Bloom True Intuitive Painting… an update!

Well week 4 of my Bloom True Intuitive Painting class is coming to an end tomorrow. We then have only one more week of lessons. It is unbelievable how fast that time has gone by. From there we then will continue blooming with our intuitive painting process on our own. We won’t totally be alone since we will have our private Facebook group where can share and support one another. This has been one incredible journey that will continue to unfold and transform.

This week has been a much easier week with my painting. I didn’t feel frustrated or stuck like I was last week with the darker more blah emotions that came out on my canvas. The intuitive painting really comes to peel away at what is inside of me. I have taken time out to work through some of this stuff. I focussed more on using Reiki and meditations to help ground my energy better and deal with some of this stuff that has come bubbling up to the surface. I decided to take a more serious look at thyself this week!

A student in Bloom True eCourse gave me permission to use comments that she wrote to me about one of my paintings. I thought that she explained beautifully the complexity of a being human and this painting process…

I love your textures, layers and colors ! There is something very symbolic to me, that a painting has A LOT of layers – As we humans are full of “Layers” – sometimes or rather mostly we don’t even know our own true self, our deep inner self, makes sense? We have all these facades, we are “supposed” to be in a certain way, we try to adapt to society – but when we do, we lose “ourselves” – You HAVE a lot of BEAUTIFUL marks underneath every layer, as a human being, you are also truly made up of all kind of “marks” – feelings/emotions/states of mind – sometimes frustrating feelings, even not so nice ones, but there are also beautiful feelings and emotions, just like underneath and on top of all your layers on your canvas ! You know they are there, we know it and thats the beauty of it all….The complexity. – Lone S.

Painting in Flora’s eCourse I can say with certainty has been a sure way of connecting with my true self, that deeper inner self. Lone describes it beautifully.

This past week we were encouraged to spend a bit of time out in nature, observing, being in the moment, taking photos, sketching, collecting items from nature that inspires us in our work. I didn’t make it out in nature. It didn’t appeal to me to be out there in knee deep in snow, or with the cold and blowing winds. Maybe this weekend I will venture out.

One of this week’s lessons was to begin looking at what was working for us in our painting and from there begin to look at that area and pick from those colours to transform the rest of our canvas. That felt a bit scary but yet brought me some comfort. It was a much more positive approach to see what was working than to look at my painting and see all that wasn’t working. I also discovered about myself that I enjoy the freedom to be able to change each layer if that is what felt right for me. At times I get lost in the process and forget that I can leave some of the layers underneath showing through. As you will see below some of my paintings change pretty drastically from one layer to the next.

Having a living room that looks like a painting studio feels kind of overwhelming too. Tarps are everywhere. It feels messy. Paintings leaning up against the coffee table, walls, the piano, fireplace you name it if there’s a horizontal surface available then there’s a painting leaning up against it. But, I’m very happy with what I’m doing and as my husband would say, if you’re happy then that’s all that really matters. There is nothing to question. I am very grateful for his support and my children’s support also. Last evening as I held one of my paintings to the kitchen wall, my son turned around and said WOW! He was showing me his support in that moment.

When I am painting it feels that I should have music on to help me loosen up a bit as I paint. I’m not sure how to even find music that won’t drive me bonkers but yet that has rhythm that will help make the painting process go smoother maybe. If you have any ideas for music that might be good to play while I painting, please leave me a comment below.

Then there’s the photo taking process of each layer of my paintings, now that can also stretch me at times beyond my comfort zone. I’m very grateful that I have a new DSLR camera to take amazing pictures, but it doesn’t help that I don’t know how to us it properly. Because the proper lighting is not always available, I had my husband set up something on the brick of our home so I could hang my paintings and photograph them outdoors. I did just that one day when it was pretty windy. That was interesting to do alone without my painting flying away and landing in a snow bank. But I was ready to paint the next layer and I wanted to take pictures before that layer got transformed.

So here you have it… an update.

I’ll start with what I call Painting #3… what you see here below is the 10th layer on this painting. You can see all the earlier layers to this painting in a earlier post, here. It’s not complete yet, but I am really beginning to like how it looks.

