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Bloom True: my first completed painting — suzanne-mcrae.com

Bloom True: my first completed painting

Four months ago I began the eCourse Bloom True Intuitive Painting with Flora Bowley online, and this past week I have finished my first intuitive painting.

During those four months there were probably two months where I hit the painting pause button. I was going through some pretty intense healing stuff (and here I was beginning to gain some clarity and start feeling somewhat better). It felt that all of this was keeping me in a different space where I just couldn’t get to the painting. When I began thinking of it again, I had no clue how I was going to pick up where I had left off. I had many canvases started but one in particular that I really liked, but I was terrified that if I touched it I may risk changing it completely.

A week ago I very nervously took it out and knew I had to finish it, but I was almost in a panic. When I had painted this winter, I was also spending a lot of time doing layer after layer on my paintings exploring with different techniques and colours. For the most part, that was easy for me with the exception of a few layers. I could have kept on doing that almost forever if I was allowed. When I stopped painting for a while, I had made it almost to the end of my lessons. The last lesson that I did at that time, our teach Flora talked about that it was time to commit to begin seeing my painting almost finished. It was time to choose a direction with a few colours that stood out the most in my painting so I could complete it. It is a coincidence that I stopped then other than the fact that I didn’t feel the greatest? Part of me was avoiding going there and committing to this process. One of my weaknesses is that I have a hard time completing some things that I start, and I saw that pattern also with painting. But I give myself credit that I have absolutely no problems starting new things. So I bravely took out my painting. I knew what area I wanted to work on a bit… so I equipped myself with a wet rag by my side so I could wipe off whatever I might paint if I didn’t like it, and I had my daughter on standby (she’s an artist) not too far from me for advice (lol) and if I got in a real panic. She encouraged me to take a deep breath before I began and to just trust that I would know what I needed to do. I must say that Flora did not teach us how to panic and not trust what we were doing. I was going against the flow. Fear creeping in and I was having a hard time trusting myself that I could do it. I would have preferred to ask my daughter to finish it for me. But I knew that I had to do it. So I took a few deep breaths and minutes later I was done.

As I look at my first Bloom True painting this has been such a huge success for me.

Now I would love to share with you what each layer of my painting looked like as I worked on it to arrive at this finished layer that you see below. This canvas size is 40″x30″ and now hangs on our dining room wall until I decide whether I wish to sell it or keep it. For now I love to see it there to remind myself that I can finish things. It brings me great joy to know that I did this.

I plan on making prints of my painting available in my Etsy shop in the near future.


My finished painting

40"x30" - My First Bloom True Intuitive Painting

40″x30″ – My First Bloom True Intuitive Painting


Now let me share with you, what each layer looked like as I progressed with my intuitive painting. In Flora’s eCourse we were given different techniques, prompts, lessons to try, some involved using different colours, then there were the marks we could make, symbols, imagery… and most of all we had to learn to let go, clear our thoughts and not focus on any outcome but instead allow our intuition to lead the way. Easier said than done at times.

1st layer

1st layer

2nd Layer

2nd Layer

3rd Layer

3rd Layer

4th Layer

4th Layer

5th Layer

5th Layer

This 6th layer below was a stage where I got really frustrated. Not only did my canvas feel ugly, I also felt the same and it stirred up an awful lot of emotions in me in the process. I was several days where I could not touch that canvas and others to which I had done the same thing to.

6th Layer - it took a turn and brought my painting to an ugly phase which was very frustrating

6th Layer – it took a turn and brought my painting to an ugly phase which was very frustrating

On the 7th layer I was trying out the fluid paints to create translucent colours. Not sure that it was much of an improvement yet. But I saw in the very bottom right corner something that reminded me of a fish, it was multi-coloured and I liked that little piece of my painting and part of me wanted to hold on to that without knowing why. I just wasn’t willing to let that part go for whatever reason.

7th Layer

7th Layer

By the 8th layer – it was time for me to try my hand at adding some imagery, symbols or another marks that I felt like adding. I was not feeling very creative here. I still had a lot of frustrations with it.

8th Layer - It was time for me to try my hand at adding some imagery, symbols or another marks we felt like adding. Not feeling very creative here.

