An evening with Oprah!!

Oprah is in Canada!! Last evening along with my sister and my daughter we spent the evening with Oprah Winfrey… one of the most influential and inspiring women in the world.

Even though she is famous, she showed us just how she is like the rest of us. As she told us the only difference between being famous or not, is that people know your name. That’s all. It all boils down to each of us having to live our life, we really are no different from one another that way.

Oprah has certainly stepped fully into her power and shines that brilliantly for all of us to see that we can each do the same. She allows that force, that power to guide her in the work she does to better our world. We all have access to this power, she told us.

The first few words she asked were Why are you here? I had a feeling she wasn’t asking, why are you here this evening. Instead it was why are you here on earth, what is your purpose, what are you called to do?

She went on to share that if you are here on earth now and alive, then you still have a gift that has to be shared with others. You are meant to share with others. Every living being has a purpose. We have all been called, that is why we are here.

“You are born with a character, it is given, a gift as the old stories say, from the guardians upon your birth. Each person enters the world called” – James Hillman… The Soul’s Code


Oprah Winfrey photo from The Ottawa Citizen, click on image for article

Oprah Winfrey photo from The Ottawa Citizen, click on image for article

Oprah shared about her life beginning at birth where she came into this world not being wanted or loved. She was raped as a young girl, then become pregnant as a very young teenager and lost her infant son. Her life was one of poverty. Her grandmother would often tell her to watch how she was doing the chores because one day she’d have to do the same. As young as age 4 when Oprah heard her grandmother speak of this, it the first time that she ever recalls having a knowing inside of her that this was not going to be what her life would look like.

Oprah’s many spiritual messages were profound. And some of my biggest take aways from last evening had to do with Why are we here? I have tried to discover the answer to that question myself. I have felt quite strongly for some time that I am here to share. I really don’t have a clear picture of that yet. There are still things that need to unfold, but I have been consciously working at it for several years. I have taken many baby steps in the direction that feels right without knowing what exactly it is meant to look like or what exactly I am meant to do. I have had to trust and have patience on many of those days.

As Oprah said we are all here to reach our highest potential, to find what really lights us up and then find a way to serve others doing that.

Oprah Winfrey

Unless you allow yourself to be used for service, then nothing matters Oprah said. Everybody has a force in them that can be used to make a difference in somebody’s life. We all have opportunities to validate others. And this is all part of being of service to others.

I was thrilled to hear her speak what I have known to be the truth for me. Sharing feels like an important part of my calling somehow. It has been a journey attempting to find my voice, to find my true self, and to find ways to share what I have experienced, lived, learned and have grown from in my life, and to inspire and give hope to others. It is by sharing that I know that I will feel fulfilled because I will have achieved one of my greatest desires in life, to help others like I have been helped. I know that I am on the right track with desiring to figure out how to be of service to others. I know I can do this, even if my name is not Oprah. Why? Because we are all individual Oprah’s of this world I believe, all unique yet each as magnificent and grand as she is with each of our gifts and talents and what we are being called to do. Each of us can succeed with our calling, just like Oprah has done for herself. Listening to the whispers of our calling and taking steps in that direction is how we will create a better world for all. By being of service to one another and by living our lives from that place of passion, in harmony with one another. It is also in this place of passion I believe that abundance flows to us, the more we share. Oprah reminded us that if we want it, it is there for each of us to have. She is certainly a shining example how a person can change their life circumstances and follow that path that was intended for her. My greatest wish is to attain my highest potential in this life if I can. It is a feeling that I have that I must align myself with. I wish to continue stepping up to that calling and learning what it is that I must do. Yikes! These are big words. But it is what I feel deep inside of me, and I will do it one step at a time.

Oprah talked about starting to see the common threads in your life with regards to what your calling might be. Think back to when you were really little, what things did you love doing? What do people tell you that you are good at? Pay attention even if you doubt it. What lights you up? What brings you to life? Once you find it then find a way to serve and be of service to others by doing it, your life will be that much richer.

All we need to do is listen to the whispers that we hear, pay attention to how we feel about things. Align our energy, our thoughts, and our actions in the direction that feels right and take the next right step in that direction. That is all we ever need to do… take that next right step.

Oprah Quote

We all have had instances in our life where we wished we had the answers to a problem, could mend a relationship, figure out what to do next and so on. Oprah spoke of instances in her life where she was looking for answers. At those times she would pray and cry until she would eventually let go and surrender it go God, to Source, letting go of all attachments. When she did this and was able to totally let go, then exactly what was meant to come to her, always did. She said it’s as important to do this with the little things as it is with the bigger things in life. It is there available and waiting for us to do just that.

