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Gratitude: The healing that I am seeing happening with my son! — suzanne-mcrae.com

Gratitude: The healing that I am seeing happening with my son!

For several years I have been on a healing journey with my son. A journey of discovering what might help him heal the deeper issues behind the autism diagnosis. Since finding alternative therapies I knew that this was where some of those answers would be revealed for him.

Healing! Are we ever done healing? I don’t think so, our bodies are complex and each person is so unique. Is it possible to cure the symptoms of autism? In my opinion, I believe this to be true for some cases. And in my son’s case I believe that there is some truth there.

I really feel that we are on the right path with Heilkunst treatments, which we’ve been doing for the past 6 years, and most recently with a new practitioner. And yet another very exciting discovery I have made recently is with Bowen Therapy. I recently wrote about that here.

Today I am sharing a recent story for which I feel incredibly grateful.

A month ago I started taking our son with me for Bowen Therapy. After hearing from the Bowen practitioner of the work she does weekly with autistic children in a private setting, I was fascinated and curious to give it a try with my son and see what it might do to help him relax. I had already experienced it myself and felt comfortable having him give it a try. The results are that he’s so much happier, calmer, relaxed even more communicative has been wonderful. When I see my son fall asleep with ease in the middle of the day (or at anytime for that matter) that is an incredibly good sign that his body is letting go, allowing him to relax. And Bowen Therapy has been doing this for him every single time where he falls asleep for the most part of the hour that he’s there. Trust me he is not someone who sleeps with ease.

Last week my husband and I along with our son had Bowen sessions. From the other room, I could hear our son with the practitioner. She would tell him what she would do and I could him say ok. But at one point she said something that triggered him and he wasn’t a happy camper. But I knew from her experience she would catch on and would get that he simply wanted her to repeat the words I’m fine. I was chuckling because he was spelling it out for her in French even though the words were in English. (She doesn’t understand French.) She did figure out what he wanted, all became calm again and he went to sleep. He slept for the better part of his session. At one point, she explained to me what she wanted to do for our son that day and it was a series of adjustments where we would most definitely see changes. It didn’t take long for her to realize that she wouldn’t be able to do as much as she thought that day. He was releasing a lot and his body was going through a lot of changes in his session alone, never mind the changes that would probably happen in the days that would follow. She had said that we might see some interesting stuff this week with him.

As we each finished our sessions, we met in the practitioner’s office and got ready to leave. It was then that I saw our son come out of the room he was in. He looked so different like he had relaxed beyond anything I had ever seen. His cheeks were bright red and his face had such beautiful colour. But something else was different that I couldn’t quite figure out. I was trying to observe him and talk and listen to the practitioner as we prepared to leave but all I wanted to do was look at my son.

I whispered to my husband several times on the way out look at him and really pay attention to his eyes. We made our way down the flight of stairs and out the door. As we started towards our vehicle, our son put his arms around his Dad’s shoulder like he often does with us when he’s out and about. I couldn’t help but walk a few steps ahead of them, walking half backwards and not watching where I was going, having my whole attention focused on watching my son’s eyes and how he looked so different.

His eyes were speaking so loudly to me. He was there. He was really there and so present in his body. He was no longer gazing my way for a split second before turning away to put his attention elsewhere like he always does. He was looking – really looking – at me for what felt like forever even though I’m sure it was for mere seconds. It felt natural. It felt like nothing I have ever experienced with him before.

I could see his Light and it was shining brighter and stronger. He knew that I could see it. And I know that he felt it himself and experienced the changes. It felt like my son had transformed before my eyes… a different young man emerged than had gone in that healing room an hour earlier.

That day, I felt my son’s presence in ways I have never been able to feel ever before. The exciting feelings I had with that experience last week left me wondering, is this just a one-time short-lived thing that I got to experience with him? Or will it last? What if my prayers were being answered? What if my son’s body was healing more deeply and somehow he might navigate his way out of the autism symptoms? All these questions, yet I felt my heart swell with gratitude at what was right in front of my eyes too real to ignore.