8th Layer

I wasn’t about to give up, so I prayed to God for his help. I really didn’t know what else to do but I did know that this wasn’t going to get figured out with my head. I really wanted to complete this painting but I also wanted it to look beautiful and I knew I couldn’t do that on my own. Before I knew it God had heard my prayers and had come to help me, it was looking so much better!! 🙂

9th Layer - God heard my prayers and came to help me!! :)

9th Layer

My little fish in the bottom right corner, somehow is surviving on the canvas and keeps remaining.

10th Layer

10th Layer

By the 11th layer below I was beginning to feel like I CAN PAINT. I was hopeful that this was going to take me somewhere. 🙂

11th Layer

11th Layer

And it got better…

12th Layer

12th Layer

At this point I had been about a 2 month without painting anything. I had even moved my art stuff out of our living room into my Reiki room, the only room in our home with a bit of extra space for me to have that was more private. I didn’t end up painting in that space very much. Before I knew it I found myself a few months later moving everything back into the living room where it was initially with lots of brighter natural lighting.

Last week I picked up this canvas again and added a few things before I saw it as finished. What you see below is the final and 13th layer of this painting.

40"x30" - My First Bloom True Intuitive Painting Finished

13th and final layer – 40″x30″ – My First Bloom True Intuitive Painting Finished

All that remains for me to do is sign it and give it a name. If you have any suggestions for a name for my painting, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear.

You can find more blog posts that I wrote since I took the Bloom True eCourse with the lovely Flora Bowley:

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Gratitude to Flora Bowley

If you have never painted, or if you are an artist already, or if you would love to connect with yourself on a deeper level intuitively and learn to express yourself on canvas then I urge you to go and check out Flora’s online class or better yet go take one of her live classes that she gives around the world. You can find out about the class that I took here. What you see there is only a tiny snippet of what she teaches. When I first found Flora’s class online it intrigued me. Then I forgot about it until one day in a group from another class that I had been in, several of these women had done Bloom True eCourse. When I decided to go and check it out, I had forgotten about it being the one I had found earlier in the year. There was something huge that was stirred in me in that moment when I connected with one of the videos that she shows herself painting intuitively. I knew that I had to take this class.

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  1. Oasis? This painting is a journey through fire and rivers and and desert to finally reach the oasis of your soul. Glorious!
    Maryse recently posted..Sacred QuestionsMy Profile

  2. Susanne, it is fascinating to see all the layers and transformations that took place. Great job! And so brave of you. It is beautiful and stirring. Blessings, Nancy
    Nancy Lennon recently posted..Being visible, even interviewedMy Profile

  3. Oh wow. I have been thinking of taking one of Flora’s classes since little cues show up here and there. I was just today reading Kelly Rae’s posts about her time in Bali with Flora’s retreat and so after YOUR post I am going straight to Flora’s site to investigate. I can’t shrug off all these little nudges.
    Your painting journey is amazing and I am so glad you shared so much of it here. I think it’s a journey, finding the painting that is meant to emerge from us and the canvas.
    How about “Layered Journey?”
    Naomi recently posted..Photo-heart connection: it’s the little thingsMy Profile

    • Oh Naomi, I’m just thrilled for you. I know that you will absolutely love this journey with Flora and her way of teaching, oh and the discoveries that you will make along the way about yourself in the process will be awesome. I cannot wait for you to be sharing what you will be exploring for yourself this fall. I’m so excited, as excited as if I was taking the class again. 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts about what my canvas name could possibly be. 🙂
      Suzanne McRae recently posted..Bloom True: my first completed paintingMy Profile

  4. Suzanne, I just signed up for the September online course! So excited for this journey within! Thank YOU!
    Naomi recently posted..Photo-heart connection: it’s the little thingsMy Profile

