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A Journey into the Soul β€” suzanne-mcrae.com

A Journey into the Soul

lost in thoughts
I am not this physical body.
This body is the form in which my soul resides.
My body is what I experience human life with on this planet.
My body is the vessel through which I am learning my human lessons.
My body is what houses my soul.
I cannot see my soul with my eyes… but I know it is inside of me.
It is my higher consciousness… higher-self… divine self.
It is invisible.
Yet I know that this God-consciousness resides in me.
It’s the I Am That I Am.
It is where wisdom, truth, knowledge, intuition, a deeper knowing, and the mystery is happening.
It is my guidance system.
It has been with me since the beginning.
Even through all my lifetimes.
Never leaving me, always there waiting for me to awaken more.

Photo print available in my Etsy shop.

Photo print available in my Etsy shop.

Sit in the stillness, the stillness of my breath.
Close my eyes and focus on my breathing.
Breathing deeply within, into the deepest part of me.
Focus on every breath – in and out.
It is the life force that lives in me.
It transports me into that place where wisdom and truth resides.
That place of knowing that all that I will ever need is there.
Where all that I will ever truly wish to know is.

So easily said, yet so challenging to do at times.
I run away and escape in the opposite direction, with such ease.
I create the busy-ness and the to-do’s in my everyday life.
I know that I create the busy-ness to avoid.
Often refusing to go there.
Too afraid.
Possibly terrified of facing my darkness all alone.
No teachers, no healers, no family, no friends, no one to hold my hand.
No one to tell me what to do.
Nothing that will help me get there easily and quickly.
No one. Nothing.
the path
All alone, the path to discovering what’s in one’s soul.
The path through what feels like thick dense fog at times. All alone.
the dense fog
The dark. The light.
I must explore it in solitude. All alone.
Discover the path alone

Away from the noise and busy-ness of everyday life.
I must not be afraid of the dark if I want to plunge deeper into my soul.
I must not be afraid of what awaits me there.

Connecting with one’s soul surely is not meant to happen only on one’s deathbed.
Life is meant to be lived.
Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.
It’s our gift from God.
So many of us are terrified to live our life to the fullest and unafraid.
So if I want to explore deeper into the soul, how do I do that?
How do I introduce myself to my soul when I will meet it?
How will I know it?
Am I already there doing it?

I sense that I still have things that I must be willing to let go of.
The excess and the earthly possessions that weigh me down.
To let go of all I thought I was.
Allow myself to let go of the beliefs I have.
Let go of all that I think I have to do.
Let go of what I perceive to be reality when deep down I know it’s not.
Let go of all that I thought I had to be for everyone else.
I need to allow what is no longer needed to be washed away.
washed away
I must let go in order to discover my true self that feels buried underneath all that stuff.

Do you have stuff that feels heavy?
Do you have stuff you do that somehow doesn’t feel like you should be doing?
Have you figured out this journey with your soul, that deeper part of you?
Some things can weight us down after a while.
Because of the choices we have made along the way in life.
It can look so different for each of us.
There’s a lightening of that load that needs to happen, so we can free ourselves to go towards the soul.
And that can sometimes take time… sometimes many lifetimes.

Becoming aware of it is a first step.
And a little at a time shifts and changes begin to happen.
For some this journey is drastic.
At times dis-ease or a tragedy can bring us there in a split second, where we may be face to face with our soul with these questions and have nowhere else to escape to.
I am not wanting to have to face either one.
It’s time to begin that exploration.

Embarking on a voyage down into the depth of my soul I would assume feels like going on a voyage alone to a far-away land where I know no one. Where I don’t speak the language. Where I don’t know the culture. Where everything is so foreign.
It is where I learn to let go of all that busy-ness and the extra weight in my life because I am looking at surviving in that foreign place.
It will no doubt force me to experience the journey through my senses, and that quiet voice within.
Let go.
Even if the descent is steep and not always so clear and can feel even foggy at times.
Descent into the fog

There will be beauty all around when I will get there.
My life will get much brighter and lighter.
It is where I will find my true essence of myself.

Where does this path lead me to?
The unknown.
The mystery.
I have no light to shine the way. Or at least it seems that way.

Lighthouse print available in my Etsy shop

Lighthouse print available in my Etsy shop

No compass to get me there and no GPS.
Only the quiet inner voice that when I am still enough, I can hear what it is telling me.

I must learn to let go.
Let go of all excess, busy-ness, should’s, and to-do’s.
I must step out bravely towards what is calling me.
I must learn to listen to my inner voice.
I must not look back or doubt, but instead embrace all that is different yet that feels so right.
I must be willing to open my eyes.
I must be willing to open my heart.
I must be willing to open my senses.
To trust, have patience, and believe it is what I am meant to do.

