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A review of my 12:12:12 & today's Super New Moon — suzanne-mcrae.com

A review of my 12:12:12 & today’s Super New Moon

Today, December 13, 2012 is a New Moon / Super Moon. Yesterday was 12:12:12 and certainly another powerful day.

You can read my blog post on 12:12:12 here.

I intentionally spent several hours quietly by myself yesterday. I wanted to create a sacred space with my thoughts and manifestations during the 12:12:12 day. I spent time meditating and praying. I also wanted to write how I see my life evolving with this shift that is happening on earth. I decided to have fun with it and created a few mandalas since I love sacred geometry so much. I find the sacred geometry symbols to be very powerful on it’s own and that much more powerful when including intentions no doubt.

The mandala I created for 12:12:12, I coloured in each area then wrote words that were related to my intentions for the future that I wish to co-create for myself. This is the time that we want to be dreaming BIG for ourselves. Dreaming of things we don’t even realize we can have. I love this kind of dreaming. It makes life so much more interesting and fun.

The second mandala I created was for today’s New Moon / Super Moon, again I added in each space what I wish to have in my future. New moons are about setting intentions or some call it planting seeds for what you wish for and watch it grow until it becomes a reality. The energy of the new moon helps that seed (new reality) to begin to grow in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

I included in that mandala things that I wish to attract and change. Such as things that are challenging for me, I thought about how I would want it to look different and replaced them with those new thoughts… all that I wish for… projects that I want to complete… what I wish to improve in myself… what I wish to heal… how I see my life… all that I wish to attract and remain open to receiving. My lists are often long when doing this kind of inner exercise. It always helps me understand better who I am and how I truly wish to live my life.

This evening my husband, my son and I drove up to the big city. It was time for each of us to have our Bowen Therapy session. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go for a Bowen session on 12:12:12. During our session I could hear our son giggling away, laughing and then singing for a good part of his session. The Bowen practitioner told me that often this can be as healing as if he was in a deep sleep or relaxed state. Not too far in the distance was my husband, we were sharing the same healing room. He was excited he told me to see if he would hear me snore. I laughed, because I never snore. It didn’t take him long to go into a deep sleep and snore away. His snoring didn’t stop me from going into an extremely deep and relaxed state myself as the Bowen was doing its magic. Next week on 12:21:12 (another extremely powerful day… the last day of the Mayan Calendar), my son and I are scheduled in for our next Bowen session. I am enjoying Bowen and what it is doing for my family. And having experienced what I call a miracle healing with my son about a month ago makes it even more wonderful. You can read about it here.

While in town I purchased a few canvasses for an upcoming e-course at the end of January with Flora Bowley Bloom True e-course. I came home with two canvasses 30″ x 40″. Yikes! We will be painting BIG with Flora. I still need to pick up a few 36″ x 36″ canvasses. Stay tuned for some future blog posts of my creative expressions on canvas and the process I’ll be going through. That should prove to be interesting.

In a few more hours at 3:42 am (EST) it will be the time of the New Moon / Super Moon. I won’t be awake for it, but I look forward to spending more time quietly on my own again today.


If you wish to learn more about today’s powerful New Moon / Super Moon watch the YouTube video below, Sonja the Astrology Coach. In her video she shares some wonderful insights and what we need to do with aligning ourselves as best as possible during these times of incredible changes and opportunities to help propel us into a whole new world. Enjoy!

I would love to hear from you. If you wish to share how you are experiencing these new energies or what you are doing to help you manifest and co-create the life you want. I love to learn how other people are using these powerful times to help them on their personal journey.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your special moments in spirit, Suzanne. Your blogs are so lovely.
    Yaz recently posted..Have a Wonderful Christmas and a Fabulous New Year!My Profile

  2. Susan Theroff says:

    Great post Suzanne! I love this time of year, I feel so much more connected with Mother Earth…. Thank you for helping us stay in tune with the universe and all of the power available to us there.

  3. I had the luxury of being by myself yesterday for many hours. As I was doing one of my great passions – baking – I was able to reflect on the energy shifting that is happening at this time. I don’t think that I have ever felt this connected to the Universe!
    Today I have a personal Reiki session planned for later this afternoon. I have no doubt that it will also be a powerful experience. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful way to spend the day. It was a very special day.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..No Scarcity of Opportunity – Free Inspirational DownloadMy Profile

  5. Suzanne, Thank you for this post, great ideas! The part that sparks for me is your use of mandalas–perhaps I will be including this in my next Soulful Living class . . . A book you might really enjoy is Power Mandalas by Klaus Holitzka. I incorporated his mandala on the power of limitless love into one of my quilts, powerful! Love!
    Janet recently posted..Grief and Energy Self Care – Grounding – part 2 of 3My Profile

    • Thank you for sharing about the mandalas book. I will look into it. Oh Janet, I love how you incorporated his mandala into one of your quilts. Love your ideas. Very powerful and healing no doubt. Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

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