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Till winter comes... — suzanne-mcrae.com

Till winter comes…

Till winter comes…


crackling leaves … stunning neutral tones

earth tones … everything bare


the last of the leaves with a bit of remaining life hiding inside the lilac bush …

a pop of light mixed in with the dried leaves … so much beauty


green and red …

nature decorating for the Christmas season


… so much perfection in a dried flower

… and snow did come but it wasn’t until after Christmas.

Our fall season stayed longer and I was so incredibly grateful. This winter is wonderful and that we are not in a deep freeze like last year or buried deep in a thick blanket of snow… at least not so far… and I absolutely love it this way.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

I’ve been busy colouring during the holidays. That has kept me in the present moment, calm and happy just like a young child on Christmas morning with a new colouring book and box of colouring crayons. Anti-stress colouring truly has been a God-send activity for me, especially since dealing with cancer. Colouring is definitely here stay, at least for now.


“Always believe that something good is going to happen.”


“Hold up your head! You were not made for failure, you were made for victory. Go forward with a joyful confidence.” -George Eliot


The photographer (aka… me) had the shakes while taking the photo above. Slightly blurry. I really enjoyed colouring this first page in my new book that my daughter gave me at Christmas.


I don’t care for the look of this page. I had used markers to colour it. I prefer my colouring crayons to do this serious work.


This upside-down page was fun to do.


I call these “The 3 Easter Deer” … with their colourful easter ears and rainbow coloured bodies.

Colouring in progress

When I opened the book to the camel colouring pages, there was a small section that was pre-coloured already. I didn’t necessarily want to use those colours, but I decided to challenge myself stick to it using only those few colours … needs to be finished.

As you can see, I’ve been having fun.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

Twenty-sixteen (2016) begins, and a new leaf is being turned over I feel. It’s a new numerology year, the beginning of a #1 numerology year for me. A brand-new nine-year cycle of time in numerology language. No pressure at all to make this right. It seems that this is the year where it all starts over, where I need to focus on what I want to experience in these next nine years and begin bringing that into my life this year. This new cycle of time will bring me well into my 60’s by the time it’s done… yikes!! The energy of a #1 personal year brings with it plenty of changes, new beginnings, independence and becoming who I really am. Finding my identity feels so important to me now. Who am I and what do I want out of life? What are the things that I want to experience at this age and stage in my life? And at the top of everything else it will very much be about continuing to find my way through to healing from breast cancer. 

Since my second surgery on December 9th I have been healing well. This was my second surgery within just a two month period of time. It seems that I handle physical pain from the surgeries better than I do the anxiety that comes knocking on my door unexpectedly. That has been the hardest for me.

This coming week I will meet with the surgeon for the pathology results of my last surgery. Its taken almost 5 weeks to be able to get my results. Its been a long wait once again. But yesterday, early news came my way from our family physician who had already received a copy of my pathology results. We were told that I received “clear margins” this time. They got all the cancer. This is the best news ever. I’m beyond grateful. I am still going to meet with the surgeon on Tuesday. Then what I do next is going to stay quiet with me. I’m not in a place of wanting to share anything more with anyone at this time.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

Today is the first New Moon of 2016. Mystic Mamma always writes a blog post that is incredibly insightful and helpful with what the moon energy brings, and that helps us navigate our journey through life a little easier in some ways. You can read today’s New Moon forecast here.

I’m really feeling what she talks about. How I need to be the goat that climbs the mountain. Remembering to take care of myself along the way, taking the time I need to enjoy the view alone. Turning my focus within, and deepening those roots instead of sharing too much, too quick about this part of my journey right now while I’m so much still in the midst of it all unfolding. I need to find that delicate balance for myself and that is taking an incredible amount of time, energy and focus. I’m hearing the message. This next month I will be that goat climbing the mountain alone, all so that I can align myself better with everything that is taking place for me.

“Tune into the earth. Let your balance be a conversation between you and the benevolent forces whispering. “Step here next!’ -Mystic Mamma

That message so important for me… to tune in, to hear the benevolent forces whispering “step here next”! I need to feel guided. I need to hear the whispers, and its by climbing to that mountain top alone like the goat that I will find where I need to step next.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

In 2016, I have two year-long online classes with Alena Hennessy: A Year of Healing and A Year of Painting II that has already started.

Then out of nowhere, I found myself in this awesome place, The 100 Day Promise. My name was picked in a giveaway, and this amazing program was gifted to me. I seem to have that kind of luck the last few years. Often times what I need, just seems to come to me in ways like this one. I am so beyond grateful. Today was the 9th day in this class, and I am finding myself diving deep into the questions and prompts we are given daily. This is helping me create a new future a little each day, one that is aligned with my values and how I wish to feel in my new future. This program goes for 100 days.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** 

This is how 2016 is starting out for me. 🙂

Share with us what is unfolding for you this year.

New Year’s Blessings!!

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  1. The barren beauty of winter will soon yield to the new life of spring.

    Clear margins, YAY!


  2. Suzanne, best news ever: clear margins! This year is already proving to be a different one for you! The best is yet to be!!! I really feel that! xo
    Amazing colourings! 🙂

  3. I’m so Happy for you! Here’s to being your authentic, healthy you! You are an inspiration! I wish you joy, truth, and continued faith, dear Suzanne. Avec toute mon affection. 💖

  4. Happy to read about your results. Love your art. I’ve been coloring, too! It’s really so much fun. We acknowledge and honor your desire to remain within for a while.

    Wishing you continued strength.

  5. Annette Bourdeau says:

    That’s the best news ever. So happy to hear that 2016 is looking like a great year for the McRae family. You have certainly earned a bit of a break from excess stress. BTW your daughter seems to have inherited your writing talent. I hope she is getting support from her campaign.
    Love ‘n hugs

  6. You are blessed! Love your colouring books pages. They are vibrant and speak of the faith and hope you draw from each day. Thank you, as always, for sharing!

  7. Mary Dowdy says:

    Chere Cousine Suzanne,
    This new year is just going to be so fantastic for me. I will be having two new little granddaughters in my life. Our daughter Colette is having a baby girl and is due on March 29th and then I found out on my birthday that our daughter, Suzanne will be having a baby girl around May 29th. Can this year turn out to be any better?
    Granddpa Tom and I are so excited.
    I love all of your pages that you have colored and I am so happy to hear that all of the cancer has been contained. Thank you Jesus.
    Ilove you cousine Suzanne.

  8. Suzanne – Beautiful photos – Beautiful colorings – but more Beautiful still are both your courage as you continue your healing journey and the words “Clear Margins” spoken by your doctor. May you find those Clear Margins not only in your health but in every part of your life! Blessings to you sweet friend!

  9. Simply FULL of goodness and beauty – THANK YOU.
    Full Spectrum Mama recently posted..WINTER LIGHT: ALL IS CALM, ALL IS BRIGHTMy Profile

  10. Celebrating clear margins! I love your coloring books, too. I have one with great cat images, but after finishing the first one, It seemed too tedious for me this time. I’ve been enjoying the cold weather that has finally visited our neck of the woods and have taken lots of pictures. I’m embracing a real shift for the new year. All the best to you, dear Suzanne!

  11. Dawn Conery says:

    Fhe BEST news!!! Prayers do work. Heading to Florida for a few months in our RV tomorrow. I will be focusing on Self Care. My WOTY . I will be spending some quiet soul time also and am looking forward to it. Stay warm. Huggs. Dawn.

  12. Thanks to each of you for your lovely thoughts, comments and prayers. I’m so grateful. <3

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