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"May we shed everything that no longer serves us well - S. McRae" — suzanne-mcrae.com

“May we shed everything that no longer serves us well”

As I was making breakfast yesterday morning, I paused to look out of my kitchen window at the forest in our backyard. Already so much of the leaves have let go and have fallen to the ground. Here in Canada, we are experiencing fall already.

I observed as the trees were busy shedding their leaves, they seemed to simply be letting go. It reminded me that trees go through a cycle of life also, that of letting go of what’s no longer needed, and creating space for the birth of next spring’s new growth.

This made me think of my life and how I sometimes hold on to things that can cause me discomfort. I don’t always know what those things are. But I do know that I don’t always feel as good as I could be feeling and to me that’s a clear sign that I’m holding on to something that’s not needed or something I haven’t dealt with.

I then started seeing the trees and their leaves as a wonderful metaphor to use in my life. What if I was able to give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me well, maybe I can create more space to invite in the new also. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Next week I’ll be starting a 7-week EFT (emotional freedom technique) program online about weight loss and body confidence. My intention for this program will be for me to focus more about being brave and digging deeper so stuff can be excavated, and not having it just be about shedding weight while not looking at the issues that are behind it. Once I will be able to start addressing more the emotional stuff that’s been buried or that remains hidden behind the extra weight or body image, then the extra weight will come off with greater ease and my body will make the adjustments it needs to go back to its naturally intended state. At least that’s how I see it happening. I hope I’m right. I’ve been known to be right once in a while (referring to a bet with my husband recently). (grin)

For the upcoming EFT program, a private Facebook group was created that has almost 175 amazing women (and more to join I’m sure). When I joined, I posted about my personal reasons for joining this group and at the bottom of my post I added these words to the group…

Here’s to all of us beautiful woman here in the 7-week program… may we all reach our dreams and our goals with our weight, self-love, body confidence and exercise routines, and more. May we shed everything that no longer serves us well.

This was a wish I had for myself and for every woman in this group. That our journey with learning to love our bodies and improving the relationship we have with food, be fulfilled in whatever way we each need it to happen so we can all become happier and healthier as a result.

One woman in our group created a beautiful quote and great reminder for us using my words. I was delightfully surprised by her kind gesture to do this let alone expecting my words to mean so much to others. From these words someone else was inspired and wanted to make it the class mantra. Another lady said she was going to print and post what she referred to as a powerful message on her mirrors as a reminder. I have been inspired by their enthusiasm to use my words. I now plan on using them myself to help me on my journey as a great reminder of what it is that I am ready for, just like the trees in my backyard to shed everything that is no longer serving me well!

Just before signing up for this program and looking back, some things seem to synchronistically be falling into place with regards to what I want to attain for my health. It started with a 14-day juicing and smoothie challenge. These are a few other blog posts that you can read about here and another one here. Then last week I went for my first Bowen Therapy session followed by Colon Hydrotherapy. You can read about both here. Yesterday I went for a second Bowen Therapy session, it’s incredible how I feel and the adjustments that my body is making already. I also took my son yesterday for his first Bowen Therapy session and he responded very well and was very comfortable and trusting.

I have already started making the recommended changes in my diet since seeing the colon hydrotherapy person last week. I was not a happy camper at first even though I fully understood why I had to make the changes. I’m not resisting quite as much anymore. I’m already feeling so much better and am not experiencing as much bloating. My body is thanking me for the changes that I’ve made already. Yesterday I had a session with my son’s new Heilkunst practitioner and what she discussed with me had to do with making changes to his diet as well. Making changes can feel overwhelming but especially when it involves making them for someone else’s wellbeing. I don’t have an easy way to explain to my son who has autism why we will be doing some changes to some of the foods he likes eating. I know that he will have his own time where he will resist, and that is the part that I don’t want to face. My upcoming 7-week EFT program will come in very handy to help me cope with this as well. I know that these changes are the right thing to do. I look forward to seeing us succeed in a fun and easy way.

Here’s to making lasting changes!

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  1. I love your quote and I love your photos of Newfoundland. I am from Edmonton but lived in Toronto some time ago. I had the pleasure of exploring the beauty of the Maritimes but ran out of time to visit Newfoundland. I know the “Newfie” people are extremely warm and friendly because many of them work here in Alberta and the VP of our company is from Newfoundland. Your photographs really capture the beauty that I have only heard about. Well done! (P.S. my husband is a photographer)
    I am as excited as you are to start the tapping weight loss program next week. Ciao!

    • Hi Carol, thank you for visiting and I appreciate very much your lovely feedback. You are absolutely right about the people of Newfoundland, friendly is not the word and they are so welcoming. Thank you for the compliments on my photographs. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow my daughter’s camera for that trip. I hope one day you will make it to that beautiful province. I know for us there will be a return trip there. See you in the tapping group. 🙂

  2. Another inspiring post. The EFT course sounds wonderful and I’m excited to see how it goes for you. May you shed everything that no longer serves you:)
    Michele Bergh recently posted..Can’t Decide? 10 Surefire Ways to Come Up with Your eCourse Topic, 3 of 3 PostsMy Profile

  3. Suzanne, I’m eager to hear how your EFT course goes. Tapping is such an amazing thing, I’ve used it in all sorts of situations but for some reason I procrastinate about including it as a daily practice. Perhaps reading of your experience will encourage me to make that commitment.

    • Well Susan, here’s to hoping that I will make it a daily commitment in my life. I have slacked off lately so it would be very nice if I picked up the good habit again of daily EFT tapping. I will blog about it more once I get into it. 🙂

  4. What a beautiful metaphor – and it can be applied to so many instances in our lives. In looking at it this way, I see that I am very much entering into the winter of my soul. I have left behind the people who were in my life before my fiance died – the ones who I discovered were not there for me – and have invested only in the ones who have proven true soul friends. I have left the job behind that wasn’t working for me, no more cubicles for me! And biggest of all, I have left the city he and I called home, because I knew in my heart that I could not grow there. I knew if I stayed there, all I would do is walk around with the ghosts of my former life. These have been some of the hardest things to let go of, but with each one I feel a rightness in me, and a lightness about accepting that I must move forward. Now all the trees in my fields are bare and the air is quiet – and there is room to explore what is left, what to plant and care for in me so that, when the time comes, I will bloom as I should.

    It sounds like this group is going to be incredibly healing and inspiring for you. Wow these private Facebook groups are such a blessing! I just love love that so many are taking your quote to heart… it’s beautiful! Yes, I will be snatching it up to share on my page as well! Funny how surprised we are when our words mean so much to others… I mean really, why wouldn’t they? We are all human and crave to connect! =) Thank you for this wonderful post!

    • I loved having you here Sarah. Thank you for sharing with us your words of wisdom. I’m so glad to see that you found a message in what I wrote that is for you. It can’t be easy having to leave everything behind like you’ve decided to do. But it sounds like you are definitely on the right path to healing with those that support you. You express yourself so beautifully, even in the midst of what you are going through. I admire you very much for the courage that you have and your way of sharing it with the world. Blessings! Suzanne xo

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