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Turning off social media... turning on self-care and more freedom — suzanne-mcrae.com

Turning off social media… turning on self-care and more freedom

Have you ever had your inner voice talk to you? Do you listen when it talks?

I just had one such episode this evening that lasted maybe a whole 2-3 minutes. I was sitting at the kitchen table, cleaning up and sorting through notes, papers, phones numbers and updating my agenda, all while mindlessly going on social media to see what was happening.

Then out of the blue, this little voice began talking. What about taking a social media break? What about doing a social media detox? I became a little more present. I asked are you talking to me? Yes, you I’m talking to you!! Well I must admit that little voice had my attention. I was excited, nervous, doing the yikes thing… my head spinning, wondering can I do really do this let go of social media.

Then that part of me that is looking for more free time, more space so I can create, to just be… got really excited with possibilities, feeling what that would be like. Ideas were floating in. If I do this I would have a lot more time…

  • to paint outdoors… my husband set me up with a spot under a beautiful cluster of trees in our backyard so I can paint,
  • write / blog if I feel like doing more of that,
  • read books, lots of books,
  • family time and taking the time to do more fun things,
  • silence,
  • more time for self-care, a priority,
  • more time for us as a couple,
  • visit friends,
  • maybe even spend time with my sister at her cottage,
  • freedom,
  • quieter summer days, maybe even experience boredom that can be a good thing sometimes,
  • nature,
  • enjoy campfires and star-gazing,
  • like a blank canvas… free to create as much or as little as I’d like the next few months.

Turning off social media

But what if the days are too quiet and deafening? Will I be able handle to do this cold-turkey? Can I trust that I can do this… and that I’m meant to do this?

Then I began conversing with that little voice again. How long are you saying that I should do this for? Two weeks, a month? The little voice answered… NO, how about all summer. ALL SUMMER, I said? Yes, all summer… until September. I was thrilled and scared silly in that moment because I knew that little voice was right. Was it possible that this conversation happening was me, giving myself permission to saying yes to taking the summer off from social media? Was it possible that I could give myself this gift of freedom to do as I pleased with less distractions in my life?

Then my ego, began stepping in… well you can’t get rid of everything completely, you need to have access to your emails. What about Pinterest? What about surfing the net? What about if you buy an iPhone this summer and you want to use it to post on Instagram? There was a few minutes of this back and forth dialogue and bargaining that was trying to happen. As for emails, I can see that there will be ways to keep that at a bare minimum.

The mind does funny stuff to try to convince us and pull us away from what it is that we truly and deeply want deep down, and what could make a world of difference.

What I have learned and have not been very good at admitting to myself is just how much of an addiction social media can be. There are times where you feel held hostage by social media, yet no one is doing it to us but ourselves. It’s hard to break-free from it.

Social media:

so much of the focus goes on others,

and it takes you away from yourself.

Back to that inner voice that was talking to me… when it told me that taking the summer off from social media I’ve decided that Tuesday’s New Moon, on June 16th will be a good time to begin the social media break. A new beginning, planting seeds for more freedom in my life. I’d really want to give this a try. I’d love to try to stretch this social media pause until September 1st. If I’m successful this would be 77 days. Yikes!! That’s a long time. Can I do this? I honestly don’t know. Often I have strong willpower, other times as soon as I say I will do something its a total flop. Anyone want to join me to do this?

I’m thinking that…

  • it will take some willpower, a lot of willpower probably,
  • self-awareness will be needed so I can work at the issues which will trigger me as they come up and that they will I have no doubt,
  • I’ll get to enjoy a simpler summer,
  • experience more of what I wish,
  • I’ll be able to savour each moment more, be more present,
  • unplugging will be rejuvenating on all levels,
  • I will probably gain more clarity, focus and insights about my life,
  • I’ll have more time to figure out and focus on what’s truly important and that matters to me most.

Will I be able to turn off social media on June 16th for the next 77 days or more? Can I give myself what I need and deserve? I sure hope so. I just told my husband my plan, he chuckled and asked me how I was going to do that? Now the stubborn part of me is saying let me prove it to you dear!! 🙂 He knows this will be difficult for me, but I also know that he’ll be supportive and will be happy that I will have more time to talk his ears off. 🙂

If I choose to write and blog this summer, you will see me here… if not, I will see you in September.

PS Be sure to sign up to receive my blog posts via email since I probably won’t be posting them on social media. See the “Subscribe via Email” on the right side bar below my photo. Simply enter your email address to receive them in your inbox.

Happy Summer!!

