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“Gentle Touch, Powerful Healing – Bowen Therapy” — suzanne-mcrae.com

“Gentle Touch, Powerful Healing – Bowen Therapy”

This past month I have explored Bowen Therapy, a new healing modality that I had not heard of before. My Heilkunst practitioner recommended this for me when I asked her if there was an alternative therapy that could help with bunion issues I have with my feet. I felt it was important that I get my feet looked at and re-aligned before ever going on an adventure on the Camino de Santiago which involves walking almost 500 miles (800 km). Even though I’m unsure if my sister and I will ever go on this adventure I’d like to be ready ahead of time if that day ever does come.

What is Bowen therapy you might wonder? The way I can explain it is that it can complement the traditional health care system and in our case Heilkunst, which is a form of homeopathy if you will but one that is much more systematic and comprehensive of an approach than what homeopathy offers. For us Heilkunst has been a much more effective route to take.

The Bowen practitioner performs gentle and subtle movements that are non-invasive, yet it is so powerful. Bowen works on all levels of our being… the physical, emotional and the spiritual aspects. It is different from anything I have ever tried. I was convinced that this was a very good thing after my very first session.

Bowen allows the body to relax so it can start its own natural healing process. Our body’s have an innate ability to heal itself and is constantly attempt to do this for us. Bowen helps that process.

The only thing that I have found a bit challenging at first about Bowen is that you need to avoid other manipulative or energy healing therapies several days before and after receiving a Bowen Therapy session. For me that meant putting Reiki and EFT completely on hold until I’m done with my Bowen sessions. The reason for this is that you don’t want to be sending different messages to the body on how it needs to heal. It took me 3 weeks to be used to the idea of not doing daily Reiki for myself. It was really hard. And the new 7-week EFT program that I was starting online also had to be put on hold and that meant that I wouldn’t be doing it at the same time as the group. Even with all of this, I was sold after my first Bowen session. I knew it was going to be a very good thing for me. The morning after my session when I woke up I felt my spine and back much straighter and stronger something was changing. Stomach aches has been an on-again and off-again issue for me it makes a while and Bowen is really helping me shift the energy that has felt stuck, along with my Heilkunst treatments. We still haven’t directly addressed my feet issue because I feel that there was more important issues to start with. But I know that as I continue to help heal other areas of my body that seem to take on priority it may just help my feet without me even realizing it… if not, then it will get looked at before I’m done.

At my second Bowen therapy session I brought my son for a session too. It was wonderful to see him get very relaxed for the half hour that he was there for. Since then his sessions are an hour and he has no issues with remaining on the table and even sleeping. I rarely ever see him get that relaxed other than when he has gone for massage therapy or a Reiki session. The main reasons that I want him to receive Bowen is to help him be less anxious. I also want him to get help to re-align his spine… he has a curvature of the spine which has caused one side of his chest to be caved in… but most of all to bring him complete relaxation so his body can heal and re-align itself. After only 3 sessions of Bowen I can say that he’s changing quite a bit. Most of the time we find him smiling for no reason at all… he’s so much happier… he’s singing more… he’s more connected with us and wants to interact more… he’s more communicative… he’s enjoying teasing us more… he has an overall sense of wellbeing that is wonderful for us to see. A few months ago he started treatments with a new Heilkunst practitioner and the difference since then has been quite noticeable also. For the last 4 years he’s experienced a lot of intestinal issues and now I can say that things are changing and returning to normal for him. It even looks like he’s putting on weight, this is something we haven’t seen in years with him. As much as it’s hard to explain all that is happening with him right now, I know that he will continue to peel away at things that don’t serve him and that we will see a return to improved health for him. I know without a doubt that we are at the right place with these therapies.

My husband decided he would also give Bowen Therapy a try. I’m ecstatic about this. It’s often so difficult to get the husbands into these types of things without pushing too much, at least in my case. Already I’m seeing changes in him and he’s only gone for two sessions so far. I’m so grateful to both of my guys for being so open to allowing me to get them into exploring alternative therapies for their health.

I definitely agree that Bowen is “the gentlest, most effective pain therapy ever”.

“When your car engine is misfiring, you take it in for a tune up. If your vision is getting blurry you go in for new glasses. A piano tuner is called when your playing is a bit off key. But what can you do when your body is showing signs of wear and tear and needs resetting? Bowenwork can help the body to restore its natural balance.”

The four Bowen Therapy sessions that I have experienced up until now have each been unique and different yet each as powerful as the another. Bowen Therapy is not an indefinite thing that you have to do. Often after 3 to 8 sessions that’s enough to take care of the issues you might have had. After that time some people choose to go once a month for a maintenance session for their overall wellbeing.

For us going for Bowen sessions has meant a 3-hour return trip. That’s the only part I don’t care for… but the benefits of our sessions far outweigh the travelling time. I’m definitely sold on Bowen. If you are interested be sure to check into it. And if you have a health care plan these sessions could be covered or partly covered. For us part a big part of our sessions are covered and the practitioner that we are seeing offers 2 sessions for the price of 1. We are so blessed.

