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A special friend — suzanne-mcrae.com

A special friend

As crazy busy as life gets, these days I find myself wondering if it will ever slow down. It would be very nice to feel that I can come up for a breath of fresh air once in a while, but at the same time be able to continue doing all that I enjoy doing but at a more manageable pace. Feelings of guilt have slowly been creeping in lately for not having much time for family in friends. It seems that I haven’t done a lot of things that help me disconnect and re-energize on a regular basis with those I care about the most.

Did I mention I’m going away for 5 days soon? I look forward so much to what I call my solitary retreat. Maybe I’ll learn in those 5 days how to let go, how to do less, and how to come up for that breath of fresh air.

Tuesday morning the phone rang and it was a special friend calling that I had not communicated with in a long time. She asked if I was free to go out for dinner so we could catch up on what we had been up to with our lives. Since both of us have so much going on all the time we knew our outing had to be spur of the moment and that is exactly what we did last evening. We went out and enjoyed a wonderful meal at a Thai and Japanese restaurant as we talked well into the evening.

I met this woman a few years ago when I took my first class with my most recent Reiki Master teacher. My sister had just lost her best friend to cancer the night before and this woman in class reminded me so much of my sister’s friend. I went over and introduced myself during break and we exchanged a few words, enough to make some sort of connection. After that day in class, it often happened that we were at the healing centre at the same time and as we talked more, a special friendship unfolded.

In the last few years since we met, this was only our second time to go out for an evening. Every other time we met at the healing centre either by taking a class together, or we were there to volunteer, and other times she was there to do Reiki crystal healing sessions and I was often blessed to be the client that was receiving this special crystal healing gift.

We occasionally communicated by email over the last few years. More often than not as she was writing to me, she would receive an email from me in her inbox at exactly the same time. This happened every single time just about. If one of us thought about the other, the phone would ring or an email would come in at that exact time almost. This week I thought of her on Monday afternoon wondering how she was since we had not talked in so long and on Tuesday morning my phone was ringing and it was her calling. We had been on each other’s radars once again.

With this special friend I have no doubt that we have known each other for several lifetimes. There’s a connection that goes deep between us that is hard to explain. I have no doubts that our very similar interests and connections are there for a reason. I don’t know when our next visit will be, but I know that when it will happen it will feel like it was just yesterday that we saw each other.

After talking for a bit at the restaurant last evening, she reached into her bag and handed me this beautiful gift. She wanted me and my husband to have this beautiful Selinite crystal healing wand to use in our Reiki sessions. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

On the drive back home I felt so happy that I had such a wonderful evening and I couldn’t help but also feel so happy that my Reiki and meditation room is nearing completion of being renovated and ready to move back into. For weeks now I had stored away all my crystals and now I look forward to re-connecting back with their healing energies and with this new crystal wand.

I give thanks to my handyman, Mr. Husband for his hard work in providing me with a refreshed new look in that special room. And I give thanks for my Special Friend and our connection with one another that never ceases to amaze me.

How do you spend time with your special friend?

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  1. I am so HAPPY you connected with your friend. YES, serendipity happens more & more now that we are aware…ENJOY!!!
    THANKS Suzanne for sharing.

  2. Love this story of connection. It’s such a blessing when we find these people in our current whirl of existence and realize they’ve been there for us for many lifetimes.

  3. Soul connections are the best!

  4. It’s interesting how in life we develop connections with different types of people – all a reflection of different parts of ourselves. If I were to place all of my friends in one room, you’d see just how strongly unique each one is. Yet, each holds such a valuable part of my heart. I could not be without anyone of them as they each fill different parts of my souls in ways that one friend alone could not do.

    I love that crystal, Suzanne. Lucky you! I can’t recall healing properties of Selinite, but I’m sure you’ll fill us in soon enough? I hope you’ll post photos of your new Reiki room. I’d love the inspiration!

    • How love how you share about how each of your friends are so unique, yet each having such a valuable place in your heart. Beautifully said.

      I could speak about Selinite at some point if you’d like. As for my Reiki room, it’s still in the finishing touches… sometimes life happens and we run out of time for projects. For sure I can post some photos and will write about it once it’s finished. I know I won’t have the time to put it back together before my get-away starting this weekend. Soon though promise. 🙂

  5. Thank you for this great insight. Sometimes you have a connection with somebody that is inexplainable, this is what makes life worth it!

    and yes.. Selenite.. such a thoughtful gift for your reiki healing!

    • Thank you for stopping by to visit Lynda, loved having you here. I love that you have such a wonderful understanding regarding such a connection with another person in life and the value that it brings with it. Blessings!

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