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  1. Wow… It’s such a small world sometimes, when we are hearing similar messages and life lessons. I kind of envy your break from the social media world! It will be so neat to read on here how it goes and what you learned. It sounds like you have a lot of really great activities to fill the social media space. And I LOVED this quote you wrote:

    “The mind does funny stuff to try to convince us and pull us away from what it is that we truly and deeply want deep down”

    That is soooo true. Our minds are funny things sometimes, aren’t they?!
    Stephanie recently posted..Find Contentment by Ignoring Everyone Else 😉My Profile

    • Stephanie, I’m so glad that I saw your blog post at the same time that I wrote this one. It’s been nice meeting you. Thanks for dropping by with the well wishes for this challenge that I’m choosing to give myself. I hope that our paths will cross this summer in our blog world. 🙂

  2. Jill Tini says:

    Congratulations Suzanne 🙂
    I decided to cut down social media ‘time’ afew months ago as I realised it was consuming more hours than I really wanted to give it. I deleted everyone off my friends list other than my children! I now go on once or twice a week to check in with what they are all ‘up-to’ and spend on average 5-10minutes. I have noticed that my feeds have started to extend and I have been seen more time creeping in again on social media so with that as a conscious thought I am now once again bringing it back and wow how wonderful this extra time to myself actually is.
    Enjoy this time Suzanne as it is time to be treasured and I have really enjoyed actually being more present with things that I am now engaged with.

    • Loved reading about what you have done for yourself Jill to cut down on social media. Sometimes we have to take drastic measures to make it happen. So glad to hear it worked well for you. <3

  3. Suzanne, I am so with you. I’ve already announced a three month FB break – that’s until August. Deleted my Pinterest account. FB break also means a break from online groups. It’s almost embarrassing when I realize how often I say to my husband that we’ll do xyz as soon as . . . Now that I’ve been off FB for a bit, I’m beginning to think it’s not just time. There’s something else going on here. It’s a bit scary, and I’m glad to be moving in a new direction. Good luck! Who knows? Maybe we’ll see each other on one other’s blog or just hanging out under the stars. 🙂
    Linda Watson recently posted..Intense Curiosity and Joyful FascinationMy Profile

    • Linda, when you unplugged and gave yourself a FB break… you inspired me without a doubt. I thought that was awesome what you were choosing to do. It stayed in the back of my mind all this time. I also plan on giving myself breaks from all my online groups, with the exception of possibly checking in one group on rare occasions for a specific reason. I’ll see. I already left some groups I wasn’t active in and deleted most of my FB posts. I will be signing out of my social media accounts so I can’t go check them easily, and removing the apps. Removing the temptations. lol Yes, let’s visit each other’s blogs this summer… and we can hang out under the stars. 🙂 I will be thinking of you when we will have campfires and I’ll be looking up at the stars. Enjoy the remainder of your FB break Linda. <3

  4. Congratulations on hearing and listening to your inner voice. I took time off all internet media some time ago and saw so much, did more and travelled more, connected more. I stayed true to myself and heard more of that inner voice. When I came back online I started a new blog and ended up teaching blogging lol! True insight comes to those that seek it, I love that you want to take this journey. I will miss your companionship and all your support you give online but love that you are going to full your cup in nourishing ways. Your winters are long so jump in and enjoy the sun, your family and friends. I look forward to seeing your smiley face when you return. 😀

    • Your social media break Suzi sure shifted a lot of things for you. I admire all that you did during that time that was different and exciting. When we give ourselves the space that’s what happens isn’t it. I do look forward to filling my cup in nourishing ways this summer. Happy winter to you Suzi. I’ll be back before you know it. 🙂

  5. Wishing you the best of luck on your social media break……I think we all need to listen to those “voices” in our head. They very often do know what is best for us! Imagine that!

  6. I’m realizing how important it is to listen to that inner voice. It often knows best. What a scary thing to do… I don’t know if I could do it! I rely a lot on catching up with Facebook and blogs to sort of get a gauge on how people are feeling and where I fit in to that. Since I rarely leave my house when I don’t have to, it’s a way to stay connected and not go off the deep end emotionally. I don’t know that I’m TOO connected though. I’ll be very interested in hearing how it goes for you!
    Naomi recently posted..Warped timeMy Profile

