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Using numerology to guide you through life — suzanne-mcrae.com

Using numerology to guide you through life

I came across this neat website recently called Creative Numerology. Since I choose to have numerology guide me this year, I’ve been drawn to different numerology websites to read the wisdom that they have to offer so I can understand things better.

Go read my post if you haven’t already, 2013 New Year – The Journey Inward you will get a good idea how I chose to navigate 2013. Then that post is followed by a more recent one where I share how just after a few short weeks I already had a very good sense of what I needed to do, Surrendering into the Energy of 2013.

Christine DeLorey from Creative Numerology wrote the book Life Cycles – Your emotional journey to freedom and happiness

I have not read it yet. But if you’d like to check it out, simply click on the image below.

Life Cycles Book

The first blog post I saw from Creative Numerology was this one called 2013 Part One – Heartspell. What an incredible post. Take the time and do go read it. It talks about the global year that each one of us is in this year. When we add up 2013 it gives us the number 6 which is what all of humanity is influenced by. We will all be addressing and working through issues that have to do with Home and Family in 2013. I was just in a 6-personal year in 2012 so I remember quite vividly what that felt like. Now for me including my personal year 7 in 2013, I’m also working through with the 6 energy like the rest of you on this planet.

I have been curious about each member of my family and where we all stood in our 2013 personal year, I wanted to know more. Understanding the energy that each of our personal year number brings, can help us navigate more easily our family dynamics sometimes. It really helps to understand where everyone is on their individual journeys. Some of us are needing more quiet and personal space (moi!!), another might want to experience more freedom and travel, another might be really focussed on work and commitment therefore needing more time and space also to work at that, and the other one learning about himself and seeing the opportunities and new beginnings that might come, so he can go out and explore those. I find it fascinating.

You can find out about your yearly forecast (your personal year) in numerology, then click here. While you’re there go take a peek at your own family and their numbers, you may even begin to understand them better.

Then I had more fun when I discovered the article on Family Numbers. It was fun to calculate and see what number our own family is influenced by. I also did the family I was born into with my parents and siblings using my maiden name to get the number influencing all of us as a family unit. You get to see the important lesson you chose to learn together as a family in this lifetime. And once we know what lessons we have to learn, well then it’s left in our hands whether we choose to work on it or not.

Wait, there’s even more, it’s called your Destiny Number and is based on the date, month and year of your birth. This will give you wonderful insights about yourself. Christine writes about Destiny Numbers here.

I find numerology fascinating. It offers us such wonderful insights into who we are, who our family members are, what we can do to ease our way through that energy, when we need to take action or when we need to stay put and so much more.

I encourage you to go and explore, and check out the links I have shared with you and there is even more to read on the website Creative Numerology. Do a search on Google explore what others have to say, get a good book on the topic, or go see someone who has studied numerology and they can give you a much bigger and clearer picture with everything that’s about you. I have seen an Intuitive Numerologist several times, she does intuitive readings using tarot cards that will help guide you for the personal year you are in presently. She shares many insights about your personal numbers from your date of birth and your name. She also teaches you how to do Life Mapping and will share about Law of Attraction and that type of thing with you. If you’d like to get in touch with her to ask about her services, simply click on the email logo in the right-hand side bar of my home page to contact me and I will put you in touch with her.

There is nothing voo-doo about numerology if you are wondering. They are simply numbers that hold a meaning for you and that can help guide you. I started exploring numerology about 7 years ago and I’ve been having fun with it since then. I never liked math in school but give me numbers in numerology and I’m learning what I need. I see numerology as an important and helpful tool for personal growth and transformation.

I’d love if you left me your views or if you have used numerology or if you might be willing to explore it just a little.

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  1. Stop it! No really! I just had a huge convo tonight with my best friend all about numerology, having not thought much on it for at least a month now! And then you post this. Lovely 🙂 im very intrigued about the famy number stuff.. Going to look more into that

    • That’s too funny Sarah. I love numerology there is so much that can be learned about ourselves and others, and even to help us navigate life somewhat easier if we pay attention to the message. I would love to hear if you explore deeper into numerology and if it’s helping you. xo

  2. I find numerology very intriguing too, Suzanne and will check out your links. Thanks for the tips again.
    Yaz recently posted..A New Diet-A New Beginning: A Metaphor For Deep Inner ChangeMy Profile

  3. I love numerology and use it with my Tarot readings a lot. I am a name 6. 😀 My favorite numerologist is Hans Decoz. Have you looked at any of his books?
    Arwen recently posted..How Do You Walk Your Path?My Profile

  4. Suzanne, this was so interesting. thanks for sharing this new insight. So I checked out her site and found out that this was a 3 year for me. How funny that the word CREATE was scattered all over and that was my word of the year, freaky!!!
    Sue recently posted..Comment on Thoughtful Thursday by Sandy KingMy Profile

