My thoughts on December 21, 2012

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I would love to share my views and thoughts about December 21, 2012.

We are living in a powerful and transformative time that is creating all sorts of inner shifts in people and transformative energy that is available to every human being on this planet.

December 21, 2012 has been said to be the end of the Mayan Calendar. This date marks the end-date of a 5125-year long cycle. I believe that those that are ready and choose it will have a wonderful opportunity for physical or spiritual transformation at this time. It is the perfect opportunity to let go of fear and embrace love instead. And like us, our planet earth is also undergoing a radical planetary transformation.

The Official Countdown

Several years ago I began reading, learning about and becoming more in tune with this new energy and the shifts I was starting to experience with regards to what is called the…

New Age… New paradigm… A shift in human consciousness… Ascension… Consciousness Oneness… New Consciousness… Fifth-dimensional consciousness… The Great Awakening… 5th Dimension… The Finger of God… and all the other many words that describe the time we are in now.

What I feel is that it is time that we let go of fear in our lives and embrace love instead. It is time to let go and surrender our old beliefs and ways of thinking. It is time to let go of the chaos, upheaval and negative energy in our lives.

You have probably felt changes that have been happening in your life and all around you. It seems to be happening everywhere and no one it seems is left unaffected. We are also beginning to see that we are not who we think we truly are. More and more of our true-self will begin to emerge in ways that it’s hard to imagine ourselves to really be like. Our true unlimited and full potential will begin to show itself and we will be able to do so much more from that new place.

I believe that we are coming into a new age where we will be able to connect in a bigger way and have greater access to the great wisdom and knowledge from the ancients.

We will be living from our heart space instead of our head and mind space. Start listening to your inner voice and use your intuition to base your decisions and actions from that place.

We are moving into a new paradigm that has unlimited potential for us to create miraculous manifestations in our lives. I believe that what we have experienced up to now as miracles will become the norm in this new world. I also believe that there will be less dis-ease there.

I feel that any systems – education, medical, pharmaceutical, corporations, governments, politics or any others that may be corrupt and not in alignment with this new energy and new light entering this new age will continue to break down, fall apart, and be required to change if they are to survive this new age… there will be no choice in the matter. This new energy and light will cause changes and those that resist it will suffer and find it very difficult to live on this earth in that new energy. I see it as a grand time and opportunity for us all of us to embrace the new changes, to allow ourselves to live our lives fully and to thrive. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Below are a few videos that speak of this very well…

Abraham-Hicks on 2012

Gregg Braden on 2012 Ascension Part 1

Gregg Braden on 2012 Ascension Part 2

I will be choosing for my heart to remain open to accepting graciously this beautiful gift of light and love and fully trust that my energy will be aligned to this new energy and that I will embody it fully. For me personally it feels like my soul has wanted me to be in that new place for a very long time now.

I’d love to hear your thoughts of what you have experienced. What has this time of great awakening and ascension been like for you? How do you see this new world might look like? What will you choose to do on 12-21-12?
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  1. Beautiful words, Suzanne. I think shifts happen even when people aren’t aware of it. Lots of love to you!
    Yaz recently posted..Guilt is a Prison; Let Go and Be FreeMy Profile

  2. Hi Suzanne: I’m totally with you on this…. Much love.
    Janice recently posted..Aya despacho – honouring our ancestorsMy Profile

  3. Sarah Treanot says:

    I loved this post. Those videos were wonderful!! What this shift means to me, is that somehow in the midst of my own life traumas i have been made more open and aware, more ready for such a shift. I do not welcome it with the same positivity as most seem to however, because im so acutely aware at this time in my life that darkness must be a part of such change. I believe it may be one of the most beautiful shifts we’ve ever experienced as a people, but that also means it will be incredibly challenging and full of many dark nights and much pain. We cannot grow to such a place without enduring much pain. Even so, i keep my heart open and trusting. For there is so much love to be found in pain.
    Sarah Treanot recently posted..Loss of Self & Looking Ahead.My Profile

  4. This is so fascinating to me. I haven’t seen the videos just yet, but will try to do so before the 21st! Thanks for your view on this. I feel the shift as well.
    Gabriella recently posted..Oh, Green Baby Series – Part 2: Eco-Natural Books for Pregnancy, Birth and BeyondMy Profile

  5. I so agree that it’s time for all these old systems to break down that aren’t working and are corrupt and move forward into a time of love and compassion and support for all. This is a big time of change and a lot of cleaning has been taking place and will continue to prepare for the “new world.” I am excited about what the future holds!
    Michele Bergh recently posted..20 of the Best Prosperity + Abundance QuotesMy Profile

  6. Suzanne, what an amazing blog you put together! Those videos were so straightforward in bringing the message through loud and clear. I think Gregg Braden said it all when he stated that our bodies need to stay attuned to the changes and that wise people from the past have been preparing us for this shift that is happening right now: rapture, ascension, etc. Wherever we are on the consciousness continuum, the shift is going on. The more conscious we are, the less resistant we are to the change from ‘old way’ to ‘new way’. Like you, I choose to be accepting of the inevitable by just being. The more we fight it, the more pain we will feel and from what Sarah Treanot so insightfully acknowledges we might as well experience the pain by keeping our hearts open and trusting. No easy task!

  7. Michele and Marge thank you for sharing with us your thoughts and views. It’s so wonderful when others can express exactly what I am also feeling, connecting and viewing all of this also.

  8. I find myself attracted more and more to the light. Thank you Suzanne for your thoughts. I couldn’t agree more fellow traveler.

  9. “For me personally it feels like my soul has wanted me to be in that new place for a very long time now.” I couldn’t agree with you more. Wonderful post.
    Robin Heim recently posted..I Want a Pantone 2013My Profile


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