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Heilkunst and how autism has brought us on this journey — suzanne-mcrae.com

Heilkunst and how autism has brought us on this journey

Our journey with Heilkunst began out of frustration with the medical system and what it had to offer our son who has autism.

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

One day about 14 years ago I remember sitting in our family physician’s office. I recall sharing with him the frustrations I had about my son’s overall wellbeing and the challenges that came with the autism. Some of it had to do with his health in general but most of the frustrations were about behaviours. He looked up at me and said that there was nothing he could do to treat the autism. He didn’t have a special pill that could help. All he could do was to prescribe him some antidepressants. I could not believe what I was hearing. I wanted to scream ‘he’s not depressed… I don’t want pills for him… that won’t fix anything’. I knew that much that pills was not the answer yet I didn’t know what the answer was. That left me very discouraged, disgusted and frustrated with the medical system. If my son had some sort of illness or dis-ease he would get treated yet for autism there was nothing that could be done. I felt like I had nowhere to turn to. I felt abandoned and all alone on this quest to find the answers I was looking for. My son had been diagnosed with autism and it felt like the only options that I was left with were to surrender, accept the autism and resign that nothing could be done and that this lifelong disability was all mine to deal with on my own. I felt helpless as a mother knowing deep down that there was something I could do to help him, yet had no clue where to turn to next.

This caused me to have an incredible amount of stress and anxiety, which lead to issues with my health. When I saw the physician (yes I went back to see him for myself), he recommended antidepressants for me as well. I refused to have the pain numbed by drugs. There was something behind all these feelings, I simply couldn’t explain it but listened to what I felt was right for me and left empty-handed.

All I knew were the strong feelings I had and that was to find answers for my son if it took me looking for a needle in a haystack, then I would do whatever it took until I found that needle.

The physician suggested that I go and see a certain massage therapist and that maybe she could help me relax and take better care of myself with all the responsibilities I had been given in life. Back in those days massage therapy was something new to me. In going there it didn’t take me long to feel that my body was one big knot of stress, which only made me feel worse because I didn’t know how to relax. How could I relax when there was nothing I could do for my son? As a mother, that left me in despair and in a spiral of feeling constant stress and anxiety.

I remember like it was yesterday the one visit in particular where I talked to her about my son and told her that he had been diagnosed with autism about 5 years earlier. She asked what I knew about alternative therapies? Of course back then I had no idea. She briefly mentioned Heilkunst to me and she then wrote down the person who I should contact that could help me with my son. That was in the beginning of the years that we had a computer and the Internet was new to the world. I looked up the information but there just wasn’t much to read on the subject, plus what there was I didn’t understand very well. I was curious but not curious enough to go and start treatments. Instead I eventually turned to Homeopathy and did that for a few years with our son. That was short-lived because I felt all we were doing over time was trying to put out little fires here and there with the remedies. The healing path with homeopathy was a good one but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, there was something missing.

When I walked through the massage therapist’s door many years ago, little did I know that she was going to help set me on a different path that would help me learn and go explore alternative therapies and energy healing for my family’s wellbeing. What a journey it’s been since.

This has probably left you wondering what Heilkunst might be? If you don’t already know, do check out the links below here for explanations written by the professionals in that field. Note that what you will read in my blog posts are only my personal experiences with my son and my family and my interpretation of what Heilkunst is. I will be honest I don’t understand it enough and cannot express it easily like the professionals do. I leave that job to them. I just know that this alternative therapy has been a right fit for our family.

Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

Hahnemann Clinic for Heilkunst

What is Heilkunst?

These are a few good books and articles about Heilkunst and Autism…

The Path to Cure written by Allyson McQuinn

Autism the Journey Back written by Rudi Verspoor and Patty Smith

Heilkunst & Autism (and other Behavioral Disorders)

That little paper I had been given by the massage therapist, that had the Heilkunst Doctor’s name eventually got buried in my piles of papers that I had placed in a box in storage. Fast-forward about 8 years later (I’m guessing the time frame here without the exact dates in front of me). I had posted a question on a message board online about alternative therapies and received some answers. Everyone seemed to each have each their opinion. But one message in particular stood out for me, it was a private message from a mother who had an autistic son who was a bit younger than my son. Her journey had been a very similar journey to mine exploring different alternative therapies and energy healing that eventually led her to Heilkunst. She had been doing treatments with her son and was able to explain to me her personal experiences in a way that was enough that I could understand it better. She gave me the name of a Heilkunst Doctor and when I saw the name, something seemed familiar about it. I went digging through the box I had put in storage and found that little piece of paper with that exact name she had just given me that was also given to me 8 years earlier by the massage therapist. I was being led once again to Heilkunst.

