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Slowly coming out of the fog... — suzanne-mcrae.com

Slowly coming out of the fog…


Slowly coming out of the fog

fears that if I move too fast I may get even more lost

afraid to be seen

afraid to show my vulnerability

my imperfections

all who I am as a human being

feeling so beaten up and exhausted

yet energized in other ways

it’s been foggy

so damp, so dark

like someone shut all the lights off and kept me in the dark

I have felt blinded by this thick fog

I have felt so lost

no matter what I did, I could not follow my usual path

so much has felt so unfamiliar

moving ever so slowly

yet moving at the speed of light all at once

no choice but to accept and learn to embrace the unknown

where this fog wanted to take me

in the thickest fog I have ever known

yet somehow there has been this feeling of having been cocooned and protected

amidst the confusion, chaos and this feeling of being lost

all this kept me from trying to find my way too fast

or to go the wrong way

I am beginning to feel ready again

continuing to walk onto this misty, damp darkness of the fog

trusting that the way will be revealed

towards the light I continue to take more steps

the fog and clouds are slowly parting

filling the sky with the most beautiful blue colour

the light beginning to shine through to show me the way

I feel a new me ever so slowly returning

changed I sense in many ways

now trusting more than ever that I need to be seen again

trusting that I must come back

trusting that I need to find my voice again

trusting that I will know what I am meant to do or share

trusting that the signposts will be there

where it’s needed to guide me back to my journey

where I always feel most at home.

Suzanne McRae

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  1. Welcome back, Suzanne <3
    Susan recently posted..Open StudiosMy Profile

  2. Your writing is so beautiful.
    Linda Watson recently posted..Stars, Hexagons and Masaru EmotoMy Profile

  3. Karen Stout says:

    i can so relate to this. I’m wondering if it is a stage in life or what. So glad to see you again. I’ve missed you. 🙂

  4. So beautifully expressed. Thank you for sharing. It is good to know that we are not alone in feeling this way 🙂
    Kama recently posted..Comment on How To Avoid The After Launch Blues by KamaMy Profile

  5. Suzanne, you have given voice to my own journey. Together we will walk out of the mist. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Suzanne, your beautiful words touched my soul. I feel a kindred connection to your journey and feel blessed by your honesty and vulnerability. I cannot wait to hear the sound of the sunlight that emerges from deep within you. xoxo

  7. This is beautiful, Suzanne. And, we must be in the same life place because I’ve been feeling what you are feeling lately, only you have put it into words so perfectly. I’ve been thinking lately how wonderful it is to have women friends, especially those who share in their struggles so that we realize we are not alone.

    Thank you for being that friend. 🙂

    Shari 🙂
    Shari Daniels recently posted..It’s Monday! What Are Your Reading? Summer of 2014My Profile

  8. Beautiful. Sharing with openess and truth is Beautiful.
    Bridgette recently posted..Resistance Revealed.My Profile

  9. Your words are absolutely perfect. I love reading them. I think that vulnerability you mention is crucial for being genuine and true.
    Naomi Wittlin recently posted..A very full lifeMy Profile

  10. I love your raw honesty
    and that you are so in touch with the way you feel.
    Big love and gentleness to you,
    beautiful, beautiful woman:)
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..of fountains and friends….My Profile


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