sign up for the “How ti Teach an online Class” ..but feeling overwhelmed and not sure it was the perfect class for me. Loved your post, Joan

    • Joan I’m so thrilled to you that you stumbled upon my post and decided to read it. It’s great that you could relate helps me not feel so alone. 🙂

      I’m sure to write more about this topic as the year goes on and what I’m learning along the way. All the best on your journey. 🙂

  3. I SO hear you sister!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing this Suzanne! Beautifully put.

  4. Like you, my head was swimming with all the things I wanted to ‘do’ this year, but my body was telling me something else loud and clear. I was overwhelmed by what I was seeing those close to me doing and producing; I felt less than adequate. The day after Boxing Day I smashed into something that felt like a freight train coming at me. I am only ‘recuperating’ as I write, but I have a better understanding that I need to keep my own schedule in line and no one else’s: part of the Journey Inward! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful blog!

    • What a wonderful discovery you have made Marge. It’s too easy to compare ourselves to others isn’t it. I’m happy to hear that you received the message and I hope that you are feeling much better by now. Thank you for sharing with us. xo

  5. Oh yes, I hear you loud and clear, Suzanne. I’ve been in the same boat of signing up for so much I want to do and not having enough me to do it all. This year I’m doing things differently. I started the new year with a year-at-a-glance calendar and a box of colored markers. Each class/obligation I undertake is marked in a specific color for the duration. I’m allowing for slight overlaps but not scheduling more than one one class/challenge at a time. I’m already breathing easier and discovering I can put so much more of myself into the process. We’re only two weeks into January but I’m already noticing the difference.
    Susan recently posted..I Heart GessoMy Profile

    • You are one smart woman Susan. Love your idea with your year-at-a-glance calendar and your colored markers so you don’t over-commit yourself. It’s wonderful that you are seeing the difference and breathing easier already. Have an awesome ‘lighter’ year!! 🙂

  6. Suzanne:
    Thank you for this post! So enlightened! I love your phrase “creating space in my life now”- what a wonderful way to think about things. It is all about balance. Sometimes it seems the journey to the balance seems hard but it is so important.
    Best Wishes,
    Amy Kathleen

  7. Hi Suzanne, enjoyed reading your blog posting. The vibrations of numerology certainly speak to us and it is wise to listen. Take care and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Lynn, thank you for coming over to read. I’m glad that you also enjoy numerology. I find it very powerful and am really paying more attention and listening this year. 🙂

  8. I am so sure this is your soul getting you prepared for what awaits you. Which of course is bigger and better than what you can imagine. You’ve been the most beautiful inspirer, supporter for so many over the last year that I’ve known you and that can be exhausting. So take time, go in, for it is winter where you are, that most utterly yin time of year, when the pendulum sinks to it’s lowest point. Spring will come soon and with it naturally rising energy allowing fresh growth to the ideas that you have been germinating. It’s all as it should be, all as it must be. It’s just for us to enjoy it. 🙂
    suzi recently posted..1000 words for summer – between setsMy Profile

    • Suzi, your words are so beautiful like music to my ears. It feels like you are giving me full permission to sink into the yin time of the year for me which is winter. Thank you for that. I sense my seeds/ideas will grow when the time is right. Lovely. xo

  9. Love reading this here and understanding even more where you are at. Isn’t it interesting that I pulled Lady of the Lake just last week and it’s the last time I pulled a card! I commend you for listening to what your soul wants and needs right now. That’s a big step for most of us!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Killing Me Softly with CRAPMy Profile

    • Thank you Michele. I know you certainly understand all of this stuff. I love that you also pulled Lady of the Lake. I still have her hanging around as a clear reminder so I don’t forget what I need to do. I even created a page with a copy of her card in my art journalling and wrote about her message. Thanks for dropping by. xo

  10. Oh, man, I hear you, Suzanne! I’m in a 7 year, too (I know that because of a previous post of yours!) and thinking, oh, that must not kick in for another month or so, as wild as these first few weeks of 2013 are. This week I dropped off 18 art pieces for my first “solo” show within a larger exhibit. Then my husband and cousin were in Oprah’s audience yesterday, then today a photo of another of my art pieces was in the Minneapolis paper . . . LOTs happening, LOTs of good happening. It occurs to me: You have invested tons of your energy, now is it time for you to open your heart to RECEIVE back from the Universe? I think that’s part of my process . . .
    Janet Hovde recently posted..WARMMy Profile

    • Hang in there Janet. But also pay close attention don’t let the energy of your 7 year knock you down. It’s a serious year to turn within your own energy and slow down the pace. Even if you take a bit of time daily it will help you get what you need hopefully. Loved reading your beautiful message. Thank you. Many Blessings on your journey this year! xo

  11. Wow, Suzanne.

    What I am seeing is how clear you are this year. This post has a clarity and calmness that I have not seen in you before like this. You are most definitely heading in the right direction!

    If you trust the Tao, you can trust that things are moving in the right direction while you are just floating along on the surface. You are still and not still as things bubble beneath the surface to bring perfection to your life. Enjoy this time.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Study of Stillness: Part 6My Profile

    • Amy, your wisdom and your lovely comment warms my heart. I have to say I’m feeling much calmer than I was before I wrote that post. Writing it helped me tremendously. There’s a good reason why I’m writing and that’s to help me get through life somewhat easier. Thank you for helping me trust even more this process. Loved having you here. xo

  12. I always admire how you take time to figure things out, one way or another, and you listen. It’s interesting how our heads want to do this and that and the other, we start one thing, then we’re led elsewhere (which is better known to the general population as “I quit”) I have tons of projects that I’ve taken on and are still lingering, half finished. But, I am going to look at is as, “Not yet. Not now.”

    Good luck and I always love reading about what you have coming next! (even if it’s quiet!)
    Gabriella recently posted..The Time My Heart Chakra Had Me Crying in PublicMy Profile

  13. Jane Bell Lassiter says:

    Oh, Suzanne… I can so relate with your post. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I can relate on many levels, but alas have just learned (thanks to you) that I’m in for a year of hard work (I’m having a 4 year). I guess that might be why I selected FOCUS as my Word of the Year.

    I look forward to following your journey and learning from you! If I may offer you a suggestion, you may want to select a word for yourself this year… the word EASE. I took it straight from your writing. Trust me, I choose that word one year and it worked miracles for me!

    I wish you space, solitude, and love as you journey inward!

  14. Yes, Suzanne, to allow the messages of spirit to be heard, you have to be silent. It is interesting how the year has begun by stripping everything away from you, forcing you to be still. I look forward to all the posts I hope you are going to share concerning your insights.
    Yaz recently posted..A New Diet-A New Beginning: A Metaphor For Deep Inner ChangeMy Profile


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