I didn’t jump into it right away, instead I went to their website and read up on it but never went further. That went on for a good year until one day I got fed up with sitting on the fence about Heilkunst and decided to dive right into it for both of us.

I couldn’t understand why I had so much resistance and fear about this whole thing. I felt terrified and all alone in this new territory, yet I knew somehow that I had found a missing key that would bring healing to my son.

Was I possibly afraid of what it might mean if he was cured? To this day I believe that to be true that there are definite fears and I know I have inner work to do around that question as he continues to be treated. When you know that your child has been a certain way all of his life and you were told at age 3 that he has a lifelong severe developmental disability… so much of how you view your child changes. It becomes easy to lose hope of ever having a healthier child. But over the years I refused to believe that there was no hope for my son. As hard is it was to keep grasping for that one thread of hope somehow I managed to do it. Heilkunst has helped me learn differently, and that is that my son can be helped. I’m working on getting myself to that place of really seeing my son fully awakened from the autism world. I want to get to a place within me where he will feel and know that he has our full acceptance and support no matter what the outcome is for him.

On November 22, 2006 both of us began our Heilkunst journey. I can now look back and know that this is the path I wanted for my son. Earlier this year after 5.5 years almost I felt compelled to take a leap of faith and change practitioners. I took that leap for myself and several months later I did the same for my son. That change came about after I read the book The Path to Cure by Allyson McQuinn, Doctor of Medical Heilkunst. In her book she talks about her own personal journey as well as that of getting to the root cause of her son’s autism and curing him through Heilkunst. She then went on to study this healing modality for many years and now helps other families go through their own children’s healing and cure. I knew while reading her book she could possibly help bring healing to a different level for us.

I understood early on was the only way that my son could get better was if I was treated also. We are all inter-connected with our children and our issues and diseases that are deeper rooted has a tremendous impact on our children’s health. This also goes far back to generations of ancestors where diseases was handed down from one generation to the next. I see our autistic children as canaries in the coal mines. They have come here to help us wake up to the state of dis-ease that our world is in and how we need to start doing something about it. Just recently my husband started to be treated with Heilkunst. Let’s just say after years of anticipation for him to choose Heilkunst for his own health, has left a tad excited and thrilled to say the least.

I cannot explain well what Heilkunst is. But I will direct you below to awesome links that have a wealth of information where you can learn more. I can only share from a personal experience point of view. It has something to offer to everyone, not just the people who have autism.

Arcanum Wholistic Clinic

Arcanum Wholistic Clinic on Facebook

One day, one month, and one year at a time Heilkunst is helping my son peel away at the dis-eased parts that are the root cause of the autistic symptoms. This is giving me hope to have him regain the level of health and wellbeing that he deserves. I don’t know what caused his autism but I do know that each person diagnosed with autism deserves the healthiest possible life they can be given. What I have chosen for my son is Heilkunst and it plays a big role for him. That’s the route I am choosing. It doesn’t mean it’s the best route for the next person necessarily. How much of the autistic symptoms will be cured over time? I cannot answer that. I can only hold a vision for how I see my son and the future, and then one day be able to look back at the changes that have taken place. But I do know without a doubt that I am on the right path.

One huge concern in particular that stands out for me amongst many that Heilkunst has helped him with is what is called Pica. He was never diagnosed with Pica simply because I knew that another diagnosis would not do a thing other than to tell me he had another label stuck to him. What I did know is that I felt helpless as I saw my son pick away at the hems of his clothing, mitts, coat, bedding, towels you name it, anything that was fabric he’d pick the threads and would swallow them. There was no way I could control any of that behaviour and no professionals had anything that helped us even get close to extinguishing this issue for him. I felt totally helpless. All I could think about was the damage that this was causing to the inside of his body. With the treatments it took a bit over 4 years for this issue to be resolved. His Heilkunst Doctor at the time wasn’t sure if this issue could be resolved or not. He could not make any promises but simply keep treating him with what was needed next. Even once our son began to show us complete signs of having resolved this issue and abandoned pulling and eating threads, his practitioner did caution me that it could return since this was a deep core issue in our son. Since that time almost 3 years ago now, I have seen very few times where he has pulled threads and ingested them. His clothing remains intact now. He has had the same bedding since being cured of this. Our towels and anything else that was fabric I no longer need to replace or mend. I never thought that in this lifetime that my son could be cured of this.

