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Eating healthier these past few weeks has inspired me โ€” suzanne-mcrae.com

Eating healthier these past few weeks has inspired me

Today is day 14 of my juicing/smoothie cleanse and detox. I’m 7 lbs lighter than when I started and I couldn’t be any happier. I drank to my heart’s content and felt full at each meal. I would have loved to have kept going but we have a few anniversaries this month, one of which is ours and it would be nice to go out and enjoy a nice light meal at a restaurant to celebrate 27 years of marriage. So these next 3-4 days I will slowly be re-introducing lighter foods into my body so that I can resume eating meals with my family.

On Sunday I went and joined the group to end the 10-day juicing challenge we were all on (I started juicing before I realized I would be joining the group last week). I got to see the movie Hungry for Change. This is another must-see movie in my opinion especially if you are serious about your health and want to make changes. It’s educational, empowering and one that will surely open your eyes to a thing or two. Allow yourself to be empowered by their message! Below is a preview of the movie.

I won’t share everything I learned in this movie, instead I’ll just share a few more tid-bits of information to give you hopefully enough food for thought. Watching the movie is what will help you see for yourself what the food industry is doing, how they are brain-washing us and how it’s keeping us sick, overweight and craving more of the same.

Sugar is the cocaine of the food industry. Sugar is like a drug. It’s in so many foods, yet it’s legal. We are addicted to the feeling we get when we ingest it without even realizing it. The average american consumes at least 22 hidden teaspoons of sugar each and every day. We eat on average 150 lbs of sugar a year, that’s the weight of an average adult… in sugar. So much sugar is hidden in our food that we may be totally unaware of. Do we need to look further to see why so many of our children have problems today and are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism to name a few not including all the other health issues that many have. I see these children as the ‘canaries in the coal mine‘, who were born at this time to try and wake us all up so we can clean up our act from what we’ve been made to believe that is truth when it comes to food and so many other things in our lives. I’m no different than anyone else. I have my own act to clean up. I’ve had an awful lot to learn with having a child with autism. I probably have an act to clean up that goes back a few generations or more. That’s why I believe that I was given a son who has autism. There’s no doubt he’s shaken me to my core to help me find the truth in things not only to help ourselves in the process but also to help others begin to see it as well through the message that we are sharing.

Stay away from man-made processed and junk foods that has no nutrients. We wouldn’t put anything but fuel in our vehicles, so why are we not giving it a second thought when we feed our bodies with processed junk foods?

Read labels. Any words that you don’t know what it means or you can’t pronounce… leave it there. When there’s an expiry date you know it’s not fresh and it’s filled with preservatives. Find alternatives.

In a grocery store shop on the outside isles only where all the fresh foods are.

Eat 3 meals a day as well as 3 snacks a day, be sure to include a bit of protein in each one. Eat something every 3 hours.

Fat doesn’t make you fat. Sugar makes you fat.

Raw food are super foods. If we super charge our bodies we’ll have energy and vibrancy to do whatever we want with life.

Educating ourselves is the #1 step to take in order to start making changes that our bodies will thank us for.

Keep it simple. Go back to the basics. The simpler you go with food, the healthier you get.

It takes time to make changes so be gentle with yourself. It’s been a slow on-going process for me where at times I slacked off, and other times I felt that I was being re-awakened to more of this truth and encouraged to get back on track.

Try one thing a week that is different and keep building on those little changes.

Look at your comfort foods and find healthier alternatives that you can make.

Try to buy your food from local farmers and farmers markets, and organic if possible. I’m just starting to explore this myself a bit more. Going to a grocery store seems more convenient yet so many unhealthy temptations await us at the turn of each aisle with the bright colourful packaging and words that somehow go touch the emotions that need to be fed within us… there are many tricks that the food industry uses to lure us in to buy and be better and bigger consumers. It’s all about money in their pockets. They don’t have our health at heart.

Drink good quality water. Go out in the sun. Get out in nature, and get lots of fresh air and exercise. Get 8 hours of sleep a night.

I remember clearly when I wanted to make changes for my family several years ago, and the first time I walked into a health food store I wondered which planet I had landed on everything looked foreign and I felt overwhelmed. It didn’t look like a typical grocery store. The health food store was small and the packaging in most cases was not very fancy. I kept going back and bit by bit I got more comfortable and started learning and seeing the benefits of many of the items they had in their store. Check out your local health food store, farmers market and support your local farmers in whatever ways that you can. The closer to home your food is grown the better. Join online groups or local groups that can help educate you but most importantly that can support you with the changes you want to make. Slowly you’ll meet people that are more in alignment with what you are seeking. Be willing to look outside your box with how you do things.

This time around with juicing I joined a group for a 10-juicing challenge which has helped re-inspire me to get more serious about the food I eat and to make healthier choices. We have significant changes over the years from buying a lot of boxed and processed foods, with very little fruits and vegetables, eating at fast-food restaurants to now being mostly vegetarian and even for a while vegan. We also tried and ate raw for a little while (which was my very favourite… I could easily live on raw food prepared to look like a meal) to now eating more vegetarian but still having meat occasionally as well as eggs and cheese. I won’t paint a picture of perfection here, we certainly have the space to make a lot more conscious changes in our family… t’s not perfect by any means and I’m not looking for perfection just slightly better. I would love to see all boxed, processed or junk food eliminated completely from our home but it’s not quite the reality yet. I also realize that my desire to change everything is not realistic, so I’m having to pace myself and do my homework and learn about different things such as the flours, sugars and oils I want to change to healthier alternatives and get myself back more in the kitchen and to explore and try new things. I also want to respect my family for their food choices and see how we can find a happy medium for all of us.

