My Friday Bliss List, more creative fun

My Friday Bliss List of things that has brought me joy and fun this past week. I get a lot of joy sharing my wolfberries with our dog Russell. He knows when a treat is coming since he hears me … [Read more...]

My Friday Bliss List

It's Friday once again and it's time to share about what I'm grateful for this past week. Every Friday when I have the time, think of it or feel up to it I like to share my Friday Bliss List. The … [Read more...]

Friday Bliss List

My Friday Bliss list, a reflection of the past few weeks. The first 10 days of June meant a vacation for my husband and I to Newfoundland Canada. It had been almost 28 years since our last … [Read more...]

Friday Bliss List…

Here's my Friday Bliss List... all the things that I am grateful for this past week. I hope your week was a great one as well. A friend shared with me the book 'The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron' … [Read more...]

Friday’s Bliss List…

The end of another great week. I hope your week went well. Here's my little Friday Bliss list. They are all the things that I'm so grateful for this week. My week started off by being very … [Read more...]

A dose of Gratitude for this past week!

My little Gratitude list for this week... I am grateful for the rain that is helping mother nature's beauty come to life in our back yard... everything is so green, beautiful and in … [Read more...]

Friday’s Bliss List… gratitude!

This is my first time posting a Friday Bliss List. It was started by Liv Lane who ran an e-course that I took this winter on How To Build A Blog You Truly Love. I joined the e-course a few weeks late, … [Read more...]