Intuitive Painting
Next we are moving on to Painting #1, layers 10 and 11. In the earlier blog post you can see 3 photos of the earlier layers of this painting. Click here to go take a look.

I really like how this layer had turned out. The colours really appealed to me and the markings weren't that bad I thought.

I really like how this layer had turned out. The colours really appealed to me and the markings weren’t that bad I thought.

The next layer after the blue one was layer 11. It turned out very different. Again I got carried away and forgot that I could/should leave a bit of the previous layer showing. But then with intuitive painting there is no wrong way. It is exactly what it’s meant to be. Although this one is still not completed, there are several things I like about this last layer. It’s a bit too dark and dull maybe, but that’s probably because I sprayed a lot of water on this one as I worked with the fluid paints. The colours are a bit too washed out.

Painting 1 Layer 11 Intuitive Painting

Now next I will share with you Painting #2… here you have it starting with the 1st first layer…

Paint was dripped onto the canvas, then sprayed with water and tilted to cover the surface with colour.

Paint was dripped onto the canvas, then sprayed with water and tilted to cover the surface with colour.

Looking like a mess... simply making marks on canvas... or mud in this case.

Looking like a mess… simply making marks on canvas… or mud in this case.



Playing with the cool colours!

Playing with the cool colours!

Oops! Now it's all warm colours!

Oops! Now it’s all warm colours!

Next was the lesson where had to start exploring with value contrasts using black and white. Well I wasn’t happy. I procrastinated and I didn’t want to do it. It took several days before I decided to do it, and that was only because I wasn’t going to skip a lesson. There was a real lesson in this for me to learn. I was still feeling very frustrated when I decided to do it as you can see below. I created mud with my colours then added the black and white contrasts. I didn’t want to do this next step so I pushed myself to just trust and try it anyway. Well that just spiralled me into more frustrations and I started thinking that I’d never learn how to paint. The gremlins all came out at the same time. This is clearly showing in the next 3 layers. But I also knew that there was only one way to find out if I could paint, and for that to happen I had to be willing to at least try.

What happened to the warm colours? Making a mess!!

What happened to the warm colours? Making a mess!!

Trying out the fluid paints to create translucent colours. Not sure it's much of an improvement yet.

Trying out the fluid paints to create translucent colours. Not sure it’s much of an improvement yet.

Trying hard to trust this process. It’s been such a painful week. I am having to dig myself out of whatever it is that I am feeling inside of me so my painting can flow better and hopefully become nicer.

Time to add some imagery, symbols or another marks we felt like adding. Not feeling very creative here.

Time to add some imagery, symbols or another marks we felt like adding. Not feeling very creative here.

God has heard my prayers and has come to help me!! :)

God has heard my prayers and has come to help me!! 🙂

Took this picture outdoors so a big brighter like it actually was. Added a bit more paint to this one. Starting to look even better, well in my opinion at least.

This photo I took it outdoors so it shows the colours more accurately. I added a bit more paint to this one. It’s starting to look better… well in my opinion at least.

It's beginning to feel like I CAN PAINT, maybe. :)

It’s beginning to feel like I CAN PAINT, maybe. 🙂

And this is what this painting now looks like now…

I'm really liking so many areas in the painting right now. Seeing it being close to being finished.

I’m really liking so many areas in the painting right now. I’m seeing it as getting closer to the finish line maybe.

What I am learning about this intuitive painting process is learning to let go of how I think things should look like, and instead allowing myself to feel guided by my intuition, that gut feeling. It’s about being brave, and about pushing myself past my comfort zone and going a little closer to that edge of not knowing how things will turn out or what will show itself next. The edge is where fears creep in but I also see that it makes for perfect opportunities to face them dead on and push beyond them. I didn’t do a good job with that last week. It’s easier said than done. When I did finally get brave after several days of refusing and resisting, that’s when the energy of fear started disappearing and transforming into delightful surprises that appeared in my artwork. I am grateful for so much more than the painting lessons in this class. It truly is a transformative process to be fully embraced.

I look forward to eventually seeing my first painting completed. My greatest joy will be seeing one of them hanging in our home. All I can say is WOW!! That’s not something I ever could have envisioned happening, ever. All I could see was my daughter doing these paintings because she’s the one with the artistic talents in this household. And now I’m beginning to think that maybe I have some creative talent in me as well.