Another thing she spoke about that has had me reflecting is the thing that you thought you wanted the most, is not necessarily your calling. Probably too many of us get attached to what we think our lives should look like, or to what our calling might be or entail. When possibly that is not quite how it is to unfold in the grand scheme of things, the way God has chosen for us. So I remind myself to stay open and unattached to the outcome of what I think my calling is. I will pay attention to even the little things in my life and see where I might find things that I am passionate about. I choose to stay open to all possibilities that are coming from God and the Universe, and the whispers will reveal it a little at a time. What is meant to be for you, will come to you.

Oprah Gratitude Quote

Live in gratitude. Make gratitude a part of your deepest daily practice. Listen to your life. Oprah shared that when living from that place of gratitude, there is nothing that you cannot come back from. You have the power. Silence yourself so you can hear those whispers.

This morning abundance was flowing into my family’s life… each one of us had something exciting happen. There was a light-ness in the air where some were dancing and some were even singing. I had an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for all the goodness that was coming our way.

Oprah was an incredible source of inspiration for me last evening, helping me see where I need to make changes in my life… where I need to align better with my truth and step into it more… and to allow that energy, that force to carry me where I need to go and most of all believe then surrender to the outcome of how things will look.

Please leave a comment below, we would love to hear your views on following your whispers, your calling, your purpose in life.

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  1. Suzanne,

    What a gift to be able to hear Oprah speak! Thank you for sharing your thoughts from that experience. It seems that I have just sat in the audience with you and heard her words.

    As for listening to the whispers, I am learning to do that. Actually, I think we have to relearn that all through our lives. It is so easy to let the whispers get drowned out by the noise of negative thoughts and “what if” and people pleasing.

    When I really do listen and then follow those nudges, what comes is so soulful and fulfilling and far beyond what I ever would expect.

    Blessings to you on your journey, as you listen to your heart.
    Deborah recently posted..Facing the SunMy Profile

    • Thank you Deborah for your lovely compliments. 🙂 You are so right, we have to re-learn to listen to our whispers throughout our lives. Each moment offers us choices and opportunities to change anything we desire or to turn directions and to listen to the whispers. Blessings on your journey as well. xxo

  2. Wow…. that is an amazing recollection of our evening with Oprah. She is fabulous! And as I said last night, YOU are definitely meant to SHARE what you have. Just like you have done in this blog. Remember what she said about sharing. She, herself, knew that if she shared she would make it BIG. I think the same is possible for you. You are already doing an AMAZING job with your blogs and so much more. Keep listening to your calling!

    • So glad you enjoyed the post and how I recaptured our evening out. Thank you for your beautiful compliments and vote of confidence. I am so glad to have you on this journey with me. 🙂

  3. Oh, I love this post and I am so happy you got to see, hear and be inspired by Oprah. So awesome! This just reassured me that my whispers to inspire with my art are worth my effort and dedication. And your timing is perfect, because those pesky gremlins are acting up again.

    • Keep coming back to read this post Kristen if it inspires you to keep listening to those whispers. The gremlins are only there to trick us. Don’t pay attention to them. 🙂 Keep on creating. Your artwork is beautiful. xxo

  4. What a treat to spend an evening with her. What she talks about sounds very much like the Find Your Strongest Life work she did with Marcus Buckingham. There’s an ecourse coming on this in the membership program soon. It’s all written and based on the book and a book study I did a while back. I just need to get it up there 🙂 It’s a simple one and self paced. I think you’d really enjoy it. I resonate deeply with all of this!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Deborah Weber – April 2013My Profile

    • Michele, I am thrilled by what you have shared that you’ll be offering as part of your membership program with us. I had not listened to Oprah in a few years simply because we don’t have satelite TV. So I am really behind when it comes to everything she has been up to. This is interesting what you are going to be sharing with us. Thanks for dropping by for a visit. xx

  5. I am so HAPPY that you went to hear her! GREAT post! I started listening to my whispers a few years ago and its totally changed my life.
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Week 15 of 52 SparksMy Profile

    • It was almost a last minute thing to go and see Oprah. But I am so thrilled that I decided to go. I love how you have chosen to listen to your whispers. Enjoy meeting Oprah in person in a few more days. I’m thrilled for you. 🙂 xo

  6. Mary Dowdy says:

    Wow Cousine Suzanne, you and your sister & Amy were able to spend the evening with Oprah. What a thrill that is in its sele. I would love to have been there.

    Suzanne you are quite an inspiration and I admire you for everything that you have accomplished so far. You will go far. You will go far my dear.

    You are so right that we are all here for a purpose. I haven’t quite figured out what my purpose is yet and I might never find that out. But I am still trying.

