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The ritual of cleansing our space โ€” suzanne-mcrae.com

The ritual of cleansing our space

Well I believe that I may be ahead of the game with fall house cleaning. This past weekend I was also wondering what the real meaning of Labour Day was all about. I wondered if it had anything similar to do with us labouring with fall house cleaning instead of spending it having fun one last long summer weekend. I didn’t think so. But in the end I must admit the few days that we spent cleaning were so worth it.

Since coming back from my retreat last weekend the need to cleanse our home and do an energy clearing was a must on my to-do list. I had thought and talked it about it for so long but now was the right time. I was ready to cleanse and purify the energy in our space. It was a job that was long overdue since last time I did it a few years back. But I wasn’t about to do that until the house got cleaned from top to bottom. So we started off our long holiday weekend cleaning walls and ceilings, floors, the top and outside of kitchen cupboards, washing curtains, cleaning blinds, cleaning lights you name it and it almost all got done, including a good vacuuming in every nook and cranny… basement and main floor. There are only a few jobs left to do, but it felt good enough to me after almost a 2-day cleaning blitz with my gang so I could do my smudging ceremony Saturday evening.

I started by taking a shower and changing into fresh clean clothes. I gathered the tools I needed to do the ceremony: a sage smudge stick, sweet grass, a candle, an abalone shell filled with a bit of sand and a lighter. My family was good enough to go outdoors while I had the house all to myself to do this ritual.

Available from Sue Cappannelli’s shop on Etsy thatmagickmoment

Before beginning I said a prayer and set a clear intention for the outcome I was looking for. I used Reiki energy as well as the symbols to help me. I invited God and the Angels to assist me in doing this special work. There are many ways that you can do this. But this is how I like doing it.

I then asked for assistance in purifying and clearing our home of all dark, dense, or negative energies that had accumulated in our living space. I asked that they protect me and our home and keep us safe while I did this work. I set a clear intention that the work I was about to do would cleanse, protect, purify and protect me, my family and our home and that this work would help us all live in harmony with each other for the highest good of each one of us. I also visualized myself filled and surrounded with a bright white light extending far away from my body. This part helps me feel safe in doing this type of sacred work. I asked that our home be blessed.

I set out to do the first round using the sage smudge stick which I lit and held over the abalone shell that had a bit of sand in the bottom. After lighting the smudge stick I made sure there were no flames only a bit of smoke coming from the stick. Using my hand to cup the smoke I fanned the smoke over my body to cleanse my energy first, and then I set about going in a counter-clockwise direction in the garage making sure that I directed the smoke in the corners and everywhere else with my hand. I then entered our home and went counter-clockwise from room to room, then into the basement doing the same thing in every room. I opened all the closet doors (except kitchen cupboards, I set an intention that they would be cleansed without me opening every single door and drawer). Otherwise almost every other drawer or cabinet in the house was opened and I smudged being careful not to drop any sparks from the lit smudge stick. At every door and window I did a criss-cross with the sage stick. I finished the first round back at the same place where I had started.

Then I performed the second round using sweet grass this time. I had to cut it up and put it on top of a small piece of burning charcoal which kept the sweet grass burning. The smell of sweet grass is much milder than sage. But my favourite by far is the sage, and the rest of my gang love the sweet grass smell. People use sweet grass to help bring in the positive energy after a space has been cleared with sage. I said another prayer and set the intention that only positive and light energy would enter our home. As I went about smudging sweet grass this time in the clockwise direction in every nook and cranny in our home. I only set off the smoke detector once in one of the rooms. Maybe there was a bit too much smoke.

I finished the smudging ceremony with a lit white candle and went around our home in a clock-wise direction pushing the energy of the light into each corner of your home. I did that mostly with my breath and visualizing my breath pushing the light of the candle filling all the walls in our home with light energy. It was also a way to practice my deep breathing exercises. ๐Ÿ™‚

What an incredible experience I had doing this ritual. I felt much lighter and cleansed myself in the process. My husband keeps commenting on how much lighter the energy feels in our home. Mission accomplished.

I invite you to think about the energy that you might bring home everyday, from your work, school or wherever you may go. From the discussions and arguments that happen in your space, and the people who visit your home that might leave some of their energy behind, usually not the favourable energy. From any accidents to tragedies that may have happened in your home. All of it even as unimportant as it may seem, all piles up over time to create energy that doesn’t serve us well, that hold us back, and that keep us in that negative state. If you have moved into a new home, clearing the energy of previous owner(s) would be tremendously important to claim that space as your own and release what no longer belongs there. I’ve decided that I’m going to be clearing the energy in our vehicles next. Clearing your space is like painting all your walls with a fresh coat of paint. It’s like taking a shower, or going for a swim, or the same cleansing feeling that a long day of rain brings to the outdoors. Think about what might have accumulated in your living space over the years. Then give smudging a try, you will be so happy that you did.

Do you do any type of energy clearing in your home? I would love to hear about it.