This past week, I continue to see this greater presence in my son being in his physical body. This is not something that comes easy for people who have autism. It is hard, sometimes, for them to fully incarnate into their physical bodies. In metaphysical terms, I understand that they prefer to stay in the higher realms. After seeing him this past week and seeing how he’s doing, I get that much deeper healing happened in that session last week.

I also know it’s not just one thing in particular that is helping him on this part of his journey to deeper healing. Lately we have made subtle changes in his diet by taking away a bit more of the sugar, refined flours, and wheat to name a few. It’s nothing drastic, yet it’s helping him. And also the recent switch to a new Heilkunst practitioner a few months ago who is a mother who healed her own son of autism and went on to study Heilkunst to help others on their own journey. I see the changes happening faster with him now and I couldn’t be any happier.

For so long I have only been able to allow myself to dream of having my son healed of autistic symptoms one day. Now I am seeing glimpses of this possibly becoming a reality. Her words to me last week when I had his Heilkunst session “I will be fully waking up your son” (meaning he will be awakened from the autism world and the symptoms he’s experienced). Even though we are not there yet, those words were music to my ear last week and I knew she meant what she was telling me. Even though I don’t know the depth of that message and how much my son can be helped, I know that there is a lot of truth there. After only two months of Heilkunst treatments for him with her and what Bowen is doing things are finally starting to move and change in a bigger way than ever. I am seeing glimpses of a healthier son that is shining through.

My heart is filled with such gratitude at the changes I am seeing in my son!

Today’s post is being shared in a blog post circle, one that we do as a group on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Each of our blog post connects to another and it goes around forming a circle of 14 creative and talented women’s blogs, all of them are from my recent class on Flying Lessons. I invite you to go read the next story that Becky Cavendar is sharing with us. Make yourself a cup of tea, get yourself comfortable and enjoy the many beautiful posts. It’s our pleasure to have you join us in our circle.

(Note: our group is from all around the world, so there may be a bit of a delay with some of the posts going live depending on the time zone that these women are in.)

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  1. This story was really moving and so wonderful, I felt quite emotional. The picture of your son is really beautiful Suzanne (I presume its him?). Keep going and bring him back from that hiding place in his soul. Let him know silently that it is safe to face one’s issues in this world. You are very brave, Suzanne. I really admire you.
    Yaz recently posted..The Healing Power Of Laughter!My Profile

    • Hi Yaz, that is a picture of my son. I love what you wrote ‘Keep going and bring him back from that hiding place in his soul. Let him know silently that it is safe to face one’s issues in this world‘. There is so much we can do to help ourselves and others. Thank you for sharing this with us. xo

  2. Dawn Conery says:

    Beautiful post Suzanne, you are a glorious mom. And what a special son!

  3. Oh Suzanne♡
    How very sweet, how touching….and how very precious that you “could see his Light and it was shining brighter and stronger”….. You are an awesome Mom♡ and he is an awesome son♡ ….and how much it seems to me that you are “fully waking up each other”
    Much LOVE and gratitude for your generous ♡LOVE-ing heart and soul, from an admiring Susie♡♥♡
    Susie recently posted..♥LOVE-ing yourself…My Profile

  4. Hi Suzanne,
    This post is beautiful. Your son is so lucky to have you as his mum.

    I was really interested in the methods that you’re family are using to help your son’s autism. It sounded absolutely amazing, the transformation he experienced, this week (and over the last two months).

    It’s no wonder you’re feeling so grateful at such magic happening before your eyes. What’s also beautiful is that you saw it. You recognized it.

    Much love to you + your family! <3
    Becky in Burma recently posted..Thankful: Circle PostMy Profile

  5. Beautiful post, Suzanne. I can FEEL exactly how you felt when you saw your son’s eyes. Happy that these amazing treatments are making magic – blessings and love to your family always! 🙂
    Blair :: The Turquoise Heart recently posted..You are powerful beyond measureMy Profile

  6. Hi Suzanne: I loved reading this update. Of course, you know that I feel that Heilkunst is such a powerful therapy. I’ve also been interested in trying Bowen Therapy and as a result of your posts, I may give it go…

    So happy for you and your son.