There have been many changes along the way for him with regards to getting healthier. Again I don’t know how far we can help him heal the underlying issues but I am willing to go that extra mile. Autism is a complex disorder, one that takes time and great efforts. I am grateful that my son’s treatments have been fairly easy for him with few healing reactions as the remedies push the dis-eased parts out of his body. The worse we have seen is at times a temporary return to certain behaviours or slight cold symptoms or rashes.

If you know someone who possibly could be helped by a Heilkunst Doctor, then please share this post with them. Whether the person has autism, cancer, diabetes, ADD, ADHD, psoriasis, anxiety, or anything in between, have them take a look at what Heilkunst can do for them.

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  1. Thank you for this post, Suzanne. You have such a generous, big heart and spirit to share so much with all of us.

    Much love.
    Becky in Burma recently posted..Good-bye Little TerrapinMy Profile

  2. This is such an interesting read, Suzanne. What I’ve learned in my journey is that not only are we interrelated, but that your son IS you; he is the part of you that is projected into a different space and body in order that you confront a formerly concealed aspect of yourself. In healing him, you heal yourself, which is why the therapy will be effective, because it deals with all THREE of you as a whole, not just one. Your fear of him healing is simply the fear that you will have to face a deeper truth of who you are, and that to face it, you have to surrender the personality to a greater force. Autism is one of the most extreme manifestations of fear in the human form. We all feel fear to different extents, but some of us manifest it differently. The fear is that we are alone in a dangerous universe, and there is no-one to love and protect us. Surrender to God, to an invisible force, is frightening for all of us. Its a huge subject and maybe I don’t make myself clear, but one day we might chat further on it.

    Thanks for a great post Suzanne and when I get time, I will look at these books. I have no clue about Heilkunst, but know that when any therapy treats the entire family, it will have positive effect.

    Thank you also for your lovely comments on my blog. I’ve also enjoyed a good education from yours too, Suzanne. I really enjoy this sharing and growing together.

    As for the blog circle, I’ll have to sit it out this month, as I have so much to do. I would love to get going in January though. I read the files as you suggested, but was slightly confused still how it all worked. I’ll read again before January and then chat to you.

    Lots of love, Suzanne, and have a super festive season with your family.
    Yaz recently posted..Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!My Profile

    • Yaz, you have hit the nail on the head with your comment. I cannot express the depth of an issue like you just did. What you wrote rings a lot of truth. This is wonderfully written. You have incredible insights into autism and how the meaning of it for the parents. I would love an opportunity to chat with you one day.

      Thank you for letting me know for the blog circle. We will see you there next month. I will let the group know that you will pass it up this time around.

      Thank you again for your profound message and helping me understand at a deeper level what is happening here. Have a wonderful Christmas. xo xo

  3. It’s amazing, isn’t it, that there are so many effective alternative therapies, and yet most of us continue to sit in doctors offices where we are told that there is “nothing that can be done.” So happy for you that you have found this route to healing for yourself and your son.
    Andrea recently posted..Parsnip and Apple Muffins – Yum!My Profile

    • Andrea, for us going the alternative therapy route has made the most sense for our family. We now only go to a doctor when there’s an emergency issue like last year when my husband needed immediate surgery for a ruptured appendix. Thanks for dropping by. I always love hearing your thoughts and views.

  4. I had tears in my eyes as I read about your frustrating journey with getting help for autism, but tears of joy when you talked about your refusal to accept that nothing could be done and you kept plugging away at finding the help that actually the whole family needed. It really put it into perspective for me what a determined, loving and remarkable mother and person you are!
    “Each sustained thought, every word we utter, and every action we take is a seed we will reap in our future. …Your future depends upon it.” Daily Teachings – The Secret

  5. For all the challenges in this journey – and I can see they’ve been great – I’m also struck by the beauty of the grace with which you’ve navigated it. I’m glad you’re finding voice to share it. And it makes such sense to me that both you and your son (and now your husband) reap benefits from a shared treatment modality. And what lovely news that the pica issue seems resolved now – yay!

    • Thanks for sharing your beautiful comment Deborah. It feels much easier in many ways now that I can look back at what we have been through, as opposed to when we were in the midst of it with little answers. We have found part of the path we are meant to be on and that is helping each of us in our family in many ways.

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your constant struggle and journey with your son. Your strength and determination is to be admired 🙂

  7. Thank you sooooo much for sharing you and your son’s journey with Heilkunst. I will definitely be sharing this on my blog. xo
    Janice recently posted..Healing with doTERRA essential oilsMy Profile

    • Janice, I’m so happy that you have so willingly shared my post on your blog. Each of our journeys are so different yet so similar. I pray for your son that his journey will be a smoother one. Heilkunst has been a huge part of our life for over 6 years now and I would not have it any other way.

