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A movie that will awaken you! — suzanne-mcrae.com

A movie that will awaken you!

The movie that I am sharing with you here will awaken and stir things in you there’s no doubt. As I got ready to sit down for a few hours this afternoon to knit I decided I needed to also be watching something at the same time. I had bookmarked a few movies from a blog post I had read a few days ago named Consciousness Video Resources from the website Blissed Life. Today I watched the first video ‘Thrive – What on earth will it take?’.

Over the last several years things have begun shifting and changing for me where I have become so much more sensitive to everything around me, and to the world at large. I refuse to watch the news or shows that have violence. I have to leave the room if the TV is on something that doesn’t feel right to me. There’s been what I have felt to be an awakening happening for me that I have not been able to ignore. I call it an awakening to truth. And in this movie are some of those truths that have awakened in me.

I began watching the movie and knitting… what drew me in was the part where they talked about symbols, sacred geometry, Flower of Life, Tree of Life, crop circles, the Code and as it went on I wondered how the rest might interest me but I stayed with it as I kept knitting. And before I knew it I could not peel myself away. By the end I felt teary about the experience. This movie taught me that all that I have experienced in my awakening for several years now, such as not giving up and holding on to that truth was what I needed to do. Somehow this movie has helped me see a much grander picture of what I have known. It helped me understand that I am not alone with these visions and wish for changes. It is happening. I have seen many glimpses here and there. The movement towards full awakening for all is getting closer.

See for yourself… in english here below or for the choice of 20 other languages click here.

“We are on the threshold of a mass awakening… veils are lifting… the way is becoming clear… the vision is strong… it’s time to create the world we yearn for and deserve… we need to say enough and know that there is another way… we can meet that challenge… have a clear picture of our potential… our purpose is to thrive… we all have what it takes to thrive… it’s time to create a better world for our future generations… we have the power to focus our energy effectively… and to include the rights of everyone… justice… truth.”

I dare you to step out of the norm for what you believe to be the truth!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m excited to watch it…now to find a couple of hours I can just sit 🙂
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Your Intuition is Talking…Are You Listening? Post 1 of 2My Profile

  2. Thanks Suzanne. I’m going to find time to watch this today.
    Yaz recently posted..Sexing Up The Doctor’s Waiting Rooms!My Profile

  3. Suzanne I own this movie! I bought it about a year ago and I agree, it is a truly enlightening movie.

  4. Sounds like a great movie. How does someone go about watching it?

  5. Marge Laprade says:

    Thank you for link to the movie that had you so mesmerized in this blog. I will definitely be watching it!

  6. Suzanne, I just requested this movie through our inter-library loan program. I will give it a try–combining it with handwork is a great idea.
    Janet recently posted..Seeing Anyone?My Profile

  7. Shelly Jack says:

    Hi Suzanne! Thank you so much for sharing this. Excited to watch it this afternoon in my sewing room while working/sewing. I am constantly looking for new insightful/ inspirational things to fill my day while I create. I often sit and work for many many hours in silence and just think and be. I really thrive in that. Thank you again! 🙂
    Shelly Jack recently posted..Christmas Time…My Profile

  8. I love how so many of us like to incorporate our creative work with something like watching an inspirational movie. I hope you will have enjoyed watching it also Shelly. 🙂

  9. Hi Suzanne:
    What seems like a hopeless situation, can and will be changed to a hopeful one. There are so many awakening to not only to the illusion of the world, but also to the Truth of what lies within us: power and the ability to affect change. Awesome! Thank you!

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