    Many, many blessings on your family’s continued healing.
    Janice recently posted..Looking at the bright side of things – Part 2My Profile

  7. Wow, so amazing! I am so happy for you and your son. I have worked with some autistic children and I am amazed at how smart they are. Your son know french? I believe in healing with alternative methods. I have head of the Bowen Therapy but not the other one. I wish everyone with autistic children could help them in this way. It is wonderful that you get to experience this healing. Others need to know about this, hopefully you can help make it more wide spread. Your strong and awesome!
    Chandra recently posted..Gratitude Blog HopMy Profile

    • Hi Chandra, it’s awesome that you had the opportunity to work with some autistic children. Yes they are so intelligent. It is wonderful when people can see that in them. Yes my son knows French that is his mother tongue just like it is/was mine. 🙂

      I would love for what I write that it be wide spread. I would love to have people share my blog posts generously with others whom it might help or inspire in one way or another. I also have to figure out how I can do this. Thank you for your beautiful comment. xo

  8. Your post touched my heart and I am filled with gratitude with you!!! I worked with several Autistic children in the elementary school my son went to. This was a long time ago, but I remember each of them fondly. Answered prayer is such a blessing, not just to you, but to all of us that are blessed through your gratefulness!
    Debi Minter recently posted..A New Work of ArtMy Profile

  9. enjoyed reading every single word. beautiful post, so glad you shared! i look forward to the possibility of you continuing to share this amazing, interesting story with us Suzanne. you are amazing!! routing for you & your son!
    Jennifer McCabe recently posted..Workshop Wednesday … Getting Arty in 2013 and IllustratorMy Profile

  10. As someone who works with autistic adults, this post sent shivers down my spine. God bless you for not giving up on your son, for not taking the ‘experts’ advise and letting things be. Your son is a lucky young man to have you as his advocate. xo
    Susan recently posted..Come NovemberMy Profile

  11. What a beautiful post. It says so much for you as a mother and your love for your son shines through. God bless you on this journey.
    Jean Wagner recently posted..A Personal Note of GratitudeMy Profile

  12. Suzanne, what a blessing for all of you! I practice reiki, but now you have intrigued me to find out more about the Bowen method. Hope your son’s light continues to shine even brighter! He looks like a beautiful soul, as are you. Blessings, Nancy
    Nancy Lennon recently posted..Circles of GratitudeMy Profile

  13. This is simply beautiful…I have tears.

  14. A beautiful heart-warming post. It’s no longer just a dream to hope that he be healed one day… but it is actually becoming the reality. Keep seeing him healed. Feel the joy. Remember to BELIEVE it is happening – EXPECT it – FEEL it …. and you shall RECEIVE it. I can feel it too. Every time you look at him, see his eyes as you did that day. This is beyond awesome! We are so happy for Kyle and you guys. xo

    • Thank you Denise. You guys have been our greatest supporters right from day one. We are blessed for that. Not just the therapies but also having family there has made a huge difference in his life. xo

  15. Wonderful! I love that you have gratitude, for the moment, for the steps along the way, as you continue to hope for what is still to come. I’m so happy for you and for your son!
    Andrea recently posted..Create-a-Creature Giveaway!My Profile

  16. Lynn Matthews says:

    Hi Suzanne, You are an absolutely wonderful mum! I can only imagine how grateful your son is to receive all the wonderful help you have found him through natural therapies. I work with people with profound disabilities, autism being represented in most cases along with other disabilities. I would love to hear more about this journey you and your son are taking and how these therapies are helping physically and spiritually. You are an inspiration for all parents dealing with autism as it is far from an easy road. Take care and blessings!

