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Creating more of the life I desire... — suzanne-mcrae.com

Creating more of the life I desire…

I’ve been looking at my life, and wanted to find ways to create more of what I desire, but also seeing what I already have that brings me the most joy and happiness and finding ways to help that expand more. So allow me to share with you…

I spent hours drawing symbols and words, what I call my mini-coasters. I really connect with the energy of symbols. I have always loved symbols even as a little girl I was always drawn and fascinated by them. They hold incredible power for me. So whether I use them as little coasters or not, I realize now they are there as reminders for me of the power that I also hold within to change anything that I want.

Symbols coasters

Taking the time to create mini coasters made out of Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Sphe-Re, Antahkarana symbols… and words


Then I spent hours losing myself in …

Fun with colours, shapes and pastels

Fun with colours, shapes and pastels

childlike play

with colours, crayons, pastels

lines, shapes, mandalas

Mandalas/Colouring/Shapes - mindless colouring - (yes even at my age) - so meditative

Mandalas/Colouring/Shapes – mindless colouring – yes even at my age – meditative


This month I started a *rainbow coloured afghan* for my son. Bright colours are his thing. I decided it was time that I make him an afghan also. Its going to take me a while yet before I’m done. This afghan will probably be 7′ x 7′ by the time its completed.

Last Saturday evening I spent close to 7 hours crocheting while listening to Abraham-Hicks on YouTube. I was saturated with their message by the time it came to go to bed, but that was a really good thing. They helped refresh my memory about many things and how I can begin to shift some energy to help improve my life.

*Rainbow* Crochet Afghan

*Rainbow* Crochet Afghan


Now these 2!! Cat and Dog.

We had had our rescue dog for almost 5 years before the cat came into our home. Our daughter moved out in 2013 after her breakdown, the dog seemed to be as devastated and lost as we were when this all happened. Eventually he came around, like we all did. Where our daughter had moved to, this stray cat had arrived at that home right before she moved there. No coincidence, since during that year, which was a very difficult year in her life the cat kept her company, helping her get through some pretty intense and dark times. When our daughter moved back home last fall she was pretty devastated when she couldn’t bring the cat with her. She missed the cat. But it didn’t take very long at all that the cat began displaying aggression towards their other cat… and before we knew it our daughter was asked if she could take the cat and the rest is history.

So Miss Cat hasn’t been outside much this winter, its been such a deep freeze all winter. She would come out of our daughter’s bedroom when she knew the dog was outside. But otherwise she wasn’t going very far.

A few weeks ago, this (below) began happening. The cat got brave and stepped into the dog’s space and since that time on and off, this is what’s happening. We look forward to the day where we won’t have to worry if the dog is going to take off chasing after her. That’s happened a few times, but we feel that the cat will stand up more for herself… and we feel that Mr. Dog is learning. 🙂

Australian Shepherd & Tabby Cat

Dog: Please don’t come any closer. I don’t know what to make of you. 🙂

Australian Shepherd & Tabby Cat

Dog: Now what are you doing? Cat: Look at me. I won't hurt you.

Dog: Now what are you doing? Cat: Look at me. I won’t hurt you. I really am friendly even if you have seen my claws in the past.

Cat: Can you share your mat with me?

Cat: Can you share a little corner of your comfy mat?

Dog: What do you want from me? lol Cat: I just want to say Hi and introduce myself.

Dog: What do you want from me? lol Cat: I just want to say Hi and introduce myself.

Australia Shepherd & Tabby Cat

Dog & Cat Love!!! Becoming friends!!


An afternoon recently was spent setting intentions with the powerful energy of the new moon, solar eclipse and spring equinox. I love setting intentions. I filled up a few big pages in my sketchbook. Writing down things that I wish to attract and work through in my life. I truly believe that setting crystal clear intentions helps bring healing and shifts that otherwise might take a lot longer to get to. Well, that’s my way of seeing it. How about you?

New Moon intention setting

New Moon intention setting


Doing more things that I love has put me back on the right track, and being able to notice and appreciate more the simple things that bring me pleasure. For me the beginning of 2015 seemed to bring with it a new wave of energy. I feel like I am more able to pick myself up again, brush the dust from myself and stand strong again. I also feel very blessed to have some amazing people helping me on this journey, guiding, mentoring and helping me in more ways than one. There are others that are so supportive to me and my family with their offers of prayers, energy healing and so many other ways that I have lost count. I’m beyond grateful for all the help that has come my way. I have a village that’s been supporting me this last while… and for that I am so grateful.


I’d like to invite you to come “follow” me on Instagram.


… and if you’d like here are some of my earlier posts that I wrote, that all tie in with this one way or another…

Reaching for the light!!

Slowly coming out of the fog…

Never doubt the power of prayer!!

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  1. So lovely to read of the dog and cat antics and the lightening of loads. Love this afghan collaboration you’ve got going with your son and the sound of spring returning to your works is pure bliss. So happy to be part of your journey, absolutely it is us who are blessed. Always enjoy your writing and especially the looseness of this post.
    Suzi recently posted..1000 words for Summer Year 6 – summer sketchbookMy Profile

  2. Sounds like the whole household is having a magical spring rebirth.
    You’ve inspired me to put down the textbook and go do a little journaling <3
    Full Spectrum Mama recently posted..Third Anniversary Lists IV: The Complaint DepartmentMy Profile

  3. Christine Cloutier says:

    Hi Suzanne,

    Have you ever heard of Zendoodle and Zentrangle?
    You might enjoy that kind of art.

