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Advocating... and the results! — suzanne-mcrae.com

Advocating… and the results!

A few months have passed already since I advocated for our son about changes that the government had just put into effect. The changes that had been made were going to have an impact for one of the activities he enjoys tremendously, downhill skiing. You can read about my initial post on this topic #WorldAutismAwarenessDay … #drumming … #dreaming.


At that time my husband and I brainstormed together and wrote letters to the program supervisor, the Minister of this program and also to our Member of Parliament. In those letters we spoke of the excessive distance he’d have to travel in order to be able to ski downhill within our province. We included all the details to prove our point on this subject with how it made no sense to have him and a support worker drive 5-6 hours (return trip) to go skiing within our province when the out-of-province ski hills were so much closer.

Within the month I received a call, saying that they were looking into our request, but first they needed a bit more information from us. They wanted to know the other locations and mileage where he might eventually go skiing. Our son’s support worker put together a list of several areas closest to our home (although not in the communities that were approved) where he would go downhill skiing with her.

Within a week I received a call saying that our request had been reviewed and also approved, and that indeed any expenses for out-of-district/out-of-province for downhill skiing was approved for him from now on. No questions asked.

So I encourage you to do the same when something in your life doesn’t quite sit right with you. Speak up!! Changes can and do happen.

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  1. It does pay to speak up!! You’ve just proved it. Good reminder and really happy about the results!!

  2. That is amazing! Government rules and regulations can be altered when common sense is presented to those making them. Your speaking up did it! …Changing the world by changing your own little corner…those words ring true!

  3. Sandy King says:

    Good for you Suzanne . For sharing this story and for showing us that we do need to speak up and advocate . Your son looks so happy here too . Delight in his smile .

  4. What amazing, courageous work you are doing!
    Malini Parker recently posted..Catching my breathMy Profile

  5. Thanks for dropping by for a visit ladies. I truly appreciate your comments. 🙂

  6. YAY! Well done, Suzanne. I agree, it pays to speak up especially when it’s done from a place of respect and integrity. So happy for you all. ♥

  7. Bravo, braveheart! I sometimes forget to use the voice
    God gave me in situations where there is a wall thrown up
    and I so appreciate your bold inspire.
    Way to be a champion for your son!
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..anyway and everything….My Profile

    • Maryse & Jennifer, big thanks for dropping by. Advocating is not one of my favourite past-times but one that is necessary at times. We do learn to find our voice. Thank you!! 🙂

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