I wish to live my life in all it’s fullness with open eyes and an open heart.
I wish to live my life using all the gifts and talents that I was given.
I wish to live my life being open to receiving the abundance that I need and deserve.
There is so much to be grateful for.
And no doubt when I will connect with my Soul in a deeper more meaningful way this will multiply even more.

I allow myself to be carried into the dark crevices along the way.
I allow my heart, mind, soul and body to be cleansed of any imperfections.
I play, write, sing, dance, sleep, paint, heal, retreat and meditate on this journey into my soul.

I hear my heart beat and know that I am fully alive.
I give myself permission to awaken to the mysteries that my life has to offer.
I am open to the unknown.
I want to march to the beat of my own drum.
I want to shine my inner light more.
I want to be more of the real me.
The real me that has no boundaries or limits.
I came into the world alone.
I know one day the inevitable is that I will leave this world alone.
I want to make sure that I have everything I wish to take with me already in place, where I can go peacefully.
I wish to let go and transmute what is not in vibration to my soul.
And that is a good enough reason for me to start spring cleaning my body, mind and spirit now.

I want to be sure that I will carry the gems I wish to keep with me in my heart and soul.
The memories, feelings, knowing, wisdom, awakening… all the awesome things that my soul is wishing for me to have.
I want to travel lightly in this lifetime and whatever will be in store for me next.

With all this reflection in my life I cannot help but wonder…
What gets in our way of us tapping into our soul?
Why are we so afraid to discover our true essence?
I am sure that is the most beautiful place that we will ever be in if we can allow ourselves to have that true soul connection.
Are the fears about facing our own darkness, beliefs, wrong-doings, addictions, our asleep state?
Ae they too much for us to face alone?
Are we afraid that we won’t know what to do there or along the way?
Are we are afraid of showing more our true-self to others, possibly afraid of being judged?
Is it possible that we might even be afraid of our greatness?
Maybe we wonder about God’s plan for us, and what if his plan was too big and we didn’t think we could live up to it?

But, what if we allowed ourselves to go there and explore and play in that greatness?
In our true power?
What if there the most beautiful playground we had ever allowed ourselves to play in was revealed to us?
We will never know what our soul has waiting for us if we are unwilling to trust and go there and allow it to speak to us and show us all these gifts.

I feel that a great awakening is there for us when we brave the journey into the depths of our soul.
It’s where the great mysteries of life are waiting to be revealed to us.
It’s where all the most beautiful jewels reside waiting.
It’s not in living my life small that I will discover any of that.
And I believe that the same is true for all of us.

No one else has the answers for us.
One must have the courage to face the challenges of the unknown journey.
We must face our journey into those depths alone.
The journey inward.
The journey towards the light, the rainbow, the mystery.
Rainbow Light
The journey into the Soul.
Your Soul.
My Soul!

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  1. So so so SO TRUE and so full of wisdom. I’m printing this out to meditate upon. Thank you for sharing your soul’s wisdom and truths with us!
    Sue Jorgenson recently posted..It’s all about technique!My Profile

  2. Dawn Conery says:

    Thank you for this Suzanne. How I wish that someday you and I could meet and connect with our soul searches. Every word you wrote in this piece felt familiar to me. I am on the same journey my friend. I have been for a very long time.
    I do believe that in this life, I am here to learn lessons, to grow my soul toward my truth. Each life that I live, past and future are all part of that same path toward my own enlightenment.
    Fear. Fear keeps me from expressing the truth, my past experiences to those whom I love. Fear of being rejected, of not being seen in the way that I want to be seen. Misunderstood. Some days I am oh so close to disclosing myself and all my fears, mistakes and hangups. But still I hold back. I dream of being free, of flying and soaring in my open truth someday.
    I am grateful that I am not alone in this place. You understand it too. Ultimately it may just be that we need to accept ourselves, forgive ourselves, love ourselves. How hard that is.

    Thank you for sharing,

    • Dawn, I’m so glad that you could relate to what I wrote. You are so right that no matter what life we are here to live it towards enlightenment. It does take time doesn’t it. I will encourage you next time that you are ‘oh so close’ to disclosing the real you… that you’ll be able to do it. Sending you positive vibes your way. No doubt that will be very freeing when you will do it. I appreciated you sharing with us. xo

  3. Lovely post Suzanne. It would make a wonderful meditation. We are all traveling down this path together, whether we’ve had the opportunity to meet or not. The love and light you are sharing will help light the way for everyone. Thank you!

