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The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! — suzanne-mcrae.com

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

What a pleasant surprise it was to receive The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Nancy Lennon of Rainbow Light Angel. Be sure to stop over for a visit at her website. Nancy is a Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Animal Whisperer and Writer, who loves nature and animals and most recently discovered a passion for photography.

What an honour to receive The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It’s been a beautiful gift to have been given and in return I am passing it on to other amazing bloggers that I admire very much for their writing as well as their many other creative talents.


Here are the rules (if you have been awarded and wish to play along):

Display the award logo on your blog.
Link back to the person who nominated you.
State 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and link to them (I have chosen to award 13 bloggers only).

Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the awards requirements.

Now I would like to share with you 7 things about myself… and then I will pass on The Very Inspiring Award to 13 women that are incredibly talented, gifted, creative, artistic and that have inspired and touched my soul in many ways and more than with just their words.

7 things that you may not know about me…

*I’m writing a family book about my father’s family and our ancestors. I have gathered many generations of information going back to when my ancestors came from France to Canada in the mid 1600’s. The book will be a compilation of names, dates, family stories and hundreds of family photos.

*I have lived in the same town where I grew up for 45 years now. With the exception of when I finished high school and was single, I had moved away for a period of 9 years to work and during that time I moved 9 times. I’m sure glad that I got the fun of moving out of my system back then. When we got married 27 years ago, I returned to my hometown and I haven’t moved since.

*As a young girl I used to love spending endless hours creating Hidden Word puzzles.

*I’m 5′ 8″ tall.

*I’m the eldest of a family of 4. I have two brothers and one sister.

*I speak French and English. French is my first language.

*When something resonates and speaks volume to me, I become a very passionate person with a goal in mind and I don’t let up until I achieve it.

Now it is my greatest pleasure on this beautiful fall day to introduce to you 13 amazing bloggers (in no specific order) that I have chosen to give The Very Inspiring Bloggers Award to. You will find a diversity of topics and blogs that I love to read. These women are incredibly talented, gifted, healers, creative, artistic and have inspired and touched my soul in many ways and with more than with simply their words. I invite you over to their website, go see what might inspire you in return. Leave them a comment. I’m sure they would be pleased that you visited. Enjoy!

I begin by introducing you to this amazing young woman Blair Shackle from The Turquoise Heart website. She writes authentically from her heart and is all about whole-hearted living and clearly displays that with every word that she writes.

Janet Hovde is a gifted intuitive healer, an artist and creates beautiful healing quilts and is a wonderful writer on top of all of that. I especially like her posts on Spiritual Cookies, they make me smile every time I see those words.

Not long ago I met Lenore Angela online and since then I have totally fallen in love with her creations and the work she is doing. Her creations help me reconnect to my inner child and the wonderful memories of my childhood and how I used to love playing and using my imagination. Lenore is also an author and an illustrator.

This next woman calls herself The Health Nut and you will see why when you read her inspiring life transforming story. Meet Sylvie Thibert. I also know her personally but most of all she has inspired me in many ways on my journey to becoming healthier.

Let me introduce you to Dale Anne Potter. Wherever Dale is online she radiates such positivity. Dale is multi-talented as a textile mixed media artist, teacher, positivity coach, speaker and also a great writer. She gets her ideas and inspirations from the world around her.

Amy Putkonen‘s blog Tao Te Ching Daily is filled with thought provoking blog posts after another. I admire the work she does greatly. She helps me question and see things differently in my own life.

Next I invite you to go and check out the Creative Late Bloomers website created by Teresa Cash. Teresa was looking for a way to celebrate the Creative Late Bloomers out there in the world and find a way to help them be known and shine their light. It is from that desire and place in her heart that her website Creative Late Bloomers was born.

This next woman is full of adventure and shares about them on her blog. I was introduced to her website by my sister who knows her and since there’s been talk between my sister and I of possibly going to do the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage one day, I thought I’d share with you Anita Mac’s site. She just finished walking the Camino de Santiago herself and has been blogging about it. She’s a travel enthusiast with a bucket list that is ever-expanding always wondering where the next adventure will take her.

This next blogger Andrea Sabean from Artisan in the Woods has always inspired me with her way of being able to create awesome little creatures and children’s toys from drawings or her imagination. Her love to live simply, passionately and find the art in every day is an inspiration. Andrea also shares beautifully in her writing about her creative and everyday life.

Tracey Beauregard a very inspiring woman who I met a few years ago. Having known her and read her blog is what inspired me to believe that I could do it for myself as well. Now go and see how her pigtails have empowered her. She is an incredibly beautiful soul who writes from her heart.

Here you will find Sarah Treanor who has been furiously writing since losing her fiancé to a tragic work accident, just a few short months ago. You can find her work at Our 1000 Days. She shares her memories and lessons that drew her and her fiancé together as she works through her loss and goes through the grieving process. She is pursuing her dreams of becoming an independent artist and writer.

Gabriella of Green Home Today is a mother, teacher, writer, dreamer. The birth of her son 5 years ago changed her life. She has become extremely passionate about sharing all that she has learned with regards to living green using safe non-toxic products. And everything else that Gabriella is passionate about and changes in her own life you will learn about on her wonderful website.