  8. Suzanne, No wonder you have difficulty describing Heilkunst–I followed one of your links & it looks so comprehensive. I am so pleased for you that you and your son and husband are all participating in this move toward wholeness. You share so beautifully, thank you, Suzanne!
    Janet recently posted..Grief and Energy Self Care – Grounding – part 2 of 3My Profile

    • Thanks for dropping by Janet. I loved that you looked at one of the Heilkunst links. I love the word comprehensive that you used to describe Heilkunst. It it not something that I can explain with any ease that’s for sure. I’m glad you enjoyed reading about it.

  9. Suzanne, THANK YOU for telling us your story. I have many friends in Social Media and wondering if they know about Heilkunst. Blessings to you & your family!
    I’ll be sharing….
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Video 3 of 3 for 2013 Positively Creative Calendar/PlannerMy Profile

    • Dale, I appreciate you sharing my blog post. It would be interesting if some of your social media friends would catch glimpse of Heilkunst or other alternative healing modalities for that matter. 🙂

  10. I love the synchronicity of life like you finding out about this through a massage therapist your doctor, who couldn’t really help you, recommended. Our paths are always perfect and it gives me great hope that there are so many tools out there to choose from when finding the best one for us. You are blessed to have found something that has had such a profound effect on both you and your son.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..What’s New? BOOM!My Profile

  11. i’m so grateful for the peace and help that you’ve found
    and take courage from your solution-finding journey.
    i wish all of this wonderfulness
    wasn’t so dauntingly expensive.
    and yet i know there is a way.
    thanks for the continued encouragement,
    Jennifer Richardson recently posted..drum circle tea….My Profile

    • Jennifer, I have thought often enough also at the cost of alternative therapies. But somehow we are being provided in ways that help us afford it. My husband has extended health care that helps cover a small portion of these treatments, every dollar counts. My wish is that these therapies be more readily available to everyone that needs it. Thank you for dropping by. xo

  12. You are such a powerful advocate for your son and as you find ways to help him, you are helping others find their way, too. God bless you as you navigate this journey.
    Laurel Bleadon-Maffei recently posted..Precipice of ChangeMy Profile

  13. Well, all I can say is WOW. First of all, anti-depressants? It’s like giving someone with athlete’s foot an antacid. Secondly, “I refused to have the pain numbed by drugs. ” This was so powerful a statement, I just had to repeat it here. How quick are doctors to want to numb us (and add several side effects to it as well). And finally, your Heilkunst journey continues to fascinate me. Thank you for sharing so openly. I am going to return to this article to take notes. I am definitely going to follow your last paragraph’s advice!
    Gabriella recently posted..Oh, Green Baby Series – Part 4: Eco-Natural WebsitesMy Profile

    • Gabriella, my thoughts are that doctors do what they do best, it’s what they were taught and the route they chose. They helped me see what else was out there when I wasn’t happy with what I was told many years ago. They did me a huge favour. Now I can see that. I will write more posts about Heilkunst. xo

  14. Hello,
    I just found this blog post last night as I was looking up autism and Heilkunst. We just recently (this week with the medicines) started working with a Heilkunst doctor for our 5 y.o. son who is on the autism spectrum. I was just wondering, if you still use Heilkunst for your son (I realize he is much older)? If so, what gains have occurred? If you no longer use it, are you comfortable sharing why? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Denise, thanks for sharing about the journey you are embarking on with Heilkunst. We did Heilkunst for 8 yrs. We stopped earlier this year. My son is now 25 yrs old. We began Heilkunst when he was a teenager. I feel that each person is different in what they will experience as far as gains. I did different therapies with my son over the years, so what made what difference and what was his own development and growth is hard to separate. I’m grateful that I had explored Heilkunst during that time… and now for us this year it was time to let go and move on. Not saying we’ll never go back to Heilkunst, but for now we aren’t doing it.

      I wish you well with your young son and his Heilkunst treatments. You will be his best guide as to whether things are changing or not for him and what exactly you are seeing. Give it time. I was also treated at the same time as my son. So that might be something you’ll wish to explore also perhaps, and even your spouse perhaps? All the best to you!!

      • Thank you for the reply. We will try to see if this works for us…my husband is not convinced, so I am trying to keep him on board. I am glad you found it helpful enough to use for 8 years.

        Best of luck to you.


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