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Listen to your own voice... β€” suzanne-mcrae.com

Listen to your own voice…

This morning I thought I’d spend a few minutes on Pinterest. I was going there to do something mindless. That didn’t last more than a few seconds when this quote jumped out at me and that was the end of it.

Leon Brown quote

That confirmed exactly what I have felt. It’s time that I listen to my own voice. It’s time that I listen to my own soul. And I am one of those people who has listened to the noise of the world and ignored my own inner voice. It is time that I STOP!

Since entering this new year the pace of my life feels so different from last year. This #7 numerology personal year means business. And in the sense of business I mean, I must take a lot of time for ME and me alone tending to my own needs, time to disconnect from the busy-ness of the world and reconnect with myself. Nothing more. Nothing less. Everything else is a distraction right now. From my personal life to the online world and everything in between – there’s too much noise happening.

Too much noise, too much busy-ness, to much of everything yet I have been unable to disconnect enough. I’m not there yet. I am having a really hard time letting go more of being in the online world, afraid that I’ll miss something. But also that is what I do to avoid spending quiet contemplative time by myself. Yet every time I do something I know I shouldn’t be doing, I feel myself being dragged down more. So wish me luck. I need to go there more often and learn to be ok with letting go and be ok with everything.

The only things that have fuelled me this year have been when I take many hours a day to do the things that are just for me. It’s that quiet time alone with a lot of quiet space that is fuelling me.

Attempting to live life this way, in the midst of three other people living in the same household as me who have numerology personal year numbers of five, four and one can feel challenging. For them they are all in the movement mode with a lot happening, a lot of action while for me things are almost stopped. I’m at the opposite end of the scale.

It feels like there is hardly any movement for me right now. And where I sense that I am trying to move with anything at all it just comes to a complete halt almost every time. Even though my numerology year did say that things would be moving slowly, I need to focus on the part that said, significant things can still happen even at the slow pace. It is not a year for doing and boy do I feel that in every part of me. I’m a doing person, so slowing down does not come naturally.

On my nightstand I have the book by Eckhart Tolle Stillness Speaks. As I look at each chapter I am reminded that I need to read this book… Silence & Stillness – Beyond the Thinking Mind – The Egoic Self – The Now – Who You Truly Are – Acceptance & Surrender – Nature – Relationships – Death & The Eternal – Suffering & the End of Suffering. There will be a few lessons in there for me I am sure.

I have no choice now but to give myself full permission to disconnect from everything, and bring my focus back on what truly aligns me with what my soul wants and what my inner voice is trying to tell me. I need to connect with those parts of me right now and I can’t do that if I stay in the busy-ness out there as much as I have. I will not be gone far, but I also will not be as present for a little while, as I go and connect with those parts of me that need my attention.


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  1. AWESOME post Suzanne! And, YOU are so right, we have to listen to our own voice. Some people follow others thinking that that’s their path when they haven’t done the inner work to find their own path. GREAT job working on your path!
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Building up for weeks now…My Profile

  2. Hi lovely Suzanne!

    This post is so comforting. And timely. It’s something I have been thinking about often these past few weeks. I just have to “DO.” You’re right, last year feels so different than this year – a time to go forth now. I’m on a ‘6’ life path, but still feel very similar to you. Thank you for sharing and for the extra dose of encouragement!

    Blessings always!
    blair shackle recently posted..How my miscarriage changed my life for the betterMy Profile

    • Hi Blair, I’m so glad that some of this resonates with you also. So you are right behind me with your personal numerology year. I cannot tell you how different this year is for me in comparison to last year. I love it even though the energy feels so different. Thanks for dropping in. xo

  3. This might assist you in your unbusyness: Alexandra Franzen just wrote a post yesterday to help with the fear of missing out. http://www.alexandrafranzen.com/2013/03/04/30-mantras-for-people-who-over-work/

  4. Wonderful post Suzanne. I do sense that your life’s challenge is to slow down, or better still, QUIETEN down so your inner voice can be heard. I’m glad you’re in a place where you are conscious of this.
    Yaz recently posted..Beyond The Clock TestMy Profile

    • Hello Yaz, you are so correct. One of my biggest challenges in life is to slow down and be quiet, which is not an easy thing for me. But I must admit that I am finally learning it. πŸ™‚

  5. I know exactly what you mean, especially about living with others who are on different paths. I feel as a caregiver, one always has an ear out for the ones they care for and at times their voices/needs can feel like yours or your duty. It takes special effort to really listen and follow through on your whisperings. The internet is a whole other bag of energy. I’m happy that you’re sharing it, so that we don’t feel like we’re doing it alone. πŸ™‚
    indigene recently posted..This Week In Studio Nookery…My Profile

    • Thank you for your comforting and caring words Indigene. I hope to be able to master a perfect pace for myself one day. I would love to be able to say that I am doing exactly all the things I wish to be doing at the pace that feels just right. One day I will. Thank you for sharing and dropping by. xo

  6. Suzanne, I am so happy for you! That is exactly where I am at this time! Much, much love to you as you negotiate around and cut down on the busyness of the world!