    • Lynn, it’s wonderful having you share this with me. It means so much for me to hear that you work with people with profound disabilities and autism. These individuals need so much support and care and I’m happy to hear that you provide this to a group of lucky individuals to help make their life a little bit easier. I will be more than honoured to share more of our story in my future blog posts. Stay tuned. 😉

  17. Such a powerful experience. I love hearing how much your precious son is changing, and for the better. You are an amazing woman Suzanne and he is blessed to have you as his mom.

  18. I’m in complete awe of all the beautiful comments I was showered with today. I’m so touched… and to hear of so many of you who have been or are involved in helping people who have profound disabilities or autism leaves me speechless. I know what it takes to care for one person affected by autism and that’s an incredible amount of love, support, resources and commitment to doing this every day. It’s not an easy job and my hat goes off to each of you who help make a difference in each autistic person’s life. I always said “it takes a village to raise a child”… especially a child/person with autism.

    Thank you so much for the blessings and the prayers and all your kind words. xoxo

  19. My heart is filling with joy for you at this beautiful post!!!! Thank you for sharing! How wonderful!

  20. I am so glad you are finding the resources you need. This is an amazing story and I love hearing about the things that you are experiencing. I just love the picture of your son you included in the post. What an amazing soul.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Stuck? An Invocation to BeginMy Profile

  21. Suzanne, I always enjoy your heart warming posts. Sorry I missed the blog circle this month but I will see you again next month!!

  22. Suzanne, I have read through this twice now and it just gives me chills. One statement, “That day, I felt my son’s presence in ways I have never been able to feel ever before,” makes me so happy for you. What a gift that was. I pray that you have many, many more experiences of hope and healing as you move forward with hope and determination!
    Your son is a beautiful, beautiful young man.

  23. So eloquent, Suzanne. Such a powerful thing, hope.
    Gail Haile recently posted..Second WednesdayMy Profile

  24. What an amazing story. So very touching. I work with a woman who has 3 autistic children and will definitely be sharing this with her. Exciting to hear about his transformation so much happening now with the new energy coming through on 12/12/12. That day in and of itself is going to be quite powerful (and 12/21/12) if she’s taking appointments on that day I highly encourage you to schedule another one for your son. (Psychic info I felt led to share.) Best Wishes ♥
    Julie Geigle recently posted..How I Began Channeling Spiritual BeingsMy Profile

    • Julie, I love that you will share my blog post with this special mom who has 3 autistic children. Sending blessings to her for the courageous role she plays in these children’s lives.

      I appreciate your sharing about the energy coming next month. I’m aware of the significant dates of transformation energy, I appreciated the reminder to schedule sessions then since I had not thought of it. The 21st probably won’t work out since she doesn’t work on Friday’s. Those days she is away doing volunteer work elsewhere with autistic individuals. I will talk with her. Blessings… and gratitude to you for dropping in with your divine message for my son. xo

  25. Suzanne,

    I teach special education and we have had more and more students with autism come through our school. So I understand how even subtle changes can mean big changes. I’m not familiar with Heilkunst therapy, but I am a believer in holistic methods. I’m so happy this is working for your son. I just finished your other post on Christmas as well (trying to get caught up!) and it made me think of my classroom yesterday. On Thursday, I had my hair cut, colored and my stylist straightened it for me. It was so different that kids didn’t recognize me right away. One little boy with autism just sat there, his brow furrowed, his head tilted, and stared at me for a few minutes. My new hair didn’t fit into the world he knew.

    Thank you for sharing. And you are an amazing mom!

    Now off to the next gratitude post!
    Kristin recently posted..Oh for the love of vintage (my first mood board!)My Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your own experience with hair and the kids you work with. It takes them so much longer to adapt to change. My son has improved significantly in that aspect of his life I cannot begin to express how much. We are so grateful for it.

