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Heilkunst, Chronic Miasms and getting past the healing reactions — suzanne-mcrae.com

Heilkunst, Chronic Miasms and getting past the healing reactions

Heilkunst and Chronic Miasms: I won’t pretend to tell you that I fully understand this, but I will share with you what the last 3 months has been like for me as I continue to clear some of the chronic miasms.

I just realized that I am 8 days away from it being the 6.5 year anniversary since the beginning of my Heilkunst journey for myself and for my son. Our journeys of using Heilkunst has seemed different in some ways. My son seems to glide with a somewhat greater ease through his homeopathic remedies and clearing of underlying issues that may arise. I have not observed the same intensity with some of his healings as I have with mine. Maybe that has simply been because he cannot tell me what he’s been feeling or experiencing with his Heilkunst treatments or maybe he’s had less to clear than I have had. All I have been able to base this on is my observations of what he seems to go through. I have experienced a few really tough and extremely challenging healing reactions over those years, this most recent one being one of the worse ones, if not the worse one I have experienced since the beginning. It’s been painful.

painful lips

Barely able to smile

You may be wondering, why am I doing this? And that would be a fair question to ask, although I probably cannot answer it in a way that will make sense to you, other than to say that I know that I’m at the right place even with all that is going on. It’s more of a gut-feeling, knowing for me than being able to put it into words that will make sense.

When I began being treated 6.5 years ago, my journey with these remedies focused on clearing issues from my timeline which meant from the age at which I began my treatments going backwards to my birth, all done in a specific sequence. I had to create a timeline for our Heilkunst Doctor, that included a list of the years as well as the events, accidents, surgeries, illnesses, medications, vaccines, births, shocks, traumas etc. that had happened in my life. This part of my treatment took 2-3 years for me to go through the items on the list either clustered together or on their own. Then I began receiving treatment for the miams and chronic miasms. To the best of my ability in explaining what chronic miasms are: they are the root cause of many of our inherited dis-eases that have been passed down from generations to generations. So when we see a lot of cancer, diabetes or heart conditions in our families often those have been passed down and inherited from your parents and their parents and so on. Heilkunst gets to those deeper root causes of the chronic miasms to help the patient clear them from the body and that is exactly where I am at in my treatment.

Now I’ll try and explain what a healing reactions/crisis is… it can be compared to a thorough housecleaning in a sense. The way it was explained to me when a person is given a homeopathic remedy the remedy’s job is to go to war against the dis-ease in the body… the remedy’s only job is to find then shoot to kill (if you will for lack of a better way of explaining) the dis-ease and in return cure the person. That is the only job that the homeopathic remedy has. As soon as the remedy is taken the cure has occurred… the healing reaction/crisis occurs anywhere from several days to 2 weeks after the remedy was taken. That’s when this process of healing reaction/crisis can be compared to a thorough housecleaning. Where it clears out the old garbage (dis-ease) and begins to release from the body at a physical level, which can often be seen as aches and pains, congestion, rash, skin reactions, seemingly some of the more common ones experienced. The discomfort and pain can be felt when all of this is going on as the person’s system tries to remove the dis-ease and rebalance the organism. And on occasion healing reactions can be felt quite strong at times. I believe that is the group that I fit in this time around.

What has been a very painful healing reaction / crisis

A very painful healing reaction/crisis – not very pretty

You may wonder, but why bother to go through all this pain to clear something up that you can’t see or even know that you have. A huge part of why I am on this journey is because of my son, even for my daughter, for the children that may come after my children one day, for our future generations and of course another reason of doing is for myself. There is a lot that I want to understand and the only way for me to get to understanding more is by going through the process with Heilkunst of being treated myself. My son was diagnosed with autism 20 years ago, and eventually I began to understand that I was somehow a contributor to this condition he had and so was my husband and probably even the previous generations had handed down some not so healthy stuff. I had no doubt in my mind that I needed to look in the not so obvious places to find my answers, and that is where Heilkunst came into the picture for us back in 2006.

What I have gone through since mid-February, are issues with my mouth, my lips and even my tongue. It all began shortly after taking remedies that I had been prescribed to help clear a chronic miasm this winter. The healing crisis kicked into full gear, it didn’t take long. A person never knows how long a healing crisis will last, although usually it doesn’t last very long and is quite manageable to go through. This one not so easy.

I have gone through an extremely painful and long-lasting healing crisis that I seem to be struggling to clear up. I even received further remedies and flower essences from my Heilkunst doctor since then, with little relief. I have to go through this one on my own I feel. I have some stuff to figure out and I have resisted going inside of myself to get the answers and do what it is that I need to. So this brings me to writing this blog post in hope of bringing clarity for myself that I may not otherwise be able to see. I have resisted writing about it for all sorts of reasons but here I am now.

