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Gratitude to Flora Bowley — suzanne-mcrae.com

Gratitude to Flora Bowley

There’s something to be said about receiving a totally unexpected surprise, and Flora Bowley did just that today for me and she has no idea just how much that cheered me up and made my day.

Flora is the teacher of the eCourse Bloom True Intuitive Painting that I was a part of lately. Today Flora sent out her March newsletter and before I even had a chance to read it she had written on Facebook Just linked to your blog in my newsletter today.

What a delightful surprise.

I am thrilled to share Flora Bowley's Newsletter :)

Click to read Flora Bowley’s Newsletter, towards the bottom she shares about my blog post! 🙂

I managed to paint 4 out of the 5 week class with Flora. The unfinished paintings I have worked on have been waiting for me to return to the easel now for two weeks.

This period of standstill with my painting has been about different things. For one I have worked on other things that were necessary on the home front mostly having to do with my son’s special needs. I have been taking care of the business aspect of things for him, like hiring another person on our team to help him on his journey. There’s been the funding aspect that we receive for him for which I am so grateful but at times it demands my attention and time. This year I feel like I have little control in what I do and mostly feel like I have been stopped dead in my tracks a lot of days. That topped with healing reactions from my Heilkunst treatments and for my son has me wishing to get away and sit on a mountain top alone. My numerologist suggested that anyone who is living in a numerology 7-personal year, that being alone on a mountain top this year would be ideal… now I know what she meant. And that is how this year is evolving so far for me. It feels like the tide has gone out with everything that I was doing and nothing is returning. Nothing is flowing easily. I am finding myself dropping away from so much that I was doing last year just to reconnect and find my centre again. I wrote about it recently here.

Flora’s Bloom True e-course has helped me do that in a big way to go back within. All that I need to do now is continue to take more steps towards what I am wishing to attract more of into my life regardless of the circumstances that seem to be my reality. Nothing is ever what it seems to be. I love so much how Flora’s class taught me so much about how to reconnect to my true self. Her eCourse was so much more than just about painting, yet for me painting was such a big part of that exploration space and connection that I seemed to be needing, a place that allowed me to play and have fun. What I wish most of all is to create peace and freedom with everything I do in my life. I believe that painting will be a big part of that process for me. Even though I have an adult son who has special needs and still needs me, I also know that somehow all of what I want for myself and for him can become a reality… one step at a time as long as I continue to do the things that bring me the greatest joy, then the sky will be the limit for unlimited growth and possibilities both of us.

I have two small paintings accomplished since taking Flora’s class. They are not the huge canvases that I had started. With the three huge canvases I had started I was feeling terrified when it came time to begin thinking of completing them. And that is where I stopped painting to tend to other things at home. Did I attract all those other things in my life at this time to avoid going to my canvases to attempt to complete one of them? Possibly. I’d even have a tendency to say that it’s even a probability that I created those distractions and now it’s time to go back to the easel.

"Lotus Blooming"

“Lotus Blooming”



I was thrilled to see that my blog post was featured in Flora’s newsletter. As I read her newsletter the little demon voices inside of me tried to come up and tell me that I was undeserving because I had not painted in a few weeks or even completed one big canvas yet. In that moment I decided to silence their voices and instead graciously accept this beautiful gift that I received instead.

Thank you Flora for the recognition you have given me about my blog post. It is an honour to have it shared in your newsletter. I wish to thank you for this amazing Bloom True eCourse you have created that is changing my life in so many ways. xo

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  1. Oh, wow, Suzanne. I’m not surprised, to be honest. You have put so much into this course, and also documented your journey in a way that has us all wanting to explore through art as well. Congratulations on working so hard, being so dedicated, persisting through the hard questions, and then having us be flies on the wall!

    I have to say, that angel painting just blew me away. It completely looks like she pushed through the paint colors and layers to finally make herself known to you. Breathtaking.
    Gabriella recently posted..Organizing the Mind with JournalsMy Profile

  2. I’m so happy Flora’s post gave you such a pick-me-up, Suzanne. Your paintings are beautiful…. that angel is MESMERIZING. Hugs!
    Marjie Kemper recently posted..I’ve moved!My Profile

  3. Gorgeous pictures Suzanne – gorgeous! And you and your blog so deserve to be “outed” by Flora! What fun surprise.

    And I think that’s a brilliant awareness about the push-pull of reaching into something expansive/terrifying and the way we can use distractions to keep that at bay. I suspect that’s a dance all creatives do, but it’s nice to have it up front to be looked at.

