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A century of living! — suzanne-mcrae.com

A century of living!

What a beautiful celebration it was! This past weekend we attended my great-aunt’s 100th Birthday celebration. We spent the afternoon with her and many other family members. There was also a full evening planned with close to a few hundred people who were attending dinner followed by live music, dancing and lots of fun for all.

She and her family all arrived at the place where the reception was being held by horse and buggy. They went for a ride around town, I was told. Yesterday was not the warmest day, we had winds and even a few snow flurries on and off. She was bundled warm with her fur coat and well taken care of by family.

I don’t recall any relative of mine living as long as she has. I had great-grandparents on my father’s side that lived into their 90’s but no one reaching 100 years of age.

In recent years I have developed an interest and passion for genealogy. I am writing a family book about my father’s family and his descendants. I get the feeling that I will have a few more books to write once that one is completed. My mother’s sister already asked me to join her in researching her mother’s family which is that of my maternal grandmother. The most rewarding part of doing such a huge project is hearing the stories from relatives. It brings me so much joy to know that one day this book and maybe more family books will be enjoyed by the future generations and this should give them an idea who their ancestors were and what their life was about.

This spring and summer I visited my great-aunt several times with my mother. We had long discussions about our ancestors and we enjoyed listening to her stories. She shared a few old photos with me to scan for future use in the genealogy projects that I know I’ll be working on one day. I also learned a bit more about my maternal grandfather who was her brother. She has one living sister.

In her 100 years, she raised a large family and has lived her life to the fullest. Today at 100 she has an incredibly sharp mind. Even though she has only met me a handful of times this year she immediately remembered my name when she saw me yesterday. You would never give her the age that she is. She is so young at heart and has a wonderful sense of humour. Now I know where my mother gets her sense of humour from. She’s a lot of fun. Some of her favourite past times are doing crossword puzzles and reading. She loves to get together regularly with friends to play cards.

In her 100 years, she has lived through 15 (of the 22) Prime Ministers of Canada, 18 Presidents of the USA, 4 British Monarchs, 2 World Wars and the Great Depression. She has lived through the most fascinating period in history, from the horseless carriage to seeing man on the moon and so much more.


Wishing you many more healthy and happy years!

This is my mother with her aunt (my great-aunt)
(thanks Mom for letting me use your photos)

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  1. Wow! What a treat to have someone in your life who has lived 100 years. The perspective she must have and the stories to tell…incredible, I’m sure. She looks very happy with your mom – what a great photo.
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Manifesto for LifeMy Profile

    • I am blessed Michele that she has welcomed my mother and I to visit with her as she shared some photos and stories with us. She is indeed a very happy and wise woman. I also love the photo of my mother with her.

  2. This is a lovely story and nice photos Suzanne! I like the one with you mom and great-aunt.
    Yaz recently posted..Shaman Healers of TodayMy Profile

  3. Suzanne, What a wonderful event and connections. I can totally see you being a vibrant 100-year-old–though not for a while yet! Imagine what will happen in your lifetime between now and 100. Amazing.
    Janet recently posted..Seeing Anyone?My Profile

    • Interesting Janet because the last several years I keep saying that I want to live to be 120 years old. I keep repeating this and I don’t know if it’s because I have so much left that I want to do or if I’m afraid of missing out on something. lol We have no control over the time we have left I realize. But I do hope to live as long as I will be healthy and will have learned all of the lessons I came here to learn and experience. I love having you drop by. xo

  4. Marge Laprade says:

    What a great way to tie in the longevity of a wonderful great-aunt and geneology! We who are still alive on this planet are the ones to carry down the stories and memories of those who were here before us. They helped to make us who we are and this is our gift to them: a tribute. You are truly an amazing woman to be doing this labour of love!

    • I couldn’t agree more Marge that their stories and memories need to be carried forward to those that will come after us one day. I enjoy learning about the connections to my ancestors that have somehow shaped me into who I am today.

  5. She is beautiful Suzanne! Thanks for sharing her and your mom with us – what a wonderful picture. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall at her celebration as I am sure she had many many interesting stories to tell’

  6. Thanks Terry. She is such a beautiful lady and no doubt so many interesting stories that remain to be told.

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