Heilkunst: Medorrhinum pushing through

A remedy I was given has landed deep in me the past five weeks and has brought up some painful stuff. It all began at about the same time that I wrote a blog post about my grandmother “A Grandmother’s Fighting Spirit”.

I wondered if somehow writing that post about a tragic event that happened in her life lead me unknowingly to the healing reaction I have experienced since then. I had been given the remedy Medorrhinum for a miasm that knowingly I needed to clear through my Heilkunst treatment. This potency that was given is part of the Fibonacci series, it was to help me release the disease that comes from this miasm out of my body.

I have experienced a healing reaction (healing crisis) for all these weeks. Normally healing reactions are short and can be intense, sometimes a few hours to a day but also sometimes longer. You never know what it will look like, when it will happen, how or even for how long. Obviously this reaction is taking its sweet time to work through me.

As I wrote the blog post about my grandmother’s tragic incident, I couldn’t help but remember the pain and suffering she experienced during the 19 years that remained of her life. I remember clearly the pain she experienced when it came to eating. Her mouth was another part of her body that had been badly burned in the house fire.

This brings me to the healing reaction I have experienced with my Heilkunst remedies which has been mostly affecting my lips and my mouth. Interesting I thought considering what writing that blog post had brought up emotionally for me as I remembered what she had endured. This past month and a half almost, my mouth has been red, raw, flaky skin, cracked lips some days in the corners of my mouth where some days I can barely open my mouth properly to talk or eat, other days the slits in my swollen lips were vertical. Then last week I experienced such stiffness in my neck going down my right side and throughout my lower back where it would lock making it difficult to move. I could barely turn over in bed or get up. I looked pretty pathetic. It’s hard to embrace the healing reactions even though I know that it means that the deeper rooted disease in my body is making it’s way up and out through the skin and physical body this time around. Medorrhinum made sure to touch every part of my physical, emotional and mental being, leaving nothing untouched. There were a few days that it brought me into some dark stuff where anxieties and extreme fears came up. I always recognize when it’s part of a healing reaction because it feels so out of this world, like nothing close to what I’d ever experience otherwise. It never ceases to amaze what remains hidden in our body that we don’t even know about. I know that for me it is headed in the right direction, and at times it is a necessary part of the process to get to a place of cure. Unless you have done Heilkunst, I don’t believe there is any way of properly understanding it. It needs to be experienced to be understood at least somewhat.

A week and a half ago I contacted my Heilkunst doctor because it was getting to be a bit much. An acute CoRe scan (test) was done to give them more answers about what might be going on and what I might need to help support me while the remedy continued to clear things out. I was given some homeopathic remedies and flower essences in the form of a name that I wrote on a small piece of paper that I have to keep on me. This way I receive the vibrational energy of those remedies as I continue to process this healing. Since then the physical pains are almost all gone and I hope that in no time at all my mouth will have returned to normal where I can eat without as much pain, and even laugh without having my lips tear up.

There’s no doubt that I will need to continue taking Medorrhinum in higher potencies at some point to continue peeling away at whatever disease might stay in hiding deeper in my body.

Taking Heilkunst remedies is a process of peeling away layers of disease in the body that eventually show the person’s true self in the purest form, it’s the return to wholeness. Heilkunst is known as a solid system that offers healing based on principles and therapeutics that keep things moving in the proper direction that aims for a cure instead of only suppressing symptoms.

The way I can explain the meaning of a healing reaction (healing crisis), is that when a person is feeling at their worst, that’s when we know that things are moving forward through a healing reaction (crisis) going in the right direction that is towards a cure and releasing the disease from the body. The remedies when given in the correct order, systematically and in the right potency can help release the blockages from the body that will help regain balance after the disease process has been removed.

Heilkunst: The guiding light! The return to wholeness!

I am very grateful for Heilkunst in our life. With some of the serious diseases that exist today such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes to name very few, I appreciate very much having access to a system like Heilkunst that gets to the root cause of disease and does not focus on suppression only. In both of our families there have been many loved ones inflicted with these more serious diseases. Heilkunst can help us deal with any hand-me downs when it comes to chronic diseases. I have made a conscious choice that feels right to me and that is to clean up what I can and hopefully it won’t get handed to any future generations. This is not always an easy journey to be on and to be exploring. But it is a journey that has many gifts and hidden gems when we stay with it.

I am not saying that Heilkunst is for everyone. For me, having a son that was diagnosed with autism led me to alternative and complimentary health care choices for my family. I am simply sharing my experiences and journey that is helping us return to a state of greater wellbeing. If you wish to know more I invite you to these two wonderful Heilkunst clinics that have helped us… Arcanum Wholistic Clinic or the Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst.

I have been a Heilkunst patient for over 6 years now. It has been my preferred choice about my healthcare. It all began years ago when I felt frustrated with the medical system and what they had to offer with regards to my son’s wellbeing. I was not looking to suppress his autism. I did not want a band-aid solution. There was this great force driving me to pursue answers for him. I wanted to find the truth behind this whole autism thing and possibly even find a cure if that was meant to be. I simply could not sit still and ignore what I was feeling. All those years of searching it felt like I was looking for a needle in a haystack, not knowing exactly what I was looking for until we found Heilkunst. Even then it took time and a few different people telling me about their experiences with Heilkunst before I finally I took that leap of faith. Since taking that first step through Heilkunst’s door over 6 years ago, I haven’t looked back.