Shelly Brewer Penko inspires me with her beautiful art. She is an artist and jewelry maker and writes so beautifully. I recently met her online in a class. Her writing speaks volume, as in her most recent blog post about the Journey to Sisterhood.

Be sure to check where else you can find these women hanging out whether on their Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest, Etsy Shop or any other places… be sure to join them there.

I celebrate and congratulate you amazing women!!!

Suzanne xo

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  1. Congratulations on your well-deserved award Suzanne! Je ne savais pas que le Français était ta langue maternelle!
    Lalyblue recently posted..A dream that wanted to be real (un rêve qui voulait devenir réalité)My Profile

    • Lalyblue… Thank you your comments meant a lot to me.

      Je parle encore le français mais je pratique beaucoup moins que quand j’était jeune. Merci d’avoir visité mon site. 🙂

  2. THANK YOU ever so much Suzanne. I am most honoured! You made my week!!!
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..More Colour InspirationMy Profile

  3. Congratulations Suzanne!!

  4. Congratulations, Suzanne, for this well deserved award!
    Deborah recently posted..Rose LakeMy Profile

  5. I have received several blogging awards over the last few years, but I don’t think anyone has ever made me feel so honoured. Thank you, Suzanne, for all of your kind words. And congratulations on receiving the award yourself! You have created an inspiring home here on the web and your award is well-deserved!
    Andrea recently posted..A Trio of TurtlesMy Profile

  6. Definitely well deserved! Very proud of you sister 🙂

  7. Suzanne, first of all, congratulations on the award. I agree, you ARE indeed, very inspiring. So, the award fits. Secondly, thank you for passing the award on… and having me on that list! I have been perusing the list of blogs above, and completely agree with you that you each of these ladies have something inspiring to share with the world. So many beautiful stories on each of their sites.

    Thank you for the award. I am very touched.
    Gabriella recently posted..Don’t Call Me ‘Amazing Mother’My Profile

    • Thank you Gabriella for your kind words as always. Love having you on the award list… your blog is filled with your wisdom, knowledge and life experiences that I wanted others to know about. xo

  8. Wow, Suzanne! Thank you for including me on this list! The purity of your light always makes me feel so shined on. I look forward to putting together my list of 13-15! And to perusing the sites on your list, yum. Spiritual Cookies, anyone??
    Janet recently posted..Taking a Break from the BluesMy Profile

  9. Congratulations on your award, Suzanne! I think it’s wonderful and TOTALLY deserving! 🙂 Thank you also for introducing us to 13 new bloggers. So, so great! I really enjoyed learning a little more about you. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us.
    Becky recently posted..She is Made from StardustMy Profile

  10. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I had fun participating in this and was honoured to receive the award from Nancy. But the most fun part was paying it forward to the next group of bloggers. 🙂

  11. What a great honor. I will be following your blog, Suzanne!
    Jean recently posted..Rainy Day Goodness, (Etsy Shop open!)My Profile

  12. Thanks for the sweet nod, Suzanne! I have been on vacation, so I am just seeing this! I am excited to check out the others on your list as well!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..Our Journey Through FearMy Profile

  13. Thank you so much, beautiful Suzanne. I just realized that you wrote about this on your blog, I had only seen the message on Facebook and seen some of your later posts here, but missed this one. You are such a warm and open-hearted soul and I’m so happy to know you. ♥ ♥ ♥
    Shelly recently posted..Journey of SisterhoodMy Profile

    • It’s so nice having you here Shelly. Glad you dropped in to read the blog post about The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I know I picked well when I chose you for it. You truly inspire me with your artwork and your writing. Love that I am getting to know you better. xo


  1. […] my friend from Canada, Suzanne McRae, gave me The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Suzanne is a generous woman on a path of learning about […]

  2. […] Another thing that I did this year was take several e-courses: How to Build a Blog you Truly Love with Liv Lane, Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts, and Positively Creative Journaling with Dale Anne Potter. I joined a few EFT programs with The Tapping Solution. Through these online courses I joined some private Facebook groups. I joined 420 Characters and Flyer’s Blog Circle, a monthly thing where we each write on the same topic. I have met some amazing people: healers, artists, writers, entrepreneurs, teachers, coaches and more. I have met so many gifted, incredibly talented and wonderful women and each one has inspired me in one way or another. I’m finding my tribe this year more than ever. I’ve found where I fit a bit better in this world. I never saw myself as someone really creative but after this year I am realizing that the creative monster in me is being re-awakened and I am fully embracing that journey that I have only just begun. I was also gifted free creative coaching this fall that helped me with writing in many ways. My coach helped me when I wanted to share my story for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum and potentially have my story published. There are a few other wonderful healers that I had met online that gave me free healing sessions this year, for which I am eternally grateful. I was asked by a few people to write guest blog post… one on Green Home Today – 9 days, 9 amazing eco-women series… and one on Late Creative Bloomers. I received The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and, in return, I had so much fun awarding some of my own favourite bloggers. […]

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