    • Marge, I hear you… and I guess you hear me too. πŸ™‚ I love that you are making time for some quiet space in your life also. Thank you for stopping by. xo

  7. Listening to the world can be beautiful too. Letting the sounds of the world wash over and through you allows you to let the borders of who you are get a bit fuzzier in a positive way, finding out how you fit into the larger picture.
    Kate Sciandra recently posted..Money Money Money Money MoneyMy Profile

  8. Good luck with all this, lovely Suzanne. It’s hard not staying connected online. There’s this constant pull to stay connected, and like you said – try not to miss out on things. It’s terrible that we feel guilt about that; like you, I end up feeling pulled under a bit.

    I am happy for you about trying to sit back and listen more. To go slowly. To go in. To go quiet. πŸ™‚

    Lots of love to you.
    Becky in Burma recently posted..When Your Kid Gets Love BombedMy Profile

  9. Suzanne, you are right there is too much busy busy! Some days it is totally exhausting! So every night…without fail…I spend an hour in prayer/meditation/journaling and communing with the “Voice”. I think it is the only thing that keeps it all together! xo
    Belinda Rose recently posted..Love In ActionMy Profile

  10. There is much to learn in stillness. Enjoy this journey! And someday you can share with us the strengths you learned along the way!
    Ruth Packard recently posted..Who Does NOT Like Pizza?My Profile

  11. Amy Putkonen says:

    This is so great, Suzanne. I have an image of you standing on a busy city sidewalk with time lapse photography of life flowing past and you standing still, smiling, with your eyes closed in a meditative smile.

    This is beautifully raw and poetic. Enjoy this year. I am sure that part of you would love to settle in and just be still. Let it happen.

  12. This is wonderful Suzanne, great post! And even better that you recognize what you need to do. To slow down and savor that time with you, listening to your voice. Enjoy the journey and I look forward to learned along the way.
    Julie McCullough recently posted..Teach art – self portrait projectMy Profile

  13. there is so much life we miss
    in the noise, isn’t there.
    there is light enough to shine the way
    for each precious heart…..joy to you
    as you listen and follow,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..sweet seasons on my mindMy Profile

  14. Suzanne, I also love to be doing. And I am tempted to sign up for more (social media/classes/etc) than is good for me. My practice is to ask for alignment for Divine Order & Divine Timing . . . and to go where my intuition guides me. And it is a practice, not something I have down pat. I honor and support you as you invest more time in your self. It is time. Bless you!
    Janet recently posted..What IS the color purple?My Profile

    • You are brilliant Janet. I love you sharing how you practice asking for alignment for Divine Order and Divine Timing. I will definitely try and remember this wonderful advice next time I want to do one more thing. Blessings! πŸ™‚

  15. Stillness Speaks. Here’s to learning to experience more of doing nothing.

  16. Oh, Suzanne. My thoughts are with you! What beauty and peace there is to be found in the still, quiet spaces. It sounds like you have much freedom to pursue this quiet, which is a lovely gift in itself. I, too, have a lot of freedom in this right now but I resist…Whereas everyone around me gives me permission I seem to have trouble giving myself permission to just “be” and enjoy the freedom without putting pressure on myself to “accomplish” something. Silly me…
    janice recently posted..DetailsMy Profile

    • Thank you for sharing a bit about your own journey Janice. I also struggle with giving myself permission to just “be”, it’s always so much easier to be “doing”. Likewise, I also have everyone’s complete permission to simply “be”. I need to work through this on my own and find my way to doing less and enjoying life more. All the best. πŸ˜‰

  17. Such a great reminder of how important it is to listen to ourselves and honor what we need. I had a healing session today…have been feeling so out of sync this past month…lot’s of weirdness going on along with being sicker than I can remember being in many years. There is so much wisdom in the silence. I’m definitely going to give more time to being in this space…because I need it.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Loving from the InsideMy Profile


  1. […] This period of standstill with my painting has been about different things. For one I have worked on other things that were necessary on the home front mostly having to do with my son’s special needs. I have been taking care of the business aspect of things for him, like hiring another person on our team to help him on his journey. There’s been the funding aspect that we receive for him for which I am so grateful but at times it demands my attention and time. This year I feel like I have little control in what I do and mostly feel like I have been stopped dead in my tracks a lot of days. That topped with healing reactions from my Heilkunst treatments and for my son has me wishing to get away and sit on a mountain top alone. My numerologist suggested that anyone who is living in a numerology 7-personal year, that being alone on a mountain top this year would be ideal… now I know what she meant. And that is how this year is evolving so far for me. It feels like the tide has gone out with everything that I was doing and nothing is returning. Nothing is flowing easily. I am finding myself dropping away from so much that I was doing last year just to reconnect and find my centre again. I wrote about it recently here. […]

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