The past 3 months has been a tough journey through constant ups and downs, changes and shifts with my lips, my tongue and mouth issues… from blisters that looked and felt like cold sores pushing through like they were erupting volcanoes from deep inside of me… flaming red lips that looked like I had missed my lips completely if I had put lipstick on… lips cracking constantly… some days feeling like a xacto knife had attacked my lips making it so painful to open my mouth… my tongue with large grooves and full of little dotted pimples… lips that no longer look like lips… sores on my lips so painful that some days I could barely open my mouth to eat, managing to take very little bites or putting little pieces of food in at a time using my fingers… yet never losing any weight… many days I looked like I had a clown mouth so red… the burning sensations that felt like my lips were a burning inferno… exhaustion as my body undergoes a deep healing… not to mention my weary spirit on many days… barely being able to smile takes it’s toll… lots of tears… then the fears, what if I can’t find my way through this… to the pain experienced when I sneeze… around my lips, some days it looked like a bad case of eczema… so many days where my lips and around the outer edges were shedding so much skin… not to mention some pretty intense emotions and feelings that creep up at times… very often throughout the day I can experience changes 4-5 times to something different each time… there’s no predictability to what’s next or when this will be resolved.

Weary and tired, the pain takes a toll some days

The pain takes its toll and makes me weary and worn out looking most days

Trying hard not to laugh because it was so painful

Trying hard not to laugh…that day on vacation with my sister my mouth was incredibly sore

I gave it all I had for this smile on Mother's Day. It was just too painful to smile trying to show my teeth.

I gave it all I had for this smile on Mother’s Day. It was just too painful to smile and try showing my teeth

Some days I feel like I have aged 10 years in these past 3 months. I know that this is temporary. It is obviously part of the healing for me right now. I am trying to trust that there’s a reason it is happening. It is trying to teach me something. And I am trying to embrace it, so that somehow it will hopefully open a door for me to pass through to the other side… where I will feel prettier again one day, where this will have cured a deeper dis-ease that was in my body maybe, where I will be able to smile and laugh without feeling like my lips are tearing apart, and where I will know that I have learned some incredibly important lessons.

My Heilkunst Doctor talked with me about some important stuff that I need to continue to explore that will help me get through this healing crisis. I don’t have a choice but to start walking in that direction to help clear this up. I will not lie, this is bloody scary… knowing that what I am experiencing I can change just like that if I begin to take the steps… yet terrified of the what if I can’t do it. It’s all part of the next steps that I must take right now.

What I have learned in our discussions is that I have to get out of my comfort zone. It’s no longer time to play it safe and to just do what I already know how to do. It’s also time for me to embrace the wisdom years I have now entered and focus on my needs way more. There’s no more space or time for me to ignore this. It’s no longer time to be pinned under expectations. I need to loosen the ties of motherhood a lot more. Even though I have no clue how that is supposed to happen when our son still needs support on a daily basis, I have to trust somehow that things will unfold as it should. It is time for me to walk into the core of my being she told me. What are my big dreams and goals that I wish to go after… or even all the in-between stuff I have not allowed myself to do because I chose to take care of so many others first all those years. Each of these a stepping stone to bring me in the right direction, towards living a healthier and happier life.

I had it all figured out how to do things for others… now I need to turn that attention in the opposite direction and begin to give to myself what I have always known how to give to others. That sounds simple, yet giving to myself is not something that I do as easily. Wish me luck, as I begin to take the baby steps in that direction.

Next time I hope that I will be able to give you a great big smile and have lots of good things to share that I will have learned from this whole healing reaction/crisis. I ask that you don’t worry about me. This is something that I must navigate on my own it seems. I intend to come through to the other side of this one-day even though now that is still unclear about how it will all transform that lingering painful energy.

I so look forward to the day in the near future where I will feel my inner light shining brightly, where I will be able to look back and understand all of this and what I will have learned from it all.

shining brightly

With everything I have gone through I still continue to say…

 I truly believe without a doubt that I’m at the right place doing the right thing for my health and wellbeing through using Heilkunst as my choice for healthcare

After 6.5 years of treatments I am seriously looking at giving myself a bit of a break after this next round of remedies that I will finish later this month. This round of remedy for chronic miasm that I am taking now is the cancer chronic miasm. I really feel that I need to give my body a rest, some time to recuperate and the space needed to clear completely what I have gone through, and so I can regain my energy and then make time for my dreams and goals and have a bit more fun in my life and see how that will help unfold into the answers that I need that will continue to guide me well on this journey through my life.

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  1. Suzanne it seems like you are stepping into a very brave journey. As I read through your wisdoms it feels like this journey is about finding inner beauty and dignity with the acceptance of nurturing yourself without guilt. Maybe open your thoughts up to why is it so easy to care and nurture others? Why is it so hard to accept this self nurturing back – what are your beliefs around this? You mention in your writings that you hope to feel beautiful again one day and be able to laugh and smile again ( sorry not your exact words). Why do you not feel beautiful now with all of your lip and mouth stuff? Are you only beautiful when you can laugh and smile? Look deeper within these as your answers seem to be reflecting so close to you. A little mind trick to help with the guilt of self nurturing – each time you do something, even the smallest thing, reassure yourself that through nurturing you first, you will then have more energy to nurture others. Maybe also connect with a time when you didn’t feel like you received all the nurturing that you needed. Sometimes being able to nurture others easily can be a ”protection” against hoping/needing/wanting/ nurturing yourself. If you are always nurturing others then your own needs cant possibly be seen ( vulnerability) or neglected. Another thing maybe is to look at the guilt of responsibility. So when did nurturing others become a ‘job’/a ‘have to’/ a ‘should’? When did it change from a conscious choice to one of a sub-conscious ‘must’? Why do you feel responsible for nurturing others yet not yourself? Why does self-nurturing seem selfish? What is wrong with being so called ‘selfish’? What is the scariest thing about looking at/stepping into this part of your story? Tell your story to yourself and you will find it will all flow without conscious thought.

