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Back to juicing and making smoothies — suzanne-mcrae.com

Back to juicing and making smoothies

Last week I had to make the dinners at home when typically my daughter does them, I know that I’m very lucky to have her cook for us every evening. I enjoyed making meals for my guys while she was away for the week visiting a friend. After a few days I had the desire to start juicing and doing smoothies again, for myself. Typically this is something that I decide a month ahead of time and prepare myself to go through, but not this time. I had little desire to eat even though some of the meals I was making actually looked delicious. So I thought what better way than to start now if I’m willing and ready and super-charge my body with some good nutrients by juicing and doing smoothies. I was ready.

On Saturday I decided that I had to attend a 10-day Juicing Challenge workshop. I wasn’t sure why, because I have done juicing, smoothies, fasts, different cleanses over the years and I already knew quite a bit, at least enough for me to do this by myself with some success. But I really felt pulled to attend, so I signed up and spent half the day there yesterday. I’ll write about this later.

This morning, I woke up and started by having a tall glass of water with lemon. I waited half an hour and then made my smoothie breakfast in my Vitamix blender.

a big handful of spinach



1 golden delicious apple

handful of red grapes

1 tbsp. Hemp Protein

1 tsp. Salba

a bit of water

It was delicious but maybe a bit too sweet for what I like. I also have to get used to the taste of protein in my smoothies. For lunch and dinner I will use only vegetables that I will put through my juicer.

So stay tuned for more about my 10-day Juicing Challenge workshop that I attended yesterday and the next week or two and how it will unfold… weight loss, willpower, side-effects and any other observations I will make.

Here’s to your health!

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  1. This sounds like an awesome idea – and fabulous sounding smoothie 🙂 I have yet to put protein powder in mine, I should try the one you have used. I taste a blog post coming soon! xo!

    • Enjoy the smoothie recipe if you make it Blair. I made gazpacho for lunch in my Vitamix blender, and it really broke down all the vegetables into liquid and it was incredibly good. Good luck finding a protein powder that you will like. I look forward reading about your smoothie adventures. 🙂

  2. Will look forward to your juicing adventure and knowledge you learned. I juice too and love how it makes me feel – more vibrant and energized! Thanks!

    • I love Kathy that you juice also. I’m enjoying the lighter feeling in my body and how energized I feel these days. I will be writing the next blog post about some of the things I have learned in my workshop. Happy juicing!

  3. Fascinating how you cook meals for your family but don’t eat them. I’ve carved out 2 nights a week where I eat what I want (typically salad or cooked vegetables) and if my family doesn’t like it they are on their own. I spent 20 years making a sit down, meat and potatoes dinner and now that I made that decision my daughter loves it but my husband is less than thrilled. He is slowly coming around, before he couldn’t stand my cooked mixed vegetable medley but now he just picks out what he doesn’t like. I never thought about a smoothie for dinner – I’ll have to try that. Thanks.

    • I really have willpower when it comes to doing a cleanse or juicing and having just that for a meal while the rest of my family has a meal. It really is only mind over matter for me. Changes are always a challenge to make in a family dynamic, it’s no different here and I don’t force anyone to do juicing with me. Give juicing or making a smoothie a try. Have fun experimenting with it. It’s nice seeing you here Julie.

  4. I also find it interesting that you’re able to prepare delicious meals and not eat them! You are really driven, Suzanne! Looking forward to hearing about what you learned at the workshop.

    • It’s really easy for me Gabriela to not eat and to have my juicing at dinner and still prepare the meals like last week. It doesn’t last forever. Actually I felt better than ever doing the cooking knowing what was awaiting for me to have for my dinner.

  5. I love juicing! Have you seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Netflix? It is about a guy who juiced for months and overcame lots of physical issues, including weight gain (obviously) and he got off a bunch of meds from doing it too. It was a very inspiring story. I am excited to see how your week turns out.

    Also inspired by Julie’s idea to have some nights be that I cook what I like and every one else can just eat it or make something else. That sounds really great.

    • I just saw the movie you mentioned Amy at the workshop on Sunday. The documentary film is a must for everyone to see in my opinion. It’s for anyone that is serious about changing their lifestyle and improving their health. Glad you mentioned the documentary in your comments.

      I started writing a new blog post this evening (but ran out of time) to include many of the things that I have learned along the way about juicing, cleansing our bodies and some helpful tips. To be continued when I have free time. Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Your blender mix looks yummy! What is Salba exactly and where did you get it?

    • Check out the website for Salba – http://www.salba.com/. Its Omega 3s, Fiber, Antioxidants and more. I had heard of Salba several years ago and never bought it until I went to the workshop on juicing challenge this past weekend. So now I’m adding it to the smoothies that I’m making.


  1. […] many ways these past few weeks. I hope you’ll give it a try. Going out and being a part of a 10-day juicing challenge group made a big difference even though we only met a few times. The two women who gave the workshop […]

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