    I enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Mary, thank you for your kind words. I am very happy that you are enjoying reading my blogs. Oprah was amazing. Loved every minute of my evening and the message she conveyed to her audience of 15,000 people. xo

  7. Thank you for this blog post! I love reading your writing! You are absolutely meant to share!! This topic just has me at the edge of my seat. I believe in it so much.. that there’s a passion inside each and every one of us for something unique and that we need to find it and do it. To some it may to some work, to others it might come naturally but we all need to be open to it! Thanks again for sharing your experience. It’s something we all need to hear and consider
    Lina recently posted..Building Self Awareness and ConfidenceMy Profile

  8. Such inspiration to read your thoughtful post about the sharing Oprah did. Yes, service to others. I feel a ‘settling’ when it’s right and an uneasiness when I’m searching too hard. I don’t think becoming famous is right for very many of us-what a chore that whole scene must be some days. Service in ‘little bits’ from each of us keeps the world a beautiful place. Thanks for your excellent writing, Suzanne!
    Becky recently posted..RedBarn PhenologyMy Profile

  9. Thank you for this, Suzanne. So much of what I needed to hear was right in this post. Yes, sharing is important and when you share with us, we are reminded of so many things.

    Thank you!

    becky in burma recently posted..The eBook is Nearly Ready!My Profile

  10. Kathy Anne says:

    Wow Suzanne- What a wonderful experience you had with Oprah! I am a huge fan of hers too and love her messages. Your post came at the perfect time for me as I woke up nervous and excited this morning. I’m teaching a yoga class this morning. I haven’t formally taught for some time and felt called to do so and just the right place appeared and students. In my heart, I think it’s part of my service and medicine to share with others. Your words reaffirmed this calling. Keep sharing your thoughts and words with all of us readers. You are so special.
    Love and namaste, Kathy

  11. Thank you for sharing your joyful experience.I work avidly to listen to the whispers and sometimes get puzzled by them.Isn’t wonderful when we listen and Poof the miracle appears..aahhhh!Thanks so much for sharing your very obvious gratitude.Have a lovely day.Blessings,Helen

  12. Sharing is a wonderful calling to have, Suzanne! The gentlest way I’ve found to figure out what my calling could be is surrendering. Going quietly into the deepest place inside and asking to be guided to my highest potential for the highest good of all. And from there to listen to the guidance, ‘what is the small step towards that calling?’ And to take that step. I’ve also found that serving is a wonderful calling to have but that it’s essential that we fill our own cup first. I spent years giving and serving and I ended up empty because it did not come from my soul but from the many voices that told me to be and do good. Oprah is right. We are all called. It’s up to us to answer that call.♥
    Maryse recently posted..ANNOUNCEMENTMy Profile

    • Maryse, thank you for your beautiful and inspiring words of wisdom. I appreciated your comment about filling our own cup first. It is not something that I am very good at, so this was an important message for me to hear. Thank you for the reminder.

  13. What a fabulous article Suzanne, and such a wonderful opportunity to speak to Oprah. When you spoke of your service I agreed with this line ‘ the thing that you thought you wanted the most, is not necessarily your calling’ in the sense that we should not stress too much about what we are here to do, because it always comes to us anyway, and that which we fancy ourselves doing is not always the best thing for us. You, Suzanne are serving us as you write, as you paint, as you look after your child. There is no greater thing to do than what you are called to do in this moment. Oprah is so wise, and so worth listening to, just as you are. Thanks for this article, Suzanne. It was such a lovely read.
    Yaz recently posted..Crystal Healing and the Energy Field: A Beginner’s Guide by Marion McGeoughMy Profile

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Yaz. I appreciate how you see that I am sharing. It’s too easy to fall into thinking that we ‘must’ do something much bigger and of more importance than we are presently doing. Thank you for carrying that message home to me. I got it. xo

  14. Dawn Conery says:

    Wonderful post. So happy you got to see and hear Oprah’s message. She is an inspiration. This gives me so much to think about. Whispers fill my days, pondering my present and future purpose. Sometimes I think I spend too much time finding ways to quiet my mind and my whispers as they are calls to action that frighten me. For today, I will listen to them more clearly. Thank you for sharing and giving me courage to hear them.

    • Keep working at it Dawn, eventually the fears subside. I have had more than my share of un-healthy doses of fears. Keep attempting to listen, eventually the whispers will drown out the fears. 😉 xo

  15. christine says:

    I second what Yaz said.
    What if you were living your calling right now?

    Christine xxx

    P.S. Lovely pictures.