    Suzanne, You are the most amazing, gifted, inspirational person I know – you simply need to not be afraid to step into this. Gaze into a mirror and look into the reflection behind the physical image and see what is shining back at you for this is your journey. Healing journeys are not the most fun life season to be in yet they are by far the most liberating, freeing and rewarding.

    I look at the photos you posted here, and I see a beautiful lady, standing in sadness with an immense feeling of being ‘lost’. A feeling of ‘why did I jump into this whole and am I ever going to be strong enough to climb out of it’. Like you simply want to be taken by the hand and led home. So reach out and offer your hand out to the ‘scared’ you and lead yourself home.

    Take care Suzanne, and stay strong

    • Jill, you have shared so many pearls of wisdom with me. I will be reflecting a lot more on what you have shared. You are brilliant. 🙂
      Thank you for inviting me to step more into who I am. I need to work on this and I am very aware of it. You are so inspiring with your sharing, caring and wisdom that was offered. Writing this post allowed me to see many different things about myself, that in itself was healing to recognize and begin working towards what needs changing. Thank you. xo

  2. I always show compassion these days towards people who refuse to good deep, change, and heal. My mother was one of those scared souls. It takes courage and faith to do what you’re doing. I salute you on your journey. I’ve been using another modality, Advanced Cell Training, and it’s been a similar journey (much shorter, though). Each time an issue is addressed things get worse for a bit before they get better and I’ve had to hold on tight. Taking a break is totally fine. Get some rest. You can always go back to it later. It is good to breather and get in touch with your own wisdom. Sending you love and strength, my friend!
    Maryse recently posted..Announcement 2My Profile

  3. Dawn Conery says:

    Wow Suzanne, I am moved by your experience and want you to know that you have my support through your journey. One thought as I read was jumping up and down for me to say to you. And I have to be brave to say it as I have never even met you in person and I could be way off base here. But I think it is interesting that your mouth is taking the toll for what is going on inside. Your lips and tongue are the instrument of your voice and they have been wounded. The terror you speak of, whatever that may be, is manefesting itself on your mouth. Trying to keep you from expressing verbally what you hold in your heart. I know that writing is your favorite form of communicating, but maybe some walks by yourself where you speak aloud the callings of your heart. Practice getting it out verbally, let the feelings flow from your lips even if it scares the crap out of you to hear it. I am thinking you might find relief and relaxation from that simple human act.
    Again, I hope I am not being presumptious to say this to you. I have always felt very intuitive and try to listen to my heart as you do. And this is what my gut tells me as I read your words. You are so strong but very tender. Huggs my friend. Dawn
    ps and you are already beautiful! i think i told you that the very first time i wrote to you. you emit beauty and grace. Trust that and let the stuff come out.

    • Hi Dawn, thank you, your message means so much to me. I’m so glad that you left a comment. I believe that there is a lot of truth in what you have expressed and I will certain ponder your words and sense what resonates with me. Allowing ourselves to find our voice and then learn to speak it can be challenging at times. I know for a fact that this has never been easy for me. I promise to work on it and make more conscious efforts. Thank you for the lovely compliments, being so caring and thoughtful! Blessings to you!! xo

  4. Blessings to you Suzanne. What a brave warrior you are! You are beautiful — simply beautiful. So glad to have you as a creative friend.
    Robin Heim recently posted..Embracing SundayMy Profile

    • Hi Robin, thank you for such generous and beautiful feedback. xo

      PS I went read your post ‘Embracing Sunday’, I couldn’t leave a comment (problem at my end that I need to resolve) but I wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the values you and your family have. You have done incredible work in helping those less fortunate and in very difficult situations. Blessings to all of you! xo

  5. Hi, I am suffering from chronic bronchitis. Is chronic bronchitis a result of a chronic miasm?
    jaisy recently posted..Essence of Electro-HomeopathyMy Profile

    • Hi Jaisy,

      If you look at chronic bronchitis from an energetic perspective, it is all about restrictions, life restrictions. So where in your life are you living less than your soul yearning? What are you holding in and not willing or able to look inwardly at? Where in life are you feeling restricted? If you ‘treat’ your bronchitis from an inward growth and healing perspective then when you ‘fall’ upon your ‘answer’, your bronchitis will clear. Look inwardly as to when else have you felt restricted or controlled in your life. This will give you a beginning point. I hope this has helped.


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