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  1. I love Bowen therapy! It cured my Dad from a frozen shoulder when nothing else would, and I have also had amazing healing experiences from this therapy. I unfortunately have not found a practitioner since I moved. I’m so glad it is helping both you and your son!
    Andrea recently posted..Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal CookiesMy Profile

    • Andrea, I loved hearing your story of curing your Dad’s frozen shoulder and also for your healing experiences. Bowen is powerful in my opinion. After my first session, I considered studying Bowen but for now that’s on hold. I cannot study one more thing right now. It would be a wonderful additional therapy for us to do ourselves though here at home. So who knows what the future will bring. Thank you for leaving your message of hope with regards to Bowen.

  2. It sounds like your son is doing really well with this therapy. That is quite a commitment to go 3 hours for therapy! Wow.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Those Who Know, Do Not SpeakMy Profile

    • Well the good thing with Bowen is that you don’t go indefinitely. You go for so many weeks depending on what you are there for, usually it’s for 3 to 8 times. It is a long ride but well worth it. Now praying winter can hold off until we are done. 🙂

  3. Marge Laprade says:

    Suzanne: Thank you for the informative blog on Bowen Therapy. I have been wondering about what it was for a while. The link you gave will answer any more questions I may have about it. I just love your humour which extends over into your wonderful photography. 🙂

    • Hi Marge, I hope the links I shared can answer some of your questions. You know where to find me if you want more of our personal experiences with Bowen. It’s so nice having you drop in and sharing. With regards to my feet picture I’m hoping to be able to show the before and the after effect from Bowen for my feet… that as the before picture. 🙂

  4. healing fascinates me….the way the body
    just knows.
    i love healers and their passion for wholeness.
    thanks for sharing this ponder,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..holding the light….My Profile

  5. Very interesting. I’m always amazed at the new techniques that seem to be popping up all over to assist us with our healing. Thanks for sharing.
    Julie Geigle recently posted..When Death Comes SweetlyMy Profile

  6. Sounds like a great technique. I’m glad it’s helping you and your son. I love that you share what you are doing. It’s always so fun to hear about new things.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Watch Your Thoughts – Free Inspirational DownloadMy Profile

  7. This sound really fascinating. When you say it’s non-invasive, is it like Reiki and Osteopathy? Or something like chiropractic? Or neither? I am not sure I understand the procedure. Trying to figure out if my son could handle it.

    I can fully understand the idea of not taxing the body with too many forms of energy healing at once. It seems on the outside that nothing is really happening, but your son falling asleep on the table is clear proof of how much it body is working. I love, love, LOVE this kind of thing. So, you’ve taught me about Heilkunst and Bowen Therapy! More to add to my MUST-do list! LOL!
    Gabriella recently posted..A Manifesto for Eco-Healthy Living – A Free DownloadMy Profile

    • Gabriella, I can only speak from my personal experience I cannot say what it would be like for anyone else or what another practitioner might be like. It’s the same whether it is Reiki, Osteopathy, Bowen or chiropractic care or anything else that is being tried out. Years ago when I saw an Osteopath it was one of the gentlest forms of healing she provided to me and my son… yet other people I have talked to who had a different Osteopath for them it was a totally different experience. In our case I like to experiences therapies first before I take my son. That way I have an idea what it’s like and judge whether it could be something to benefit his wellbeing. I am able to judge pretty good by his reactions if he wants to return or not or whether he’s enjoying it or finding it beneficial. I can only say good things about Bowen so far for him with the practitioner we have. In our case we are also doing Heilkunst which complements Bowen very well. So all I can say is do the research, you will know. When I say non-invasive also in the case of Bowen… is that it doesn’t hurt to get it done but you could go through some healing the week that follows. Every session and every person reacts differently it’s never the same. Contact practitioners whether Bowen or Heilkunst if it calls out to you. You will know. I’m not an expert at all. I’m only sharing what I am experiencing or what I am seeing with my own family. Hope that helps. 🙂

  8. Suzanne, Your Bowen experiences sound lovely. I am happy for you and for the men in your life! And I totally understand the difficulty in giving up other forms of healing while doing Bowen. Blessings!
    Janet recently posted..EasyMy Profile

    • Thanks for dropping in Janet. I am slowly getting used to the giving up of other forms of healing during this time. I will resume probably next month or the new year when I should be done mostly with Bowen. I’m hoping it might even strengthen some other things I was doing for myself before Bowen. It’s been a great experience.

  9. Wow, I’m going to give Bowen another look. Thank you for this comprehensive story!

  10. This sounds so interesting Suzanne. I did Reiki for many years, as well as Reflexology and other healing methodologies. Your sight is interesting. It’s a different wordpress site, isn’t it? It’s all set up differently. By the way, I plan to walk the Camino next year!

    Lots of love, Yaz

  11. Thanks for sharing this lovely account of yours & your son’s experience with Bowen. I’ll share it with our growing Bowen Training Australia community online at http://www.facebook.com/bowentrainingaustralia. Other readers may be interested to learn more (at http://www.bowentraining.com.au/generalinfo/introduction-bowen-technique-video-john-wilks


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