Until next time… I shall return with more layers and possibly even a finished painting to share with you.


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  1. WOW – Suzanne. Many AMAZING pieces there. GREAT JOB!!! I look forward to seeing more of these and hope you are ENJOYING the process along the way!!!
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Along the Way interviewMy Profile

  2. Clarissa Harison says:

    Wow, I love your interpretation and explanation of what you were experiencing during your creative process, as well as the fact that you discussed many of the challenges you were going thru. It reminds me of creating a garden and how that intimate work serves to deepen your connection with yourself and all that is, as well as to heal those aspects of our soul that need to some forth. Your paintings remind me of Gerhard Richter’s work, whom I’m a great fan of. Thanks for sharing your story and your paintings.

    • Hi Clarissa, I really appreciate your lovely comments. I had to go and look at who Gerhard Richter was. I love how he does his painting. My husband is a sheet metal worker I asked him if he could make me a few smaller tools like that of Gerhard’s so I can try that on my much smaller canvases. I’m so glad that you are enjoying reading about my painting process. 🙂
      Thanks for the inspiration about Gerhard Richter’s artwork. xo

  3. So happy that I came to your blog Suzanne! What an amazing process, it’s hard to believe that you are so new to this. I think your paintings look great. It’s also nice to see that you are really taking in everything you are learning – that is what makes it so worth it.
    As far as music, I love to listen to calm, meditative music while I paint. One of my absolute favorites is Loreena McKennit. Look her up on YouTube. She has some AMAZING, amazing music that takes you away to another place and time. I love it, and it is very peaceful and calming. Another all time fave of mine is Sarah Mclaughlan. I also find her music peaceful and relaxing. Especially her first album “Touch”. I have almost all the albums of both those artists because I love their music, it touches a deeper part of me that regular pop music can’t. Hope you find that helpful (though I know that everyone has completely different tastes). I’m glad to see you unfold!
    Suzanne Drolet recently posted..Finding Yourself Through BloggingMy Profile

    • Hi Suzanne, thank you for dropping in. I’m so happy to see you here. I admire your artwork so it feels wonderful having an artist dropping by for a visit and leaving feedback. 🙂

      I love the music suggestions. I painted listening to Loreena McKennit today. I love Sarah McLaughlan’s music, so I’ll make sure to listen to her as well. Thanks for the great suggestions.

      Loved having you here. xo

  4. Such an impressive amount of work. If I only had that amount of time for my writing. Today I’m off work on a personal day but so many things to do writing other than a few quick comments is not possible. I would be proud to do any of your paintings and call them my own. What did you do for your painting before this class? Will you blend the techniques or is the intuitive a totality into itself?
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted..TechnologyMy Profile

    • Hi Sheila, several years ago I took a small Tole Painting class enough to make a small project, I think it was 2 mornings in total. From there my husband would cut my projects and I purchased patterns and that kept me interested for a few years. About 6 years ago I took a local art class and felt frustrated because I couldn’t for the most part paint like anyone else. I am really enjoying the intuitive method that I am learning with Flora Bowley the most. I feel that painting intuitively will be my very favourite. Time will tell. 🙂

  5. I love seeing the process with painting #2. It completely changes and evolves in every single layer. I love what your classmate posted about your art. I can completely see the layers representing the layers within a person.

    Sometimes, like in painting #1, it looks like it might be complete (at least to me) and then, a complete overhaul! I found that surprising, actually. I also find it completely intriguing that the painting completely becomes something new when changing color palate and hues. Woah!
    Gabriella recently posted..The Perfectionist’s Illusion (AKA: How To Cut Corners to Create A Clean-Looking Home)My Profile

    • Gabriella, I loved reading your observations about my painting process. I am having the most fun changing almost every layer each time I go to the easel to paint. I feel that each layer represents another aspect of my being that is buried in me just waiting to come out. Maybe that is why I don’t want to finish any of my paintings but instead I only want to keep painting.

