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Help to guide me... — suzanne-mcrae.com

Help to guide me…

The cards are speaking to me.

Oracle cards are always filled with insights when we need them. Yesterday, I was not feeling very grounded. So I took out the oracle cards and began shuffling asking for guidance.

Poof!! Out of the pack they came flying and onto the floor… all these cards. My husband got a good laugh at seeing so many cards flying out. But as soon as I looked at them, I knew that these cards were meant for me.

Oracle Cards

“Stay Focused” and “Priorities” fell together on one side of the table leg. There’s no denying that staying focused, with fewer distractions (especially those created by myself) is crucial for me now and its the hardest thing for me to do when I feel so anxious. They said that having less demands would have a positive outlook for my desires and what I was already imagining manifested into reality. They also talked about keeping promises to myself. Oh this can be so easy for me to do for others, but I need to now practice this for myself to keep the promises that I make to myself. Detoxify my diet (yep, onto that) to help my mind to be clear and focused. I will definitely need to call upon Kuthumi to help me focus on staying focused.

“Priorities” devote time to my highest priorities. Putting the focus on my true priorities will help my inner self feel loved and well cared for. Investing in my priorities, will yield the results of investing in me… and that is top priority right now. The card also talked about breaking major goals into baby steps and taking one step at a time. Thank you for this message. I’m someone who always sees the whole elephant in front of me, in this case the cancer elephant… and I often forget that you can’t take it all in with just one bite… one small bite at a time, one small step at a time, as long as I make sure I direct it always towards what I need. I will get through this big goal, which is healing myself of body, mind, spirit, and this breast cancer.

I love El Morya and his message that he brings about “Clear and Shield Your Energy”. I’m really sensitive to others energies. I seem to be a human sponge at times, which makes it hard to know if its my energy or others. So this was a really good reminder for me. I’m feeling a lot more anxious the last few days and I wonder how much of that belongs to me vs how much of that belongs to others around me that might who might be worried about me. Archangel Michael will take care of this for me. All we need to do is call upon him and ask that he clear and shield our energy. Another great message from this card is cutting the fearful attachments between myself and others… this one is really helpful in helping let go of the fears with regards to our son who will be moving on in the near future more than likely, how attached I am to that kid. (note to self, repeat the cutting of fearful attachments often, as often as needed).

I thank Hilarion for making sure his card flew out of the deck… “Health and Healing” I always love when I see this card come out for me and more now than ever. This card signifies a sign of healing. Your Divine power has awakened and you feel compelled to help others to heal. Just as you’ve been healed, so too do you want others to enjoy health and vitality. An important reminder is for me to let go of any fears or restrictive thinking to fully open to the miracles of healing. The card tells me that an illness or injury is healed or healing. I’m feeling so grateful to be able to read this message. Trusting with all my heart that it is so, and has already manifested and happened.

“Open Your Heart to Love” Jesus says that everything that I wish and every prayer that I seek comes as a result of opening my heart to both sending and receiving love. Your heart is the gateway to receptivity. The more you allow yourself to love, the greater depth and meaning your life holds. Jesus and the ascended masters will support you in this endeavour, ensuring that you’re protected and safe as you open your heart to love. Be loving to yourself. Jesus helps anyone who calls upon him, regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs. His message is one of love and forgiveness and its profound and has led to demonstrations of miraculous healing. Call upon Jesus for help with healing yourself or others emotionally, physically, or mentally.

Mahachohan Ragoczy sent me his card “Teacher”. It tells me that this card is about learning and teaching. You’ve learned a lot from your experiences and relationships, and now it’s time to pass that knowledge along to others. OK, so maybe I will begin listening more closely, and write more, share more and allow myself to put out there what I know, what I have and am experiencing in life… if it can help someone else, then great. He tells me that my current situation is bringing you opportunities for spiritual growth and teaching you some important life lessons. No kidding. As soon as you understand and accept these lessons, old patterns will drop away and be replaced by wonderful new experiences. Ask yourself, “What’s the blessing that this situation has brought to me?” Your life purpose involves teaching. Forgive a teacher from your past. You are urged to teach others.

I have often heard said that when we were young children, we *knew* what it was that our life’s purpose, what our calling in life would be. There was no room for doubt then. We just knew. When I was a girl I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to be a teacher for a long time when I was little. But as I got older I only saw teaching as looking one very specific way, and that was in a school. God might just have had different ideas about what teaching would look like for me, if this is what he’d want for me to do as a grown up. Perhaps, through the many life events, challenges and now cancer that I have gone through and am now faced with… He might be trying to tell me something. I’m listening. Opening myself to the message of this card… and sharing here on my blog.

Thank you for dropping by. I appreciate you being here.

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  1. Just got out of the hospital from chemo reaction myself. Your words speak to me. Thank you.
    Full Spectrum Mama recently posted..THE LIEBSTER AWARDMy Profile

  2. As you do, I believe in oracle cards! The ones we need are exactly the ones that come up for us. Gratitude that the Universe answers us in the most mysterious and unusual ways!

  3. You are already being my teacher with your willingness to share your journey. Love your reading as well as your interpretation. Thank you, Suzanne…

  4. Finished surfer, chemo, radiation end December…much clearer brain and much less fatigue April…double check by Manmohan and ultrasound as not sure whether scar tissue or more trouble recently..all looks good..whopper….hard to do chemo especially but light at the end of the tunnel. Hooray for us.

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