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When there’s a will, there’s a way — suzanne-mcrae.com

When there’s a will, there’s a way

When one is faced with learning to find their way through something challenging it can feel pretty scary. But, when you truly want to get through something, you find a way to do it, in spite of the obstacles or the unknown.

Since sharing about that challenge, it that has brought me through some intense feelings. It all began the moment after I shared my last blog post. I began experiencing a squirming feeling inside of me, a discomfort like something was picking at a sore spot. I wanted to crawl out of my skin and run. But I knew I couldn’t run anywhere. Shortly after publishing my post I wanted to take it down. Part of me didn’t want anyone reading it. I could have taken it down, but instead I decided to make myself sit in that place of discomfort and to see the things mirrored back at me that made me uncomfortable. I knew that there was an important lesson there for me. If something felt that uncomfortable it wasn’t there for no reason. Fed up, I wanted to find the way through this healing reaction. I knew the answers had to be close if the discomfort was that great.

About twelve hours after sharing my blog post things began to come together and begin to make sense. The Universe was sending me messages I needed to hear and the right messengers came to deliver them, each one nicely packaged like a gift.

That afternoon I happened to have a Bowen session scheduled. The timing was perfect. When asked what I would like worked on that day, of course the issue with my mouth came up. Part of me wanted it healed, and wanted it healed now. I was tired of the pain. I also knew that things went way deeper than just having this simple wish granted. There were no genie in a bottle that was saying your wish is my command. Knowing this, I asked her instead if Bowen could help fix issues of the mind. I mentioned it half jokingly, but deep down I was very serious. I knew that my mind-wheel had been spinning way too fast for too long, and when that happens it’s hard to hear any guidance or find one’s way through a challenge. I knew if my mind could be stilled a bit, I would be better able to find my way through this somehow.

After my session was over, the Bowen practitioner handed me a photocopy from the cover of a book. She thought it might interest me to check it out. I mentioned to her that I had that book at home. I left not thinking more about it. On the drive back home I experienced a light bulb moment. That’s it I thought! The title of the book had just popped up into my mind… it was exactly the message that I needed to hear “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”. What I had experienced with my mind, felt like a vicious cycle. It was time that I break it. I smiled and silently sent her a thank you for the message.

Arriving back home, I had a few emails one was from a friend that I had not seen in a very long time asking if we could go out for breakfast soon. Another aha! moment for me, I immediately accepted the invitation. It’s time that I begin honouring myself more and showing up as I am instead of making myself invisible or showing up in a way that I think people might like me better. It’s time that I begin stepping into that more fully, own it and to be proud of who I am. It’s no longer time to shy away. The invitation came to show me that I could begin to practice this and take a baby step in the direction that’s needed. There’s no doubt that now that I wish to work on this, I will have many more opportunities come up.

The next email I read came from someone who’s supported me over the past few years using EFT (emotional freedom technique). She has been a wonderful teacher and practitioner that has helped me get through some issues that I wanted to resolve. That day, she knew nothing about what I was feeling or going through when she wrote. She was simply answering my email from a few days earlier, so I thought. Before she finished writing her email she warned me that I might not like what she was about to tell me. She didn’t know if I would want to contact her again after reading her email she said. I gulped and proceeded to read. I found myself reading each word she wrote, taking it all in. I closed my laptop and made my way to the sink and washed the dishes. I couldn’t help but smile the whole time I cleaned up in the kitchen. I was so caught up in the moment. I felt a tremendous sense of peace and freedom wash over me. Someone had been brave enough to call me on my shit… someone had seen through me and bluntly spelled it out so I could also see it too… there was no more hiding and pretending that I didn’t know what I was doing. I was so happy that she told it to me like she saw it.

What she had spelled out for me, I knew that but had kept ignoring it. I had chosen instead to remain in my same old story and continued to suffer because of it. The reason that we suffer she told me, is because we don’t question our mind and our thoughts. That day, someone had to spell it out to me, so I could wake up from this vicious cycle that I had somehow created. This was exactly where I needed to begin, to question my mind if I was to heal.

When I woke up the next morning, there was improvement with my mouth. It was getting better already. I had heard what the Universe intended me to hear the day before, it came through loud and clear.

Since I wrote my last post 10 days have gone by. I am feeling so much better about everything. Even the blog post that I almost took down is no longer a huge deal. It’s by far not my favourite blog post but I’m ok with that. It taught me so much about myself and I am so grateful to have persevered through the emotions and discomfort it brought. I am very grateful also to the messengers the Universe sent me that day. Each of them in their own way helped light the way for me.

What I have come to discover also is that I had slowly navigated away from my spiritual practice, not taking the time to put myself first. It felt like I got lost at sea in a way. Since then I have put my spirituality practice in front of everything else, every day. It’s what helps me feel on top of the world. Last weekend I got to spend three days working outdoors in my flower gardens, cleaning up from winter and just being in that place of stillness. All of these things have helped make a world of difference for me and have helped me plug back into my intuition and to trust that I do have the answers that I need to resolve any issues that might show up. I am very grateful that my mouth issue is healing, and well on its way to being resolved. All of this that has helped me re-align with what is most important for me and my wellbeing and for that I am most grateful. Sometimes our lessons are hard to learn.

Ralph Waldo Emerson Quote

Just like this quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, I have had to learn about patience these past few months. Nothing was going to heal or change until I was ready to take a good hard look at what was there and begin cleaning things up and take steps towards what I wish to create for myself in life.

We would love to hear how you work through life challenges and lessons or any words of wisdom you might have to share with us.

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  1. We always hold the key, don’t we? As my EFT guru, Brad Yates, likes to say, “it’s always an inside job.” It’s our decision whether we’re ready to take up the challenge. And you were. Congratulations. It takes courage to look in the mirror and question ourselves, yet it’s the only way to go. We get help along the way (loved to read about the Universe’s messages!), but, in the end, it’s up to us. There lies our power. Well done! Your mouth is healing? Isn’t that amazing!? 🙂
    Maryse recently posted..Announcement 2My Profile

    • Thank you for your beautiful sharing Maryse. I love that Brad Yates is your EFT guru. I love the sharing he does through his videos online. I totally agree with your thoughts.

  2. We forget that we hold the key to many of the things in our life, but often we forget how powerful we are. I love when the universe gets back to us! Thank you for continuing to share your journey with us.
    Indigene recently posted..Collectors’ DelightMy Profile

  3. Dawn Conery says:

    Great messages and perfect “ah ha moments”! Love this healing post 🙂

  4. It is amazing what comes up when we enter a space of discomfort and allow ourselves to be in that space. Great opportunity to grow! Thank you for sharing with us 🙂
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Chris Krinke – July 2013My Profile

  5. Thanks for sharing Suzanne! I always find it amazing how the Universe guides and leads us to the discovery of just want we need in each moment. It is there…if we are OPEN to it! you could have been angry at your friend for that email but instead you chose to allow the truth and wisdom it held to speak to you! Good job Suzanne! XO I just shared a painful experience I had with my brother this weekend. Sometimes we do put ourselves out there and wonder if we are sharing too much. It seems as though by doing so, the Universe finds a way to allow us to heal that painful part within us! Sending you love Sweet Suzanne! XO
    Belinda Rose recently posted..Toxic Relationships: Letting Go In LoveMy Profile

  6. Suzanne,
    Patience- it seems so simple doesn’t it- but it can take a lifetime. Take time with yourself.
    It was good hearing from you!
    Sue recently posted..Comment on And the winner is…… by Jennifer RichardsonMy Profile

  7. This was posted in May. Are you feeling better now?
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Tao Tuesdays: Chapter 8My Profile


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