  4. I can so relate to the dog and cat story. Those pictures are priceless. Poor dog. I had an opposite situation bringing a dog into what had been the home of two indoor cats. Their solution – the cats wall-walked around the rooms (mantel, top of cabinets, window pane shelves, etc.) and the dog watched below, constantly trying to initiate a friendship that just wasn’t going to happen. He buddied up with the half-wild barn cats instead. The cats did have the upstairs to themselves, though.

    What great ideas you offer for rejuvenating your mind. Thanks for sharing.
    Nanette Levin recently posted..Driving into DarknessMy Profile

  5. Nice to see all the color! And love, love the coasters. And then how cute was Mr. Dog letting Miss Cat in his space. Fabulous pictures and message!!

  6. Dawn Conery says:

    Hi friend. I have been thinking of you lately and saw this beautiful post today. Mr. Dog and Mr. Cat really made me smile. You captured them so well in photo and in comments. Loved it! Would love to see continuing photos of Kyle’s afgan. Great idea. Is it a surprise or does he help pic the color placements?
    Reading all of your posts put me in a peaceful heartset for the day. You have a gift with words and you are a natural inspiration to others. Thank you for sharing it with me. I know lots of people read them but they feel like little gifts when I read them.
    Thank you! <3

    • Dawn, I so appreciate your kindness. Thank you. xo

      My son is helping by choosing the sequence of the colours and how he wants it to look. He likes certain colour combinations and he picks and chooses as I go along.

  7. Suzanne- love your drawings and “coloring”. What a wonderful way to get back on track. I always seem to turn to creating art when I need to get back in touch.
    Sue Grilli recently posted..Comment on Tips for entering Juried Art Shows by SueMy Profile

  8. I just loved this post. I love the pictures of the dog and cat – so telling. What a great job you are doing to get and stay on track. Love the afghan!
    Vickie Martin Conison recently posted..AMAZING AGNES MARTINMy Profile

  9. Suzanne, what an inspiring post! For me, getting out in nature or coloring or doodling or playing with paint always gets me inspired and back on track.
    Nancy Jambor recently posted..Hiring the HeavensMy Profile

  10. I just melted when I saw the pictures of your cat and dog getting to know each other. So much love there!

    And those coasters? I’d call them oracle cards in the making. 🙂
    Harmony Harrison recently posted..I’m Stacked: 82 Library Books and Counting (a.k.a., Blame It on the Paint)My Profile

  11. I love hearing what has brought you back to you. What a beautiful process.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..6 Steps to End Your Victim MindsetMy Profile

  12. Suzanne this is a great post. Your pictures are fantastic and I must say you’re talented. What more do you have up your sleeve? That’s amazing. Wish I can learn to crochet someday:)
    Hema Unnoop recently posted..8 Tips For a Happier Healthier and Long Lasting MarriageMy Profile

  13. I love those candid shots of your furry friends growing braver and more tender
    in each other’s presence…..so sweet:) And I love your searching heart….the way you
    pour and press in and open up, leaning toward the light. Blessings on you and your
    hungry heart…..I believe hungry hearts will always be fed:) Nourishment and light
    to every part of you (and that rainbow you’re knitting for your son…..I love your heart
    to make rainbows for people. Such a caring, tender soul)
    Living rainbows to you and yours:)
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..Of whispers, words and wonder…..My Profile

  14. Suzanne, I’m captivated! By your colorful mandala drawings and then, oh my, by your two sweetie-pets. The photo series is a friends-in-the-making delight. xo

  15. Loved the photos of ‘Cat and Dog’, what a nice little story for a sunday, and I really am glad you introduced me to Abraham Hicks. I just started listening to one to see what it was and I can tell this is something I will very much enjoy so thank you 🙂

  16. What an artist you are! Your various pieces are so lovely! It is hard for me to pick between your coasters, your mandala drawings, your journaling and your GORGEOUS colorful afghan. How inspiring it is to see all of this!
    Elda recently posted..I Cannot Wait To NOT See You Again!My Profile

  17. I was raised by a mom who always said “never be afraid of colour.” So, I absolutely love your latest project. So colourful. Your son is a lucky fellow. And the photos of your cat and dog? Magical. We have both a rabbit and a dog and they tolerate each other. When they are outside Poppy (dog) will go right up to Bonanza and touch noses through the wire fence. Inside we allow Poppy to lick her head but not get any closer. Poppy is a herder and she could startle poor B without meaning to.
    Kelly L McKenzie recently posted..Lessons Learned Shoe ShoppingMy Profile

  18. Love your dog and cat story. The photos make it so much more real. That cat was meant to be with your daughter, that is certain! 🙂
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..I Ching #22: The Traps of AdornmentMy Profile

  19. Michelle says:

    Wonderful! Everyone should spend time filling their lives with the things that make their hearts sing. I believe that’s what life is for!!! Thank you!

  20. Suzanne,
    Your words always comfort me like a handmade soft quilt. I always know when I read your post I will relate and feel validated on my own path.
    Gratefully yours,

  21. Thank you Kelly, Amy, Michelle and Kathy for dropping by to read my post. It means a lot to me to have read your comments. 🙂

  22. Thanks for sharing your insights, Suzanne. I really love your drawings. I realized that I encountered the “3” symbol before. I saw it from a metal band’s album cover a few years ago. I just learned that it’s called “Om” which the band interpreted as the sounds of the universe.
    Eric recently posted..5 Things That Meditation Can Do For YouMy Profile

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