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  1. I’ll be honest, what you’re doing to me is scary but I know that there is more than traditional medicine especially since traditional medicine often gives patients drugs that cause other symptoms. Best wishes on your journey. I will say a prayer for you this morning.
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted..Book coverMy Profile

    • Hi Sheila, thank you for taking the time to read my post and leaving a comment. I realize it is not easy for someone not doing this type of treatment to truly grasp what it’s all about. It can seem pretty scary but really it isn’t once you get started and understand more about it. I appreciate the best wishes sent my way. xo

  2. Hi Suzanne, I really love homeopathy and how it can brings issues to the surface to create intense healing. It is an amazing modality that can be simply miraculous at times. My favorite remedy is Belladonna, as I’ve seen it work in such extreme situations so many times. Although I was not familiar with the term Heilkunst until I read your blog, I think I’ve been creating my own for many years while embracing a wide range of alternative healing modalities and pursuit of knowledge which seem to be part of this program. I initially commented on your blog about your grandmother because it was such a touching story for me. It appears you are currently delving into the ancestral trauma of your DNA and healing at a very deep level, which has been revealed in your previous writings as well. I’ve just started pursuing some artwork/journaling again recently and I found it to be really helpful for me. This is an intense time for all of us as the Earth continues her own healing process and individually we work alongside her. I wish you all the best on your journey.

    • Hi Clarissa, thank you for your lovely comment. I love that you have embraced homeopathy and other alternative healing modalities. There is so much goodness that comes from following such a path. We did homeopathy for a few years back about a decade ago before embarking on the Heilkunst journey. I truly get and believe in the ancestral trauma of the DNA and healing at a deep level. I also feel that I have gone into some of that since writing the earlier post about my grandmother. Thank you for leaving your lovely comments and thoughts on both of my posts. I loved having you here. All the best on your healing and creative journey. xo

  3. Suzanne, what an amazing journey of healing you have been on the last 6 years with Heilkunst! It never ceases to amaze me how much ‘stuff’ is hanging onto our bodies waiting for release. I really liked the reminder: it is when we feel at our worst, things are moving and changing within us directing us to healing. Continued blessings and strength to you as you strip away the illusions and come to your Truth. The same to all of us! xo

    • Thank you Marge for taking the time to read and leave a comment. Going through healing in whatever way, shape or form it takes is not always an easy process but one that is so worthwhile once we get through it and to the other side. Blessings! XO

  4. I really enjoyed this post, Suzanne. To speed up the mouth issues, you can also drink fresh raspberry juice through a straw (to avoid stinging your chapped lips). I don’t know if you can get fresh raspberries this time of year in Canada, but hope you can. It will really help a lot. Lots of love through a difficult but transformational time.

    • Thank you for your very helpful and informative feedback Yaz. Unfortunately it isn’t raspberry season in Canada until July, but we can buy the imported berries. Today is the first day that I have ‘some’ relief with my lips/mouth issue and it feels so good. I am so grateful for feeling that the end of this is in sight. xo

  5. What a fascinating post. Wow. I had no idea you were going through all of those physical symptoms of healing. It’s completely amazing how the body does that, Suzanne. I would have been so scared off – despite my love of alternative remedies – and ran to the nearest clinic for some tests. I love that you trusted the process and continued with the remedies.

    As I read, I was stunned to read that this started happening around the time you brought your grandmother’s story to the surface. I am in awe that you made that connection.

    I agree that diseases have a root emotional cause. Isn’t that spectacular that we can bring ourselves back to being whole by just allowing the blockages to dissolve.

    Just amazing.
    Gabriella recently posted..Wholesome Slow Cooker Tips for Your SanityMy Profile

    • Gabriella, when I first began being treated with Heilkunst over 6 years ago that is exactly how I felt… panicking, thinking something serious was wrong with me, wanting to rush to a doctor or nearest hospital, wanting to reach in the medicine cabinet for something to make this all better. It took a little time and a little reassuring about the healing reactions. After the length of time we have been doing Heilkunst I just somehow have learned to trust that I know when it’s more than that and that it needs medical attention. My medicine cabinet no longer looks anything like it used to either. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

  6. P.S. Also wondering, could all of that come up as you worked on your art as well? Do you think the physical stuff was also brought on as you worked on the layers in your art?
    Gabriella recently posted..Dealing with Those Sleepless, Middle-of-the-Night Crazies: How to Overcome Them and How to Soothe Your Child AfterwardsMy Profile

    • That could very well be Gabriella. I had not thought about it that way. Maybe now that I’m almost over my healing reaction I will be able to get back into my art with greater ease.

  7. It sounds like you are releasing a lot and it’s wonderful you have the tools to support you in this process. I hope you are pain-free and feeling whole soon 🙂
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Loving from the InsideMy Profile

  8. Suzanne just know that on the other side of the cleansing, release and healing is the most incredible new you! xo
    Belinda Rose recently posted..A Journey to the “Bridge of Light”My Profile

  9. I found this page doing a search on Mederrhinum. It actually sounds more like a proving of the remedy than a healing crisis…

    A healing crisis\Hering’s law of cure can bring about old symptoms the person had once suffered from in a milder and shorter form. If the symptoms are new, especially ones that are associated with the remedy (as the mouth symptoms that you describe are associated with medorrhinum) this is suspected to be a proving reaction which is actually a sign that the wrong remedy had been chosen. When it’s a good reaction there is a general sense of well being or improvement in spite of the return of symptoms.

    But I read a bit on and I see you decided to take a pause from Heilkunst…


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