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Showing up takes courage — suzanne-mcrae.com

Showing up takes courage

 Lately, I keep getting lots of little nudges to show up, to be more visible. To show up in my imperfections. To show up as I am regardless. This morning after connecting with someone new in my life online, the nudge showed up again… so here I am.

I have been very quiet about sharing or writing much about my journey with my health especially these last 6 months since my last breast cancer surgery. In many ways that’s been a very good thing that I truly respected how I felt, and with what I had to do. But too much of what we think of as a good thing at times can swing in the opposite direction after a while. It’s been hard at times not wanting to share, to keep to myself, to not desiring to open up for fear of what others might think, say or do. It’s not been an easy road to navigate this last year, but I have done the very best that I can for what has felt right for me.

So here I am, I need to feel balanced and I’m showing up. I need to write and create more and share once again. I don’t know what that will look like, but here I am. Showing up!!

Below I share something that I wrote about and shared on Instagram last week. See if any of this nudges something in you perhaps. 😉


Showing up takes courage.
Showing up with imperfections is not easy.
Showing up even after feeling so beaten up by life for such a long time.
Showing up.
Truly showing up.

Choosing to show up.
In the showing up exactly as I am
there’s a gift,
and that gift is perfection.

Showing up takes courage
The more I begin to show up,
the more I gain access to that gift.
Exactly as I am, is how I’m choosing to show up.
Without judgement.
Without fears.
Just as I am.

In my perfection and in my imperfection.
I am more than this black or white image.
I embody many beautiful colours along with the darkness and light.
We all do.

Show up.
Keep showing up.

The more I show up, the more colours I am able to see
and the brighter the light shines within me.
Showing up helps me to remember who I AM.
Who I truly am.
And not just all the experiences and challenges that life has brought me through.

Show up.
Keep showing up.

Life is a journey.
One step, one breath, one moment of courage at a time. One opportunity at a time to create the changes that we desire.

Like a dance,
one step forward, and two steps back.
In the constant movement with the dance of life.

Showing up for ourselves is where the magic happens.
Where healing and transformation begins to take place.

How I once saw things in my life has begun to change simply by showing up for myself with all that is.
Not easy, but so rewarding.

Showing up.
Things become more clear.
The steps of the dance becomes easier.
Even though not much in my life seems to have changed,
yet everything absolutely has.
Now able to hold joy and happiness in the same space with sorrow and pain.
Things won’t always feel the way they are in this moment.
Allowing myself to feel it all, to feel the emotions that come up.
No more pushing anything down.
It’s where true healing happens.
So keep smiling.
Wear your favourite colour.

Keep showing up for yourself.
Never give up.
And please, don’t hide.
You have no idea just how much our world needs your bright shining light.
Even if you don’t feel like there’s anything in you that shines right now…
Trust me there truly, truly is.

Been there, and experienced a lot in life.
But I’m choosing to show up and shine my true colours!!

Suzanne McRae


Are you showing up in your life? Are you shining as bright as you possibly can? The world needs you, the world needs all of us to show up as we are in our imperfections and perfection. What does your dance through life look like?

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  1. Welcome home, Suzanne! It is soooo nice to read your meaningful insights again.

  2. Sandy King says:

    I loved seeing this manifesto on Instagram and I’m so glad you shared it here . And I can tell it feels good to be back at your blog . Wonderful share .

  3. Show up and shine, baby, shine!

    Loved your post, Suzanne! I’ve been missing you. 😍

    All my best,

  4. Yes! Do show up and inspire us all. With self compassion and faith. Much love to you, dear Suzanne!

  5. Welcome back to the online world. Dropping out, tuning in is so good as we adjust to what this world is. Love your talk of the dance, the rhythmic ebbs and flows, the magic that happens. For me showing up doesn’t always mean publicly, but simply, truthfully, honestly to me, where I’m at, wherever that is. Wishing you the joys that sharing such wisdom brings. 💛

  6. Thanks everyone for your encouraging words. xo

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