  26. As I read this, I felt an inner-peace overcome me. You were able to capture your son’s essence in a truly authentic fashion. I rode the wave with you on this one, Suzanne, because I read your Christmas post first, and I sensed the anxiety that you face yearly. But, then, to be told that your son will be fully awakened and see the difference immediately was mind-blowing. I can’t wait to read more about how things will evolve for him and for you (and the family as a whole). I’m going to walk away from the computer now because I want to keep this feeling of peace that is so vividly described here.
    Gabriella recently posted..Design a Joy-Filled Christmas (the one you’ve always wanted)My Profile

    • Riding the wave of energy is what it seems to be all about… the ups, downs and everything in between. So often I felt like I was on a roller coaster with my son… now the ride is much smoother than it’s ever been. I have chosen to turn it around and seem to be surrounded with so much more hope than ever before. Happy to see Gabriella that reading this post it filled you with peace. xo

  27. Such a beautiful post expressing such a beautiful experience.
    Deborah Weber recently posted..Gratitude Gumbo – 11/16/12My Profile

  28. What a beautiful share, Suzanne…thank you for your courage and your hope and your wisdome!!! I’m so grateful to be sharing this blog circle with you 🙂
    Mary recently posted..Week 46 in PhotosMy Profile

  29. This is such wonderful news! Incredible how these new techniques are transforming him – I cannot even imagine the joy that moment brought you to feel him fully present in his body. Beautifully written. =)
    Sarah Treanor recently posted..Poetry: Let Us Dance…My Profile

  30. I appreciate your lovely comments Sarah. 🙂

  31. Angelika Westermann says:

    Hi Suzanne,
    You got so many positive answers to your post that you really don’t need mine, however I really wanted to tell you that my heart went out to you and your son when reading this. My own son, who is highly intelligent and just now on the way to earn a doctorate in physics/electrotechnique, is showing signs of an Asperger syndrome. This is by no means as bad as autism, however it is not easy to communicate with him and have him show any connectedness or emotion towards his mother. So I think I can relate to you and your issues. You seem to be doing all there is possible and really deserve any success. I keep my fingers crossed that your and your son’s path will be full of love and sunshine in the future.

    • Hi Angelika, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. I pray that you will receive the answers that you need for your own son. There are so many resources available today. But what is most important is the support that they get from their parents and family. I’m glad you were able to relate somewhat to what I wrote. It’s was really nice having you here. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  32. I read round our wonderful blog circle over a week ago and found myself unable to comment on a few of them because I felt so moved that I just didn’t have the words. Your post is one of those Suzanne and I still don’t really have the words. You have a beautiful family and I think that to be able to see into your sons eyes and witness healing in such a way tells me that you are a very special woman indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.

  33. Marge Laprade says:

    Suzanne: What a wonderful experience you had! It has always been said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, but they are also the mirror of the one looking into them. I truly believe you saw the two of you being healed in that one gaze. There are no words to express the connectedness that day! Awesome!

  34. Last month was a bit packed and I didn’t take the time to read everyone’s posts in the circle, but I’m doing it today before we post the new one! Your post is so full of hope and love. I wish you lots and lots of amazing progress and family happiness in 2013 <3

  35. Mary Dowdy says:

    What a beautiful story my dear cousin Suzanne McRae. I am praying for all of your family.


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  2. […] This evening my husband, my son and I drove up to the big city. It was time for each of us to have our Bowen Therapy session. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go for a Bowen session on 12:12:12. During our session I could hear our son giggling away, laughing and then singing for a good part of his session. The Bowen practitioner told me that often this can be as healing as if he was in a deep sleep or relaxed state. Not too far in the distance was my husband, we were sharing the same healing room. He was excited he told me to see if he would hear me snore. I laughed, because I never snore. It didn’t take him long to go into a deep sleep and snore away. His snoring didn’t stop me from going into an extremely deep and relaxed state myself as the Bowen was doing its magic. Next week on 12:21:12 (another extremely powerful day… the last day of the Mayan Calendar), my son and I are scheduled in for our next Bowen session. I am enjoying Bowen and what it is doing for my family. And having experienced what I call a miracle healing with my son about a month ago makes it even more wonderful. You can read about it here. […]

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