    • I agree with you and Yaz both. What if I was living my calling right now? I believe that I am living a big part of it, even though at times I allow myself to think there has to be so much more that I can do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Christine. xo

  16. Oh, how powerful this must have been! I love how Oprah brings purpose into her discussions. What a true inspiration. And in sparkley purple too!
    Naomi recently posted..Photo Friday: flowMy Profile

  17. I can only imagine how inspiring Oprah was in person… what a thrill it must be to have had that experience live. Wonderful post!
    Marjie Kemper recently posted..Layout ~ On the AirMy Profile

  18. Such a beautiful, inspiring post. This is exactly what I needed to hear. Wish I could see Oprah, too. Too bad they don’t film one of her talks and make it available to buy. Though what you’ve written here was so great! Thank you for this.

    • Lenore, I an so happy that my blog about my evening with Oprah inspired you. She is wonderful and really uplifted me with her words that carry so much wisdom and light. xo

  19. What an amazing way to spend an evening. Such an inspiring lady, I wish I could have made it to that. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is funny because before I “found” the artist in myself I felt I was meant to do more than I was doing. Now, I feel I am on that path. So gratifying!!

    • Renee that is so wonderful to hear that you have “found” the artist in yourself and that you feel that you are on the path. I am so happy for you. I loved hearing Oprah speak, she confirmed a lot of things for me and had me reflecting on others. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  20. so glad for you to get to spend some time
    in the company of such a beautiful soul:)
    beautiful share….thank you,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..blossom song…My Profile

  21. You are soooo lucky! I aspire to BE Oprah – I absolutely love her!!!! I’ve recently begun doing a Radio Book Club Talk Show inspired by the series she did on her Oprah show with Eckhart Tolle when he wrote “A New Earth” and they did a 10 week book club series globally. I have to say, I’m so excited each week of just the thought of my very own talk show I could get up and do a jig right now.

    Would love to have you join us my dear, no need to read the book…the conversation with my co host is truly uplifting and inspiring with or without the book.
    Julie Geigle recently posted..Metatron Shares a Meditation on “Oneness”My Profile

    • Oh my gosh Julie, you are such an amazing inspiration. Move over Oprah here comes Julie!! 🙂

      I absolutely love that you are aspiring to BE Oprah! I am thrilled that you are already walking the path that brings you such joy with your Radio Book Club Talk Show. Congratulations. Thank you for the invitation also and I will be sure to check it out. Blessings!

  22. Your post was wonderful! Just the way you re-capped your evening was so interesting and inspiring. Yes, I believe you are meant to “share” …. By you sharing your Oprah experience, you touched many others, including me, in such a powerful way!
    I must listen to my thoughts and turn off any televisions & music once in awhile to allow the gifts of quiet ( and meditation) to guide me. I am aware of the power we contain within , but I need to listen to my whispers!! You are a gifted writer, Suzanne and I want to thank you for sharing your experience!!!! Joan

    • Loved having you here to read my post Joan. I’m so happy to hear that it resonated with you and that you found it inspiring. I love that it touched you in a powerful way. Thank you for sharing beautiful compliments also. xo 🙂

  23. Well Suzanne, lucky you! I can only imagine how inspirational it was to hear ‘O” speak live! Oprah is such an amazing role model for all women. She encourages to reach for the stars and be all we came to be! Thanks Suzanne for sharing this powerful evening with all! xo
    Belinda Rose recently posted..Joy For This Day!My Profile

  24. Oh, my goodness! I attended here in Montreal and it was the thrill of a lifetime! I love your viewpoint on this evening, Suzanne. I love that sharing is your calling. Sometimes, what seems to obvious to us is exactly what the world needs from us. Aren’t you still vibrating with her energy?
    Gabriella recently posted..Setting up an At-Home Yoga Practice = No ExcusesMy Profile

    • Gabriella, I agree that it was a thrill of a lifetime to see Oprah live. A week later and I’m still vibrating in the energy of her message. It sounds like you had an amazing time also. 🙂

  25. Suzanne, what a wonderful experience! I’m sure this was an inspiring evening, just hearing you tell the story about was inspiring. So many thoughtful insights. Glad you had a great time with your daughter and sister too.
    Sue recently posted..Comment on Relaxation & Art by SueMy Profile

  26. Suzanne, How exciting to be in Oprah’s audience. The part that really caught my attention is “At those times she would pray and cry until she would eventually let go and surrender it go God, to Source, letting go of all attachments. When she did this and was able to totally let go, then exactly what was meant to come to her, always did. She said it’s as important to do this with the little things as it is with the bigger things in life.” I am happy to be reminded of the simplicity in asking for help . . . and for the opportunity to practice with the “little things” (which seem to be what trips me up, when I think about it!) Thanks, Suzanne.
    Janet recently posted..How are you in the cosmos?My Profile

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