Today on this 12-12-12 date I am sharing with you some blog posts and videos that have interested me about 12-12-12 and some are also on the upcoming 12-21-12.

At Mystic Mamma you can find her wonderful article on 12-12-12- Portal – Stargate – Activation – Significance.

12:12:12 Ascension Gateway (Rainbow Bridge into Zero Point) video here below…

Abraham-Hicks video here Focus and 17 Seconds below is a wonderful one to listen to and put to use on high energetic days like today.

Think with your Heart has written a wonderful article on Birth of the New Sun: 12:12:12 – 12:21:12. You can read all about it here.

And tomorrow it’s going to be a Supermoon / New Moon. This wonderful blog post by Cathy Pagano shares a lot with us.

I wish for you to experience a wonderful transformation on these powerfully energetic dates.

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  1. 12-12-12 is a special day for many reasons…including the birthday of my partner’s nephew! Ironically, his niece was almost born on April 4 (04-04) – she just got a little excited and came early!
    Anita Mac recently posted..Do We Really Have To Say Goodbye? Love Locks Rome.My Profile

  2. Again numerology plays such a significant part in our personal and collective journeys. Thank you for the links! Around noon yesterday I felt really compelled to step outside and look up into the clear blue sky. An incredible peace came over me.


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