  5. Hi Suzanne,
    I enjoyed reading this blog and seeing the different layers that your painting has transformed through. Each layer represents a part of your healing journey. It begins with gentleness, innocence, fragile loving energy, an open-ness to heal. The ‘ugly’ layer as you call it, is the real transformational layer. It is the layer that represents the ‘stuff’ you keep buried, your so-called ‘shadow’ stuff, the layer of you that you didn’t want to see, to connect with. Holding onto your rainbow fish represents your need, your ability, to hold onto hope and positivity in amongst chaos of healing, even if it is only shining in a small part of you. Having completed your painting is the Universe, your intuition, letting you know that you have now completed your inner healing journey ( the one which this painting represented anyway). Holding onto it for now is simply allowing your final processes to flow. For all the healing you have just accomplished, you are still not quite reading to farewell it, to acknowledge and prepared for its total release. When you feel that you no longer need this painting you will now that your transformation for this part of your journey is complete. Don’t rush yourself into this, simply allow your inner feelings to guide you.
    Pictures, doodles, scribbles are awesome, they are always a window to your inner soul, they tell the story of what is happening in life, how you are feeling (on a deeper realm), where you feel stuck, and your hopes and dreams. Connect with each layer and allow yourself to ‘hear’ your story that each layer is sharing with you. These are pure insights to the inner you.
    Enjoy 🙂

    • Jill, you have an incredibly beautiful way of sharing so wonderfully what you see in others. Thank you for gifting me with your kindness and gentle words once again. I enjoyed your sharing also about the deeper realm, the hopes and dreams. I never thought of connecting with each layer and allowing myself to ‘hear’ my story of each of those layers and what it is sharing with me. Lovely. Blessings!! xo
      Suzanne McRae recently posted..Bloom True: my first completed paintingMy Profile

  6. Thank you for sharing your layers, experience and your painting. I think it shows an evolution of going through the fear and panic and finding the beauty at the end. So… My name for it would be Evolution.

    • Hi Kay, thank you for the name suggestion for my finished canvas. 🙂 I appreciated very much having you share your thoughts about my painting. You are so right, going through the fear and panic and finding the beauty at the end. 🙂

  7. Sandy King says:

    Just love it…XX …. And I really enjoyed reading about the process. How brave of you. ! And look at this fabulous result.

    • Hi Sandy, thank you for dropping by. I was just thinking about you the other day… it’s been a while since we have touched base. Thanks again for coming over to check out what I had been up to. 😉

  8. Dawn Conery says:

    Suzanne, I can so relate to your post about this painting! Seeing the stages and how you felt through the process was eye opening for me. I have much the same issues with my layers. I am still working on it, there are days and days of breaks in between sessions 🙂
    I know I will get there and reading your journey encourages me to continue. Your painting is beautiful and there is so much of you and your life in it. What a gift to yourself and your family. Thanks for sharing. huggs, Dawn

    • Thank you Dawn, I really appreciate your thoughts and views about my painting. Continue what you are doing… you will work through things and arrive eventually at a finished canvas/painting also. It is quite an achievement to get there. We will do it together. I intend to do it again so you won’t be alone. 😉 xo

  9. 3rd, 6fth, and 10th layers were my favorite layers. I love the finished piece. I would name it “The pond at night” 🙂 That’s what it makes me think of.
    6ftmama recently posted..SG501: Olive Oil and Balsamics Epicure Terri Chaffer, Oilerie Maple GroveMy Profile

    • Thank you 6ftmama for helping me see the beauty in one of my least favourite layers #6. 🙂 It is growing on me more than it did then. Yesterday I worked on another canvas that had a similar layer, which I didn’t like at all… and it’s amazing what a few months of not looking at it, and then adding another layer of paint on top. It has created something that I really like. I loved having you here. 🙂

  10. It’s gorgeous, Suzanne. Please note that YOU COMPLETED IT. No more saying that you don’t complete things because you DO. 🙂
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Study of Humility: Part 3My Profile

  11. Oh wow Suzanne – this is extraordinary and oh-so-wonderful! I’m so glad you returned to it and finished it. And how fun to see your process and all the layers – it really is amazing.

    My title suggestion is Revelation. I’m thinking you had an important one here. 😉
    Deborah Weber recently posted..L is for…My Profile

  12. Suzanne this is so fascinating! I think your finished piece is just wonderful! My new blog post is about transformation in my life and that is what is happening to you Suzanne. I would suggest you call it “Transformation” because this is about your personal transformation! xo
    Belinda Rose recently posted..Transformation: The Healing JourneyMy Profile

    • Belinda, thank you for sharing what you are seeing through my painting and the process through my blog. I appreciate very much your name suggestion for my painting. I guess it could be very fitting. I read your blog post on Transformation it was an incredibly beautiful story Belinda. I’m so glad that I saw you post it on FB. Blessings! xo

  13. Wow! Pretty amazing painting! No doubt about your painting ability!
    xo Lenore


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