Friday Bliss List…

Here's my Friday Bliss List... all the things that I am grateful for this past week. I hope your week was a great one as well. A friend shared with me the book 'The Sound of Paper by Julia Cameron' … [Read more...]

Spring Lilac Blossoms

The many joys that spring brings. Awakening every sense. The colours...the fragrances...the softness of each cluster... the contrast of colours... surrounded by heart-shaped leaves. Nature's beauty … [Read more...]

Friday’s Bliss List…

The end of another great week. I hope your week went well. Here's my little Friday Bliss list. They are all the things that I'm so grateful for this week. My week started off by being very … [Read more...]

Birthday blessings for my son!

Dear son, Already 22 years ago today you came into our family and the world. I never expected what would lie ahead for us when you were born... the journey you would bring me on was to be kept a … [Read more...]

Juicing and smoothies

I woke up on Saturday morning and immediately decided that I was going to take several days or even a week and do only juicing and smoothies for myself. Even though I had done the Master Cleanse for 3 … [Read more...]

Birthday Wishes!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Seester (a.k.a. sister)! I'm extremely privileged and lucky to have you as my little sister. And to have grown closer to one another when both became mothers. It's … [Read more...]

A dose of Gratitude for this past week!

My little Gratitude list for this week... I am grateful for the rain that is helping mother nature's beauty come to life in our back yard... everything is so green, beautiful and in … [Read more...]

A visit to the dentist… a reflection on the last 17 years

Yesterday was an afternoon of going to the dentist with my son. He was due for his regular cleaning. My daughter came along for the ride, and I was telling her how much her brother had evolved since … [Read more...]