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The Juried Art Exhibition!! — suzanne-mcrae.com

The Juried Art Exhibition!!

How did I end up in a Juried Art Exhibition?

About a month ago along with my husband and daughter we spent a day visiting the local Art Studio Tour. It was a lot of fun meeting some of the artists and seeing their inspiring artwork.

The first time we had ever toured studios was a year ago when my husband and I were away and there happened to be a local Art Studio Tour happening out that way. That definitely planted a seed for me, and maybe even for him. You can read about that studio tour here in this blog post. I talk about it towards the end of the post.

Surprisingly last month after the Studio Tour, I found myself joining a local Art Association. I then heard about the Juried Art Exhibition, and thought, why not. I had paintings, but had no clue if they are good enough or not. The only way I would find out was if I entered this exhibition.

A week ago, I went and sat in and listened as an artist judged everyone’s work. I appreciated what she had to say about my paintings. Then she had to cut a certain number of paintings, and one of mine was sent back home. But two out of the three paintings I submitted made it into the exhibition. Wow!! I couldn’t believe it. To say that I was thrilled is an understatement since this was my very first time doing anything with my paintings other than sharing them on social media and in a few blog posts. All that I knew is that I wanted this to be a learning experience and that it’s been.

I didn’t win any awards on Friday evening, but my two paintings are hung up in this local Art Exhibition from October 20th until October 30th.  And that is more than I ever could have asked for.

This is me at the “Vernissage / Awards Presentation Evening” this past Friday. My paintings are hung here, one in the middle is on the right “Port in the Storm”… and the lowest painting in the middle “Dreaming, Underwater Dreams.

Port in the Storm

Above “Port in the Storm” 14″x14″ on wood panel, you can read about how it came to be here. I named this one and found it to be very proper to what I was going through at the time that I painted it. A few people have pointed out to me recently about this painting is that you can see Jesus on the cross, and another place in the painting Jesus is half sitting while still nailed to the cross. You can see that clearly on the photo in the blog post, where my painting is sitting on an easel on my back deck. There you will see Jesus on the cross at the angle that I presented my painting there. When it came to figuring out how to hang this painting I didn’t know about those images of Jesus being there, so it got hung a different way. This painting has been incredibly significant, and so healing and transformative for me.

Below “Dreaming, Underwater Dreams” that title for this painting was suggested to me by someone else. It sounded better than what I have called it all along “Silly Underwater Sea World”.

I had a lot of fun creating that painting. First I began by putting bright vibrant colours on the canvas with my hands. Then I didn’t do anything with it for a long while. I remember one Sunday afternoon going back to it, sitting on the floor like a young child with my black paint and paintbrush. I knew right away what the painting needed to look like, what was showing up. I saw all sorts of unusual sea world life in it, invented my own images along the way and had so much fun creating the last touches. This painting is really about my inner child and dreaming things into being on my canvas. My inner child came out to play that day which is quite unusual for me to experience. What a fun piece this was to create.

Both my paintings are for sale. You can contact me via my website for more details.

Dreaming, Underwater Dreams

Dreaming, Underwater Dreams

Below, this next painting is 30″x40″ below titled “Pond at Night”. It didn’t make it into the exhibition. It made as far as the judging.

You can read about the many layers that were painted in this intuitive abstract piece. The title for the painting I ended up taking from a comment from this blog post and really liked it and found it very appropriate “Pond at Night”. Check out what this painting was all about, here.

It’s for sale as well, if anyone is interested please contact me.

The Juried Art Exhibition!!

Here is a short clip of photos that someone took at the Focus Art Association Awards Presentation event this past Friday evening. There was a full house for the awards presentation. Here you see the back of my head on the right side.

Below, are a few of the art displayed at the exhibition in a variety of categories…



I love that I had this experience with the art exhibition. It certainly is inspiring me when I see all the different art that gets created. This is opening up a whole new world for me. I really look forward to learning and growing as an artist and seeing where it wants to lead me.

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  1. Dawn Conery says:

    Bravo!!! I am so excited for you! And your ability to step out of your comfort zone and submit your work is so inspirational. Love your work Suzanne and I hope to see lots more!


  2. Suzanne, that is so wonderful! You are really getting more comfortable in your skin! Can you imagine doing all you have been doing a year earlier!?!? You never would have thought of sharing with others this talent that you are now publicly showing!

  3. Congratulations! My favourite paintings are Dreaming, Underwater Dreams and Pond at Night. 🙂

  4. Suzanne, they’re all stunning. I love that Jesus showed up literally in your art:)
    (i think he shows up in every breath of beauty but not always in such an obvious way;))
    Thanks for sharing your exciting journey; I love watching you unfold:)

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