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A few more quilts... — suzanne-mcrae.com

A few more quilts…

After writing a blog post recently titled Quilts made with Love I learned that I had also made a quilt for my sister back in the 1980’s but had completely forgotten about it until she told me.

Last weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving at their home and she took out the quilt that I had made for her and sent it back home with me so that I could photograph it and add it to this blog post. I’m in awe that my family just didn’t throw these quilts away, some of them the fabric has faded and ripped apart, yet they still hung on to the quilts so they can be fixed and used for a lot longer.

This quilt below would have been the second quilt that I had ever made. It’s nice and thick and very warm looking. I really like the colours and the simplicity of the pattern.

A few more quilts...

A few more quilts...

also hand-quilted…

A few more quilts...

The baby quilt below wasn’t for our godson after all like I had thought it was. It was for my second oldest nephew. This weekend my sister-in-law brought me upstairs at their home, to show me this quilt among several others that had been gifted to her over the years. I got to see some beautiful quilts that had been handmade with lots of love for her. I love seeing the labour of love that others have poured into their quilting projects.

The quilt below is almost 34 years old. I cannot believe that many of nephew and nieces are already in their 30’s. It just doesn’t seem possible somehow. This baby quilt continues to be used today for their grandchildren when they visit Grandma and Grandpa at their home. The baby quilt is still in really good condition and has been really well taken care of. It warms my heart to see that it’s still being used, treasured and appreciated after this many years. I never could have guessed this when I had made it for my nephew all those years ago.

A few more quilts...

Each animal was appliqué’d onto a white square of fabric before being machine sewed, and then hand-quilted. If I recall correctly, it was one of those patterns out of a book where I had to make a grid and enlarge each animal myself. There was a bit more involved to making the quilt, but an easy pattern to follow.

A few more quilts...

A few more quilts...

… and I just had to show you the beautiful fall colours that we have had here recently. It’s been stunning to see nature bless us with such beautiful autumn colours.

A few more quilts...

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  1. JanetSabourin says:

    Hello Suzanne, not only did you make that beautiful baby quilt, you display it so beautifully! I know I have been a part of this family for 38 years, however your artistic skills, should it be quilting, writing, painting, photography, just continues to amaze me . If only I had a tiny piece of the talent you have!

    • Hi Janet. I very much believe that we all have unique gifts and talents, and probably many of us keep them buried so deep that we don’t even realize we have any. Doing these quilting blogs lately helped me to recognize one of the talents that I enjoyed doing many years ago. Who knows, it might re-inspire me to take up quilting again one day. Thanks for your kind message. It’s really been 38 years that you’ve been in our family? Time flies when we are having fun. 😉 xo

  2. Hi Suzanne, I love your beautiful quilts, you are so talented. My mother in law use to make hand quilted blankets for her children and grand children. We still have some of her blankets. We will always cherish them made by her with love for her family.

    • Monique, I’m so happy that your mother-in-law had made so many quilted blankets for her family. They really are treasures. I’m so happy that you have some of them. I wish I could see all this beautiful quilting work that other women have done.

  3. Dawn Conery says:

    Suzanne these are beautiful! As a quilt maker myself I can appreciate the work and time and love put into these treasures.
    And how you have them displayed and photographed is wonderful. Thank you for sharing them.

    • Thanks for dropping in Dawn. I love that you are a quilt maker. I wished you lived closer because I’d maybe ask you to give me a refresher course. 😉 Are you blogging at all about your quilting or other projects?

  4. Chère Suzanne,

    Quelles magnifiques courtepointes! J’ai une grande admiration pour ta créativité artistique et littéraire! Bravo! Continue!

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