    • Thank you Colleen for your kind words. I appreciate that you see it as a form of meditation what I have shared in this blog post. I never thought of it that way. Blessings! xo

  4. This is so powerful it gave me chills. Suzanne, it’s like you took all the jumbled confusion in my mind and put it down into organized words. These line so spoke to me: “Connecting with one’s soul surely is not meant to happen only on one’s deathbed.” “I wish to live my life in all it’s fullness with open eyes and an open heart.
    I wish to live my life using all the gifts and talents that I was given.
    I wish to live my life being open to receiving the abundance that I need and deserve.” Such a thought provoking post. Thank you <3
    Kristen @ Whimsy Inspired recently posted..LifeBook Game BoardMy Profile

    • It sounds like this was a powerful post for you to read Kristen. The chills usually reveal some truth. πŸ™‚ Glad I was able to help you sort out the jumbled confusion. I have had so much of that and writing always helps me clarify something. I’m sl glad that you dropped in to read and share your thoughts on this. xo

  5. Wonderful late winter ponderings, reflections in poetry not yet resolved into full written form, accompanied by beautiful contemplative photographs. I share your journey within, and did a similar thing on my blog last winter in my “Winter Blog Tale” It’s a special time of year, and one that’s coming my way again soon. This year I intend to dive even deeper, to find the deepest purply blues and places open to play. For there in the depths a calmness exists, far, far away from the light that shines bright. Too bright to see anything sometimes. This time spent considering, in self contemplation is a wonderful thing to do, for it allows us to be less afraid, to be bolder, to be brave. Most of all for me, it allows me to include the full range of sounds in the symphony I like to paint. To remain in the shallows all of one’s life means not to explore all we have been given. I congratulate you on your courage and can imagine the joy and the insights you will bring when you are ready to re-surface.
    suzi recently posted..What it’s like to Bloom True in Flora Bowley’s ecourseMy Profile

    • Suzi, I’ll have to hop over and read your “Winter Blog Tale”. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check it out. Loved having you share your thoughts and words of wisdom on this. I especially love that you also connect very much to doing this for yourself every winter. xo

  6. Such a meaningful post…but much more than a post.

    I believe so many people are afraid to ask the questions you posed…perhaps too afraid to even seek. Yet we all journey together … but alone in the thoughts you penned. Thank you, Suzanne!

    I find when I am in too much clutter, whether it be the clutter of objects or technology or time stealers, I am not able to think clearly. Not able to remain focused. Not able to listen. My life’s verse is “Sit still, my daughter and wait, until you know how the matter will fall…” Ruth 3:16. It is in this stillness, I feel The Lord speaking to my soul.
    Ruth Packard recently posted..An Ultimate CommitmentMy Profile

    • Hi Ruth, so true it is the stillness that we all need in order to be able to hear The Lord speaking to our souls. I have clutter to release as well. I’m looking at doing a cleanse probably later this week that will help on one level. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this topic. xo

  7. This is THE most significant meditation Suzanne; to really accept we are more than we are and to find a way to experience that truth. You say to have to learn to let go and I feel a certain amount of anxiety in you about ‘trying’ to let go. I’ve learned that we don’t need to try. We must just be aware of the truth, forever be in this meditative I AM state, knowing who we truly are, and then all those concepts that we cling to, slowly fall away themselves. It is only when we stop clinging to the notion that we are human, and recognize the vast spirit that we are, that the ideas no longer have power. Lots of love to you.
    Yaz recently posted..The Gift of DreamingMy Profile

    • Thank you for sharing Yaz. You probably are sensing right about a certain amount of anxiety about trying to let go. We always seem to make it more complicated than it really is don’t we. Loved this part you wrote “it is only when we stop clinging to the notion that we are human, and recognize the vast spirit that we are, that the ideas no longer have power.” So simple and so powerful. Blessings! xo

  8. This is so beautiful, Suzanne ~ poetic and deeply thought provoking.

    This journey of the soul is a never ending one. It seems like we work and work to let things go and we think we are free and then we find that there’s more. Only it’s deeper.