  5. Fascinating Suzanne – and thanks for the links and suggestions to help do some more digging! While my knowledge of numerology is pretty limited, let me offer a couple resources you might want to explore as well if you don’t know them already. First, check out Mary Greer’s book/workbook Tarot Constellations – Patterns of Personal Destiny. And you might also be interested in Donna Iona Drozda’s work. She’s a gifted artist (you might want to google her if you don’t know her), and also publishes a yearly Lifecycle forecast over at ZodiacArts.com.
    Deborah Weber recently posted..Should Only Pennies Be Pretty?My Profile

    • Hi Deborah, I truly appreciated your suggestions for numerology. I have limited knowledge myself so this will be great to go check out other people’s work also. Thank you for that. 🙂

  6. Ah, the math teacher in me has to speak out. Years ago I watched a short movie called Donald Duck in MathmagicLand. It was wonderful. Numbers are special. Prime numbers, perfect numbers, even irrational numbers. I live with numbers, teach about numbers, and try to make my students love numbers.

    My favorite number is 17, the year I met the love of my life.

    Thanks for the post.
    Sheila Skillingstead recently posted..Bouncing between booksMy Profile

  7. This is great, Suzanne. I use numerology all the time when I do tarot readings too! It is fun stuff.
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Advancing Without Moving a StepMy Profile

  8. I really enjoy numerology and find it helpful to check in once in a while and see where I’m at. I’m definitely going to check out the websites you shared. Thank you!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Tips to Overnight SuccessMy Profile

  9. PS I hadn’t looked at this for a while and I just realized I’m in a 9 year. This will be a big one it seems 🙂
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Tips to Overnight SuccessMy Profile

    • Love that you went and checked out you personal year Michele, an year important. A time to let go of everything you don’t want to bring into your new 9 year cycle starting in 2014. Have fun with it. 🙂

  10. i’ve always loved numbers,
    feeling them communicative
    and expressive and with personality
    in quirky ways
    that my friends didn’t often see:)
    i understand why a person would be drawn
    to numerology.
    numbers are fascinating that way.
    i wish you peace and blessing
    along the way,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..thick with wild hope…My Profile

  11. Suzanne and I,(Sandra) can now get legally married in Maine. We liked to know from some numerologists what would be a good date for our marriage?

  12. Love the idea that we cycle through 9 different energies that rotate every year. I am a 5 (change), my husband a 4 (breakthrough) and both of our children are 6 (a year of reinventing yourself). I have to admit that I am a little nervous after knowing that I am a 5 which means change because I am not a fan of change. But it definitely fits because of huge shifts I am undergoing in my business. Thanks for sharing the numerology site. I LOVED it!
    Julie Geigle recently posted..Telepathic Communication with Loved Ones Who Have PassedMy Profile

    • Hi Julie, I love that you discovered where each of your family members sits in each of their personal numerology year. It sounds like you are very aware and are embracing the changes already for yourself. All the best to each of you. xo

  13. Your kind, encouraging soul shines through your writing, Suzanne. It is such a happy thing that you are excited about all of your numerology discoveries! Thank you for your heartfelt sharing.

  14. Suzanne, we all know people cross our paths for a reason. Today you have crossed mine. Starting on fb link, reading Be Insired by Deisgn…which lead to you…which lead me to read your post on numerology. I am a 5 in a year 7. OMG! In reading what you are doing this year, I have had some ahha moments these last few hours glued to your site and blogs and so much more.
    Thank you! I am now a follower

    • Hi Mona, welcome to my website. I am thrilled that our paths have crossed and that you found your way here. Thank you for your lovely message. I am so happy to hear that a few things I have written about resonate with you. Thank you for being a follower now. I am very grateful. 🙂

  15. I am just learning about numerology in recent weeks. I’m going to check out your links and really absorb what this has to teach me! Thank you!
    Gabriella recently posted..The Power of Rest (AKA: What I Learned From Falling Apart)My Profile

  16. Great Post!
    I have had a recent infatuation with numerology, I am a life path 11 and i was wondering on anyones opinion with numerology and having reoccuring situations of seeing the same numer patters. Many people see 1111 or 444 or something similar to this, Is this numerology or something else?
    Would love to hear feedback
    Thank you
    Mel recently posted..Free Numerology Meanings updated Fri Mar 1 2013 10:08 am ESTMy Profile

    • Hi Mel, I can’t answer any of your questions unfortunately. I am not a numerologist. You could always look up someone who is an expert in that field and contact them. As for sequences of numbers like you shared I have often looked at Doreen Virtue’s book for that. All the best.

  17. According to the Prashna Kundli, if the seventh lord and Venus are in Upachay houses that is in the third, sixth, tenth and the eleventh houses in the Kundli then this combination brings prosperity and happiness in the life after marriage.
    Mohan Lal Ji Maharaj recently posted..Love Marriage Prediction Indian AstrologyMy Profile

  18. vashikarana says:

    Numerology is primarily a self-help tool. It is a way to gain greater insight and I am just learning about numerology in recent weeks. I’m going to check out your links and really absorb what this has to teach me! Thank you!

  19. MANISH_BHR says:

    Numerology revolves around the study of the symbolism of numbers. It can be used to help you figure out your personality strengths and weaknesses or help you figure out a plan of action to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.


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