    • I’m a home-body too Naomi. A few years ago that’s all I was doing was reading every body’s amazing blogs, then I toned that down significantly when I realized I was spending hours each day doing just that. For me this need to unplug from social media to start is so that I will be more able to connect more deeply with who I am, that little voice that wants to be heard more, that part of me that wants to have more fun, that wants to paint, write and create and do more of the things I truly love without all the constant distractions. I get loss in everyone else’s world… and that is so easy when I’ve been on social media every day. I will blog about this experience I’m sure… so be sure to check back in throughout the summer or sign up to receive my blogs via email. Have a good summer Naomi. <3

  7. Good for you to listen! I am curious to see not only the changes you make in your life over the next 77 days but the changes you make when you plug back in.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted..Ask Me In SeptemberMy Profile

    • Love your comment Kelly. 77 days should bring out a lot of interesting things for me. I’ll be sure to share in future blog posts some of those discoveries. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  8. I’m so looking forward to learning from your social media fast experience. I shared on Becky’s group more thoughts on your plans that I don’t need to repeat here. I know you can do this and remain steadfast (and prove the hubby wrong… I’m so like you in that way!)

    One last thought… be sure to look up the meaning of 77 before Tuesday. The numerology by the number is powerful.

    Enjoy, my friend! <3

    • Hubby told me when he saw that I had written this blog post, “so you were serious about no social media after all”. He’s happy and he’s not bugging me about it anymore. 🙂 I never thought of looking up the #77 and its meaning. Thank you for the great reminder. I’ll be sure to check that out. Happy Summer to you Jane!! <3

  9. Here’s to listening to the still small voice within, which I imagine will get a lot louder during the next 77 days! xx
    kristina recently posted..tarot for the soul :: root down, rise up & shineMy Profile

  10. I, too, have been feeling a need to ‘step away’ from social media. It drains my creative flow. It has its place, but I’ve been invited to share in some very special events this summer and looking forward with anticipation to them. One is a medieval wedding in August! I’m going to put my creative juices to work to produce the best medieval attire I can, on a budget, using only thrift store and dollar store items! I will post pictures and tag you…see you in September!

    • Your summer sounds very exciting Diane. Enjoy getting your creative juices flowing. I would love to see your medieval attire that you’ll be creating. Maybe send me an email through my blog here with the attached photo, since I won’t be on social media till September I wouldn’t see it there. Enjoy all the events that you’ll be having fun at this summer. 🙂

  11. You have inspired me, Suzanne. I am proud of you for listening to that wise inner voice. I just might be following you. 🙂

    • Wouldn’t it awesome to give yourself this gift too Shari. 🙂 Something that you are thinking about also, no doubt. Enjoy your summer, whatever you’ll be doing. <3

  12. Love that you’re doing this Suzanne. I’ve been contemplating much the same. Social media takes up so much unnecessary time and space. Just the thought of letting go and allowing for new to grow – is inspiring. Thank-you…and enjoy every minute!

    • Wish me luck Marcie, because I think I will need it. 🙂 Makes me wonder how we ever got so caught up in social media and the online world. Wishing you luck as well if you decide to hop on board with this. 🙂

  13. Jo Freeman says:

    Hi Suzanne, I admire you for listening to the call and acting on it. It will be such an amazing experience I am sure. I have been hearing this call for many months and keep ignoring it or making excuses as to why I can’t right now. But after reading your post I am feeling some nudging and feeling a little like maybe I could do this. I look forward to hearing how this experience plays out in you journey. Enjoy this special and precious time. Jo

    • Jo, I’m happy that you are also feeling the nudge. I woke up this morning wondering what it might feel like the first day with no social media, and surprisingly it felt so liberating. I will enjoy this time, thank you!! 🙂

    Excited for you.
    Full Spectrum Mama recently posted..A SENSORY PROCESSING/NEURODIVERSITY MANIFESTOMy Profile

  15. Wow! That is quite a challenge! I know! I have been going to the local library to check in on my emails maybe once every two weeks. I don’t have cable, so I have been listening to relaxing and positive music and watching inspirational and gentle movies. The Universe made sure that I got away from CNN, violent tv shows and a lot of social media, not to mention a marriage separation that was way overdue. I have found the time to write a memoir of my life experiences. I didn’t realize how squeezed up inside I was (I was about to implode!)
    I hope you enjoy this summer just ‘being’ in the moment and balancing your life! Life certainly is a journey of unexpected twists and turns! xo

    • Hi Marge, I just love how you are finding some awesome ways to experience your time, along with all the changes you are making in your life. So inspiring. I especially loved reading that you are finding the time to write a memoir of your life experiences. 🙂 Sometimes we don’t know how we truly are feeling deep inside until we begin letting go and making changes. I am sure to discover a few things myself on this journey. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful!! <3


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