My next challenge is providing my son with healthier choices in his diet without seeming like I’m dictating what he should have. He craves sugar and it drives me insane, and the more it annoys me the more he craves it (the wonderful Law of Attraction working its best magic… but it’s not working how I want to see it. No wonder, my thoughts aren’t in alignment with what I want… I’m just too focussed on what I don’t want him to have instead of what I do want). I would love to see him put weight on. When most of us need to take weight off for him it’s totally not his issue. He’s tall and slim 130 lbs and is 6’1″, he’s probably 20 lbs or more underweight for his height and age. Even though he doesn’t look unhealthy I have my concerns and I feel that they are valid ones.

These days he wants to make chocolate chip cookies, so last evening he agreed to helping me make a somewhat healthier version of chocolate chip cookies. I was thrilled. I can’t start anything drastic with him if I want any of it to have the positive long-lasting effect. People who have autism often have many sensitivities, the textures and temperatures of foods can be some of them. For him it’s the textures and the colours that may turn him from eating certain foods. Yet if we blend or grind those when possible and it’s hidden in the food he’ll then eat it. I also want to figure out some of his favourite meals and find healthier recipes with him, and teach him how to make them himself eventually. He enjoys being more independent to make some of his meals and I love that he wants to do this. So there’s no better way than to create recipes with him that he will love. He will feel empowered hopefully and I’ll be much happier with his choices.

Juicing for health has re-inspired me in many ways these past few weeks. I hope you’ll give it a try. Going out and being a part of a 10-day juicing challenge group made a big difference even though we only met a few times. The two women who gave the workshop supported us by email for the 10 days. This past spring I did do a juicing but for a shorter period of time.


This quote from Hungry for Change says it all, but yet we probably rarely ever stop long enough to make any association with our wellbeing and what might be nagging at us silently inside. The body-mind connection is such an important one when it comes to our health and wellbeing. It’s time that we clean up the mess we have created. It’s time we dig into our closet of emotions and see what’s hiding behind them. It’s time that we go to the root of our problems and deal with them. We deserve to be healthier and by making these changes we’ll start having a different relationship with food. Our body, mind and spirit needs to be in sync to be healthy.

For me I know that change isn’t going to happen if I choose to stay in my comfort bubble. If I don’t look to see what is hidden in my emotions as well as outside that bubble, then nothing will change. I need to decide what I want. I need to make a commitment to changing what I don’t like. Sometimes changes are scary. And on some level we also know that the changes we want for ourselves also often involve others, and this ripples out to those around us, affecting them whether we know it or not. Sometimes we let those fears of what others might say or think rule whether we stay in our comfort bubble or decide to leave it and explore a healthier lifestyle. I say if no one wants to join you, do it anyway for yourself.

I’d love to have you join me on this journey of learning and becoming healthier. Please comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts, views and opinions. These are simply mine.

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  1. Hey Suzanne….very well said…couldn’t have said it any better myself…you are an awesome student of all that surrounds you in a healthy way…I so admire you …you are a true inspiration to so many…keep up the great blogs…awesome stuff….

    • Sylvie thanks for coming over to read my blog. What’s the saying when the student is ready the teacher shows up… and you did and I learned a lot with both your presentations in the 10-day juicing challenge. Thank you for your kind words. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Another great post! You have a beautiful way of sharing these tips and I’m feeling inspired to change some things myself. Thank you for that. I also love the movie tips. I love movies like this and the body-mind connection is so important so I’m excited to watch Hungry for a Change – I’m hoping it’s on Netflix:)

    • Yeah Michele, I’m so happy that you are inspired to make some changes. It’s exciting when something inspires us. I certainly got a good dose of inspiration the last two weeks while juicing. If you get to watch Hungry for Change you will probably be taking notes there’s so much that they shared. I only included a few things from the movie and some were things I knew or had heard at our presentation. All the best. Enjoy the movie and have fun making changes.

    • Another good movie for juicing is Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. That one was so good! I haven’t seen Hungry for Change yet, but I put it on my list!

      • I’m happy to hear you saw one of the movies Amy. Both were really good movie, enlightening and at the same time educating us to the changes and choices we can make when it comes to eating. Thanks for dropping in with comments.

  3. Hi Suzanne, I just read your profile on the “I’m a late bloomer”. I don’t know about juicing as a lifestyle, but I have shifted my diet dramatically in the last year. I never went in for the process foods much but did in fact love the sugar stuff. I now strive to eat 8-10 servings of fruit and veg a day and it has made a world of difference in my overall health. The food industry is finding more and more ways to get us hooked on crap and that serves to help everyone’s health decline. Thanks for sharing your story. I’ll be checking in now to see what you are up to….xox

    • Hi Corrine, thank you for sharing your experience with shifting your diet. It feels great doesn’t it. I feel that more people are becoming better educated about this topic. I appreciate you dropping in. Thank you for checking my other blog posts. xo

  4. Suzanne, Thank you for sharing your health journey! I read this a few days ago, and it was the encouragement I needed to make vegetables a bigger priority again. (I slip out of good habits sometimes . . .)

    • Janet, I’m happy to read that my health journey has inspired you to make vegetables a bigger priority for you. I still slip out of good habits, somehow it finds a way to just happen before we realize it. This is why juicing helps bring me back to what I want which is better nutrition in my body. This weekend I was away and brought my juicer with me and juiced for my breakfasts, it helped me feel much better about the rest of the meals which aren’t always as healthy when away from home. Thanks for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great inspiration. I love that you are sharing this journey with us!


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