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Piles... papers, books and all that odd stuff β€” suzanne-mcrae.com

Piles… papers, books and all that odd stuff

What’s the best way to spend a Saturday evening? I decided it was time to put together all the odds and end stuff that I had accumulated on my kitchen countertop or should I say that have taken up a permanent residence there.

I hate having piles… With-A-Passion!

Part of me believes that I will always have piles. After all there I have other family members that have piles too. I can’t see how that could ever change. It feels like it’s in my blood. I have so many things on the go all the time. I can never stick to only one thing at a time. I refuse to stick to only doing one thing at a time. And to me that means piles must exist if I’m trying to do more than one thing at a time. Which reminds me maybe I need to look at the beliefs I have about piles and do some EFT tapping on that one again. Maybe I can change my relationship to my piles. Or maybe I don’t want to change it.

I used to blame my issue with piles on genetics and that I had inherited them in some way. But now I know better, no one created my piles other than myself. I didn’t notice any family member coming into our home and putting piles of stuff on my countertop. So I can’t go blaming those that came before me for my behaviour.

Time to dig in… I sat down for a whole 2 minutes in front of my pile before deciding I wanted to make a triple recipe of Nutty Granola Mix. It was perfect timing while I was in the kitchen to keep stirring it as it baked in the oven for the hour, also a good way to avoid looking at my pile right away.

Oh and if you are going to make this recipe you may just want to also make the almond milk recipe below. It is so delicious. (compliments of The Health Nut (a.k.a. Sylvie) at one of her cooking seminars. Head over and LIKE her Facebook page she always has great recipes there).


1 1/2 cups raw almonds – 4 cups filtered or spring water – 3-5 medjool dates (optional)

Soak almonds in water for at least 6 hours (or overnight), leave on the countertop; drain soaked almonds, blend with 4 cups of fresh water until you get a milk-like consistency. Blend with dates if you like your milk to be a bit sweet. To strain you can use a cheesecloth to separate the almond granules/chunks from the almond milk. Keeps for 3-4 days in an air tight jar in the refrigerator.


I put the granola mix to bake in the oven and I started going through my pile in hopes to de-clutter, sort, organize, recycle (most if I could… or better yet maybe I could have a campfire and that way I wouldn’t be able to pull the papers back out that way), take notes, file and better yet attempt to find a hidden home for most of it so I don’t have to look at it on my counter.

In my pile I had…

  • a few books: Unfolding the Essential Self from Rage to Orgastic Potency by Allyson McQuinnour Heilkunst Practitioner and The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. A book that my sister has lent me. I want to have a quick look to see what they talk about for autism
  • then there was genealogy family tree information in that pile too
  • juicing note book
  • my E-course note-book for Flying Lessons with Kelly Rae Roberts. I just finished week 4 and there’s only one more week to go. I have found this E-course to be a good review of a lot of things I had learned this past year. Some of it is new to me, but also that probably won’t be applying much to what I want to do with regards to business. The Facebook group of woman for this class is amazing. I also share that class with my daughter who is taking it. We are both on a very similar journey and that is so exciting to be able to share and support one another.

  • I found lots of odds and end receipts lying around,
  • I have financial stuff that needs updating with regards to the funding I receive to help my son when we buy the services he needs,
  • websites links written on little pieces of paper that I want to check out,
  • a guest blog post that I have to write about Soaring to Success,
  • essential oils list of ideas that needs to be put where it belongs so I can find it when I need it,
  • a notebook with observations I have to make of my son for his Heilkunst practitioner and for his Bowen therapy practitioner. That helps them gauge their treatment plan for him.
  • my iCal that also reminds me often that I have 6-months left to do all my Apple Video Tutorials,
  • I found a question that I want to journal about and add to my Life Mapping book… If I could have anything I want what would it be?  A Life Mapping book is like a vision board except you put it into a journal or scrapbook of some sort. Which reminds me I haven’t looked at mine in a long time,
  • then there’s the separate to-do lists for: my Website, Twitter, Facebook Page, Etsy Shop and Pinterest… all the things I want to learn about each one of them. There’s tutorials that I want to do so I can fine tune everything I have going on,
  • then there’s the dietary changes to be made… I have to prepare a list of what we need to stay away from, figure out what to replace those foods and meals with, learn about new ingredients and then figure out how I will explain all of this to my son so he doesn’t feel that I’m taking everything away from him,
  • there’s Heilkunst notes to re-write so it’ll make sense to me,
  • Heilkunst remedies and supplements list to update so I know what it is we need to be taking right now
  • and alternative therapy receipts to be sent in for refund.

Which reminds me, I somehow distracted myself by writing this blog post about it. Now I must return to my pile.

I’d love to hear how you manage the everyday stuff that attempts to secretly accumulate and pile up when you aren’t looking?

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  1. Dawn Conery says:

    Love your posts, feel like I am there lol. I too have piles of stuff. I spend alot of my time searching through and moving the piles. Human condition I think. So it is ok πŸ™‚

  2. I’m glad that I’m in good company with having piles around the house!
    Janice recently posted..Trauma Healing, Feminine Empowerment and Ancient Egypt MysticismMy Profile

  3. Hi Suzanne: I felt like you were in my kitchen when you wrote your post. As a fellow creative type you are certainly not alone in having piles :-). The only strategy I have found to be really helpful is working in 15 minute chunks and cleaning my sink every evening. I got these strategies at flylady.net which stands fir finally loving yourself. So nice to meet a kindred creative spirit <3.

  4. Tanya, I heard of FlyLady. Years ago I did some of her strategies. Maybe it’s time for me to go and check her site out again. πŸ™‚

    Thank you also to Janice and Dawn for dropping by. Dawn it makes me feel a little better knowing this is a human condition probably. I don’t feel so alone. πŸ™‚

  5. Gosh,
    I am a pile maniac! You’d hate my house. lol

    Love that you had some genealogy stuff in your pile. I could get lost in family history for years…

  6. Love this post. I am a pile maniac. I think you’d totally hate my house! LOL

    I love that you had genealogy info in your pile. I could get lost for years in family history…

    Becky recently posted..Safety and HurtsMy Profile

  7. I hate those piles too! But yes, they do sneak up on us, and must be attended to. And I can relate that you pile is filled with so many To Do’s. It can be overwhelming … all the things we need to keep up on, learn about, finish, incorporate into our life, etc. etc. I usually pick out my top 3 or 5 “must do” priorities and the rest gets filed away for later, simply because I cannot stand looking at the big Pile!

    PS Impressed you make you own almond milk!

    • Love your idea Jennifer of picking the top 3 or 5 ‘must do’ items on your list. I should take your advice here and hide the rest. Out of sight, out of mind maybe. I only made the almond milk recipe a few times, it was so delicious and well worth the effort to make.

  8. I love this Suzanne!! I struggle with piles too – if fact my New Years resolution for 2012 was to get my entire home organized and uncluttered. I can honestly say I’m doing very well. Still a way to go but I remind myself daily that it will be an ongoing process forever!!

    Your piles even sound a little like my piles…there are always a bunch of recipes and books and way too many receipts. Ug! πŸ˜‰


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