  4. Isn’t it amazing how those distractions come up just when you feel fear in another area of your life. Recognizing that is a major step to letting them go, as is painting through it on the canvas. Big or small, it doesn’t matter, you’re leaning to go with the flow. (( <3 ))
    Susan recently posted..It’s All A BlurMy Profile

  5. Dawn Conery says:


    You are exactly where you are meant to be. I admire you!


  6. That is just full of awesomeness! Congrats, and you totally deserve it. You have been creating some pretty amazing paintings <3
    Kristen @ Whimsy Inspired recently posted..ATC Flower PowerMy Profile

  7. How wonderful she featured you in her newsletter! You have been working so hard and have had such great progress on your painting. It’s okay to take a break, relax and do the things that need to be done with your family. Don’t feel bad about that one bit. Everything is in the right place for you. I think it’s wonderful that you have had so much time to be an artists and focus on learning from Flora! That is like being on the mountain right? I think you’ll get back to painting when the time is right!
    Much love, Chandra

  8. Those paintings are STUNNING. Do you have any plans to sell any of your paintings? You are very talented and I am sure that they would sell if you wanted to do that.

    Congratulations on the write-up with Flora. I am not surprised. Prosperity abounds!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Practicing Makes My Life DeeperMy Profile

  9. Suzanne, how wonderful that Flora shared your blog post in her newsletter. Your work has turned out fantastic and you should be proud of it. So what that you haven’t finished all of your canvases, neither have I, sometimes life gets in the way but we find a way back to the canvas. Keep going at your own pace, so happy for you!
    Sue recently posted..Comment on Back from the dead by Amy PutkonenMy Profile

  10. Belinda Rose says:

    Suzanne your paintings are just wonderful! Those paintings show your light shining! Don’t sell yourself short, you deserve to be in that newsletter! Xo

  11. Sandy King says:

    I just love that you shared this whole experience. And you are SO deserving of the exposure from Flora. I think we all experience the charge forward / fall back pattern.
    And I’m with Gabriella.. that Angel painting is speaking volumes.

  12. I love that you share on your blog and the honesty and integrity that comes across in your writing is wonderful. It makes it a pleasure to come here and read the “realness”. 🙂
    indigene recently posted..This Week In Studio Nookery…My Profile

  13. I need to say ditto, ditto, ditto to the comments above!! You are deserving…not only because of your talents as an artist, but also for how you have included us in your journey! The angel canvas is stunningly beautiful! Don’t put those brushes down!!
    Ruth Packard recently posted..The 1860 Household of Two WidowsMy Profile

  14. You really are so talented, Suzanne. I love your paintings.
    Yaz recently posted..The Lotus Blossoming: Israel and Iran: A Love StoryMy Profile

  15. Thank you… thank you so much to each of you for dropping by with lovely comments. How uplifting!! This is as exciting and as much fun if not more as having a connection to my blog in Flora’s newsletter. 🙂

    I love how all of you love what I have painted. I must admit that I am excited about the possibility of selling some of my paintings and prints. It’s definitely on my radar and therefore a lot more that I must learn in order to make that happen. So stay tuned! 🙂

    Your comments all filled with so much kindness and goodness… thank you all for your unconditional support. xo

  16. Ah, the I’m not worthies have hit you. Don’t let them hold you back. Life happens and if you don’t paint for two weeks it will hurt your soul, but life needs to be lived and sometimes that means paperwork, cleaning, sleeping, eating, and work without any time for creativity. AFter a break you do need to get back into the zone. It’s there waiting for you. Thanks for the post.
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted..Holding back emotionsMy Profile

  17. What a treat to be featured in her newsletter and your paintings are AMAZING! There is such a different energy to them. I’ve always been a fan of your work and I just have to say this is like an even bigger version of your soul! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Loving from the InsideMy Profile

  18. This is wonderful! Your blog is SO FUN, interesting and educational! I want to comment on every post but have to stop here as I just got up in the middle of the night to do “one” thing… which I (of course) have not done yet. Keep up the wonderful sharing… and painting!

    • Karrlin I hope that you managed to do that “one” thing last night and that you were able to get back to sleep. Thank you for including the reading of my blog post as part of that awake time. 🙂 Thank you for the lovely compliments.

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