    I agree with others who commented on your post, this would make a perfect meditation. Have you ever thought of putting your voice to your words and setting it to music for us? πŸ™‚


    • Love having you here Shari. Thank you for sharing so beautifully. There will always be more and you are so right, it only goes deeper. I have never thought of putting my voice to my words and setting it to music. Something to think about for next time maybe. πŸ™‚

  9. Beautiful <3
    Sarah Treanor recently posted..Healing MilestonesMy Profile

  10. Yes, so beautiful.
    Janice recently posted..Finding your tribeMy Profile

  11. This is truly special, divinely written. I love the reflection and sense of intimacy your words hold. So much wisdom here. Thank you.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Loving from the InsideMy Profile

  12. Beautiful post Suzanne! Let your amazing light shine brightly! xo
    Belinda Rose recently posted..God Lives!My Profile

  13. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately! you’ve done a beautiful job with your words and images. I just read “Proof of Heaven” written by a neuro-surgeon who had an NDE for seven days in a coma…and I’m reading “My Stroke of Insight” right now which has similar undertones. We are all connected! We just aren’t always aware. Thank you for your brave post!
    (ms.) Michael Nelson recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

    • Thank you ms. Michael for your kind feedback. I have not heard of the books that you mention. I will have to go check them out. Thank you for being here. πŸ™‚

  14. Suzanne, What if connecting with your soul is easy? And the most natural thing in the world? Breathing . . . falling into your groove? What if you are 99% there? All possible. . .
    Janet recently posted..Transitioning into SpringMy Profile

  15. Gorgeous – what a gift to see your soul shine! Namaste my friend πŸ™‚
    blair shackle recently posted..Guided green meditationMy Profile

  16. Wow, Suzanne. This is very touching and beautiful. It is so delightful to see your process as you go through this journey deeper this year. In some ways, you are alone, but in other ways you have brought us with you and have encouraged us to do the same. Thank you!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Clay PotMy Profile

  17. Wow, Suzanne. I decided to take the day to slow down and breathe and listen. I just stumbled upon this beautiful post. I am soaking up your wisdom and questions. This would make a great meditation. I can really feel your soul speaking and touching so many. Thank you for these words.

    • I am thrilled that on a day that you decided to slow day and breathe deeply that you would come across my post. I am touched that it spoke to you so much Kathy. Blessings! XO

  18. A most powerful post. I had to come back to read it twice. Wow, Suzanne. The questions could easily be future journal topics for me. Thank you!
    Gabriella recently posted..Dealing with Those Sleepless, Middle-of-the-Night Crazies: How to Overcome Them and How to Soothe Your Child AfterwardsMy Profile

  19. Wow! What a journey of truth! Indeed, “rest in peace” is not just for tombstones, it’s for us every single day as we accept and embrace the Mystery. Glorious words here. Personally, I can say that I was afraid that I would change too much, that my life would not be what I wanted if I let go and let God guide me. I’m now discovering that surrendering yields beautiful rewards and that fear does not need to run my show anymore. So nice to meet you here. I will be back for more.

  20. Suzanne, I have read your words about 10 different times now and each time I am caught by the truth you speak of. Thank you for writing and posting this. Scary but oh so right.

    • Naomi, I am honoured and thrilled that you felt the truth so profoundly of what I was sharing in my post. I truly hope that you can see beyond the scary feeling and take what speaks to you most. Thank you for sharing. I am honoured that you would read it 10 times. πŸ™‚ Blessings!

  21. I am reading this one again. It speaks to me more today. I’m trying to let go of expectations and limitations I have put on myself. Sometimes I’m not sure who I am really. I’m an open vessel ready to be guided deeper into myself. Thanks so much, Suzanne. You have a gift.
    Kathy Anne recently posted..Coming out of the CocoonMy Profile

  22. Sweet and beautiful.:)
    Robin Heim recently posted..Lady Grey and MeMy Profile

  23. Robin and Kathy, thank you for dropping by to read my post. πŸ™‚ Blessings to both of you!!

  24. I absolutely love your work. I am working with a young man in grade 9 on a project. He was asked by the teacher at school to do two collages one of TRAVEL and the other on JOURNEY.
    This sent me on a quest to find information to make him clearly understand what Travel was /is and what journey was/is. I have to thank you so much because your poem says it all. I am very inspired by you and its funny I the art instructor is inspired and uplifted by what my student brings to the table.

    • Thank you so much Susan for sharing such a beautiful message with me. I’m so grateful that you found my post on “A Journey into the Soul”. I Love that you were inspired by what I wrote and shared here. πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking the time to leave such a beautiful comment. Blessings!!

  25. Roseline Phahlane says:

    When we were babies, we had no worries and cares as long as our loved ones held us lovingly in their arms, we felt safe.

    Unfortunately as we mature so much clutter is building to an extend that we feel chocked and suffocates.

    And if we don’t acknowledge the clutter in our life’s and take a voyage and journey into our inner most being we will never find peace in our souls.

    We are all spirit beings and entering into the sacred silence is an inherent attribute from the universe.
    Let us embrace the peace that surpasses all understanding when we finally connect with our souls.

    We thank God for you Suzanne! Let God use you more and your gift fill the void in our souls.


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