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  1. Awesome reminder Suzanne. I am in the process of buying a new cottage and I will be sure to do that when I get possession next month. It reminds me of each occassion I did a cleanse. The first was done by a fung sui practicioner and friend for my new office space at the gym to help me with my new sales promotion. I good not believe the positive results and ease it gave me, not to mention the top sales manager. The most important was in my own new living space. I was starting a new life from a difficult divorce and needed all the clearing to move forward. It blessed my space and I was blessed and open to meet my now soul mate and husband. My life is truly blessed. I totally recommend this cleansing ritual. Thanks for sharing. with loving kindness and gratitude Visma

    • Thank you for sharing about your experiences Visma. There’s so much that we can do to help so many of our situations. I loved hearing how you cleansed your space and the success and positive results it brought you. Very powerful isn’t it. All the best with buying your new cottage and smudging it so you can more easily make it your own space. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I just ordered several nice sage smudge sticks from the Etsy shop owner who gave me permission to use her image in my blog post. They look so nice.

  2. I do house cleansings and blessings for others and have had some very interesting experiences along the way! Just the act of cleaning, by itself, is one form of cleansing and decluttering of the energies…had to do the cleansing twice in my apartment when we first moved in, nearly four years ago as there were a lot of energies from previous tenants. Always a good thing to do it on a regular basis…I’m in the midst of cleaning wherever and whenever I can for my end-of-summer clean-out and it is so nice to have the patio all sorted out!

    • Loved your post, too! What a wonderfully understanding family you have!

      • I agree my family is very understanding and supportive not to mention big helpers. They probably know that when I get an idea in my head they might as well come along for the ride because I will do it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Sue, I totally agree with just how much simply cleaning can shift the energy. You are ahead of me doing your end of summer clean-out. I guess I want the nice weather to stay at least until October so I refuse to that just yet. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m impressed that you do house cleansings and blessings for others, what a gift!

  3. Love this Suzanne! Thank you for sharing…I was just gifted some Black Hills sage and an abalone shell – and I’ve been trying to smudge once a week. It feels so cleansing. Blessings to you!

    • Hi Blair, thank you for sharing about your experience. I did read your blog post about the gift of sage and an abalone shell you were given, as well as the native ceremony I believe it was that you attended. I would love to have that opportunity one day. There’s something very powerful that I feel with regards to their ways of doing these sacred ceremonies. I’m very happy to read that you are smudging once a week. It’s so healing.
      Suzanne xo

  4. I love all the intention around your process. Thank you for sharing this and the reminder to cleanse the home regularly!! So important. It’s like an oil change for your car…you don’t do it once and think you’re good to go!

  5. Hi Suzanne:
    I love this post. I smudged all the places I lived in after my separation and like Visma attracted a new loving partner and soul mate. I like the idea of setting clear intention and of bathing yourself in white light. Blessings, Tanya

    • Tanya, I’m so thrilled to hear of another person who’s been using smudging in her home. I’m so happy for you with how you attracted a new loving partner and soul mate. No doubt in my mind that smudging is powerful for us to do. Thanks for sharing. xo

  6. Suzanne, I so agree these regular clean outs of energy is a must. Right now, for me, a good old scrub and clear out is enough to lift energy whenever needed, but hoping to do a smudging ceremony or similar soon.

    • Hi Carin it’s so nice to see you here. I totally agree that a good old scrub and cleaning out of our stuff can be almost as good. It certainly shifted things here doing just that part. Thanks for leaving a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Hi Suzanne!

    What perfect timing! I am working on my kitchen and the rest of my house has just gone to the dogs! It really needs a good clean, so wonderful to read this post! Thanks!

    • Hi Amy, enjoy the process of cleaning out your home. It’s so rewarding when I see our place clean for as long as it lasts. Thanks for dropping in with a comment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hi Suzanne: I enjoyed reading about your space clearing ritual.

    I often cleanse my healing space by opening up sacred space, connecting with the four directions and giving thanks to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I also use palo santos (sacred wood), and also using bells, rattles and Florida water to cleanse the space.

    I also sometimes use sage and, less often, sweetgrass.

    It’s been a while since I’ve cleansed my full home (I think the last time was when we moved in last year), so your post is a great reminder!

    I also love the idea of going counterclockwise first during the cleansing stage and going clockwise during the blessing stage.

    • Hi Janice, thank you for sharing how you cleanse your healing space. Which reminds me I want to use my singing bowls one of these days to clear the energy in our rooms. I’ll have to make sure the dog and our son isn’t around, neither one of them cares for the high pitch sounds they make. I really enjoyed reading your comments, thanks for dropping by. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. This post is full of good energy. I am on the quest to clear my home too now that my four kids are in school. Now you have inspired me to clear and cleanse my cars too! Making room for more joy and abundance. Thanks, Suzanne!

    • Hi Kathy Anne, thank you for dropping in with a comment. I love that this has inspired you in some way to clear your home and do a cleansing. The vehicles are the next one for me to do as well. Love it… make room for more joy and abundance, so true. Have a lovely day!

  10. Love me some space clearing. Although… sometimes I wonder how much is too much. I have people coming and going here all the time, and I wonder if it would be appropriate to clear the energy daily.


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