  6. I loved this post. The layers comment was so perfect.
    Arwen Lynch, Professional Joy Seeker recently posted..Is This The Answer?My Profile

  7. Well done Suzanne, they are amazing!
    Renee recently posted..Collage Obsession Challenge – Time Mixed MediaMy Profile

  8. Before I even read all of your post, I kept thinking “She is brave to add those layers!” I’m glad you realize how brave you are!! These are truly amazing, Suzanne! And I think you have a very special family who will support you!

    When I am painting or scrapbooking, I love to listen to instrumental music. I get lost in lyrics if I have to listen to them. And since I am part Irish, I am prone to the fast pace of Irish or Appalachian instruments. Somehow, Bach finds his way in there sometimes!!
    Ruth Packard recently posted..A Plethora of PaperMy Profile

    • Ruth, thank you for the wonderful ideas for the music. Thank you for your kind feedback. You are right, my family is extremely supportive of what I am doing, even with how I have taken over our living room and am now using it as a studio for the time being. So happy that you dropped by. xo

  9. It’s so much fun seeing your progress and hearing about your process! I’m so glad you’re sharing this. And so delighted you’re deepening your trust AND claiming your talent as well.

  10. Suzanne, your painting are really evolving beautifully. I can’t wait to see the finished products. I love how you tell a story with all your post and take us through your experience with you. As for music, my art teacher would put on music when we were drawing and a lot of times it was the 50s & 60s music I like the most. Upbeat, sing-a-long kinds of songs I like.
    Lisa Ullrich recently posted..Painted Fingers – Part 2My Profile

  11. These are amazing Suzanne
    Lisa recently posted..Shares – A Class, A Book, Articles, and BlogsMy Profile

  12. Beautiful Post and Beautiful Paintings Suzanne! I love actually knowing how someone,s creative process works – thanks for sharing yours!
    Terry Gassett recently posted..The Power and Privilege of WordsMy Profile

  13. Fascinating! I really like how your painting #3 is evolving. Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing your process.
    Blessings Nancy
    Nancy Lennon recently posted..Loving OurselvesMy Profile

  14. sooooo happy for you
    as your brush reaches into your heart
    and draws out the paint
    to splash on your canvases:)
    pure art, that.
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..truth in the tremble….My Profile

  15. I love the layers, they are rich and gorgeous!
    Indigene Theresa Gaskin recently posted..What’s Happening…My Profile

  16. It sounds like an amazing experience! I love all your layers and the richness of each. Your process is awesome and it is truly a pleasure to get to be a small part of it through your sharing. Thank you!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..What’s the Deal with Mobile Responsive Websites?My Profile

  17. It all looks good to me, Suzanne! I’m a bit scared to comment, because I have no inclination to paint, and only know what I like and don’t like, but could never say why! I’m glad you’re having such a good time with it. It’s so wonderful to create such lovely things like this.
    Yaz recently posted..Beyond The Clock TestMy Profile

    • Hi Yaz, the intuitive painting is much easier than it probably looks. I never considered myself a painter/artist either before. The hardest part is having to deal what comes up in the process, but also very rewarding. 🙂

  18. This process is so beautiful, Suzanne. I so admire how brave you are to dive in and do this with all of your heart. I love how your family supports you too. Painting is one of those things that I have dabbled with but have never really dived in. It intrigues me. I love the way Flora is teaching this. I watched her video and am intrigued. Now, if I could just complete some of my other projects so there is room for something like this….
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..The Study of Discipline: Part 3My Profile

    • Amy, I just saw that you had posted something that you knitted online. It is very beautiful. I admire your talent very much. I feel that you would love Flora’s intuitive painting class also. She does an incredible job in her style of teaching and there are so many beautiful videos to watch. Then there’s the instructions that are often filled with so much of her beautiful artwork too. xo

  19. Thank you Suzanne for showing all of your work. So much is happening in your paintings. I love to add new layers and see how the painting changes. The last one you are showing is a very nice one. I think when you have added a little dot here and there and fine lines you will feel more finished. So nice to look at 🙂

    • Hi Sigga, thank you for your lovely comment. I also like the last one a lot. I have not gone back near it, still afraid of finishing it and also afraid that it might get changed too much. It will come. I just have to trust and do it. 🙂


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