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Anniversary get-away! — suzanne-mcrae.com

Anniversary get-away!

Last weekend we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary, my husband suggested that we get away for the weekend. So we headed off to Picton area and Sandbanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario. The last time we were there was with our children when they were about 10 and 12… it’s been over a decade since our last time there.

On Friday we decided to tour around a bit to become familiar with the surroundings again. I’m grateful that my husband has a good sense of direction, because I can have a map and a GPS and I still get lost. I have little sense of direction.

We saw that there was a drive-in in the area we thought it might be a fun outing. The last time we went to one was when we were dating, close to 3 decades ago. We saw Hope Springs and had many good laughs.

This is Sandbanks Provincial Park. The giant sand dunes and beaches form two of the largest freshwater baymouth sandbars in the world here, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Here we walked up a sand dune that was quite high and steep. As I walked up it made me think of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage that my sister and I have talked about a few times. I would have to do some serious training to prepare for that pilgrimage if we ever decided to go.

The view from the dunes was beautiful once we reached the top. We could see a few swans in the water with a whole flock of geese all swimming together.

We went on the beaches and walked trails most of the day. Luckily we were only caught in rain and no storms.

These two deer were in the middle of the road but quickly ran away in the field as we drove up slowly. We saw lots of wildlife… deer, lots of wild turkeys, raven, hawk and my husband even saw a pig.

It was cool that day and some kids were having a blast in the water, they were having races in plastic boats.

Flowers growing in the rocks.

We saw a few Inukshuks that were about 4′ tall.

One guy was out there alone windsurfing (I believe that’s what it’s called). It was amazing to watch him go. At times he would do something and fly up into the air probably 10-15′ and land without falling off his board.

After a long wait for the sun to set and the sky to clear… within minutes before the sun would set the sky was perfectly clear then a huge band of cloud formed low near the water level. We were sure that we wouldn’t get to see anything. But the orange glow did come through and the colours around in the sky looked like a rainbow almost. There’s something magical about each sunset.

When I think back to early July when I was taking a class online called Positively Creative Journaling, one of the exercises was to journal about what a fantasy day might look like… a day I dreamed of having for myself. I had fun writing things down not fully expecting it to happen anytime soon. Little did I know that the next month I would be gone for a week and this month gone for 3 days with my husband. Many of the elements I wanted and wrote about in that exercise became a reality for me. I love how things have manifested in my life just from one simple exercise. You can read about it here.

And just before these last two get-aways my husband and I went to Newfoundland in June for 10 days… our first big trip without the kids. I’m so happy that I get to have all this time alone with my husband. It felt for so long that our life had been anything but ordinary, we couldn’t get away or have much time alone like we wish we could have and now it feels incredibly amazing to finally feel that there’s relief, time and space that is just for ‘us’ once again.

I wonder where the next adventure will bring us?

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  1. Hi Suzanne! This looks like a gorgeous retreat…I LOVE those sunset pictures. I feel like I’m there. Here’s to adventure! xo

  2. what a delicious slice of heaven, this place,
    and your go slowly walk with hubby.
    looks so much like the sea
    it’s hard to believe it’s a lake.
    thanks for letting me tag along
    and see the beautiful sights.
    (and for the sweet inspire about
    art journaling!)

  3. That sounds so fun, Suzanne! I commented on another post of someone else’s that I was hoping that you got to make out with your husband a bit but if the kids were with that might have been a bit weird. Thanks for posting all the great photos! How fun to hear about your vacation. Sounds wonderful!

    • Amy, you made me smile and laugh all at the same time. No the kids were not with us. We laughed that evening because there were 5 other cars at the drive-in and most were all in our age group, silly middle-age couples. It was a fun outing. 🙂

  4. OK, let me preface that with a bit more detail… lol. I was talking about at the drive-in movie with your husband…

  5. I just love these pictures. I pinned a few on Pinterest. It looks like you had a great time with your husband.

  6. These pictures are truly stunning, Suzanne. Happy 27 years too! My husband and I celebrate 18 on Monday. I’m hoping to do a fu day together on Saturday. You inspired me to make the time. So beautiful. ~kathy

    • Kathy, wishing you and your husband a wonderful day together for your anniversary… have a happy one! Thank you for the best wishes, glad you loved the photos. Take the time together… it’s always so nice to do.

  7. Happy Anniversary! What gorgeous pictures. Can’t believe those Inukshuks were so tall! Spectacular!
    Gabriella recently posted..Wipe The Slate CleanMy Profile


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