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Choosing to make a deeper commitment — suzanne-mcrae.com

Choosing to make a deeper commitment

When a person makes a choice to walk a spiritual path it requires commitment to become more conscious and continue to evolve.

Thich Nhat Hanh Quote

These past few weeks I’m in the process of taking different classes, one on creativity which I’m having lots of fun with. I also joined two different EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) tapping groups to get the work done that I felt stuck with. *I promise to talk about EFT and other alternative and energy healing in future blog posts* Since deciding to do this for myself I feel like I have been flying high, which in return is leading me to a deeper understanding that you can read about here today. You can also read ‘When the eagle flies high‘ a recent post similar to this one.

One thing that I have come to realize is that I have sat a tad too comfortably on my spiritual derriere since completing my Karuna Reiki Master program last fall. I have consciously and probably also unconsciously chosen to do the bare essential in my daily spiritual practice and not really going into any depth with much of anything. Somewhere in my mind me and my ego were able to prove all of this with me being extremely busy since that time with career coaching sessions that lasted three months last fall, then officially opening up my Etsy Shop online in February, followed by my website here in April and not counting in family and life in general. Ego was full of itself and pushed spirituality off to the sidelines. I knew that this wasn’t all that I wanted out of life. But it was all I was going to keep getting if I didn’t commit and get more serious about my beliefs on spirituality and take the necessary actions. I knew also that there was a much bigger presence that holds all the unlimited possibilities… if only I could commit to doing this, then and only then could I more easily tap into these possibilities. In writing these blog posts it helps me get a clearer picture of where I am today and what might be possible for me for tomorrow.

This weekend I wrote to my Reiki Master teacher not knowing if or when she might write back. But she wrote back quickly and I was surprised at what I learned about myself. The Universe sends us exactly what we need to hear when the time is right and not a minute before. In her sharing with me it instantly re-ignited a passion to re-commit more seriously this time to my daily spiritual practice. I know that I want to experience more in life and I’m far from being all that I want to be. And now I feel more ready than I did last year to commit. I’ve had time to see what I haven’t been been doing and what I might want more of on my journey. It’s time to go and tap into that energy and wisdom. I want a deeper and more fulfilling meaning to my life. I want to follow through with my purpose while here on earth. I want to be brave enough so I can do so much more.

The list I am sharing below are things that have waited for me to become more fully present, aware and connected so they can start to manifest themselves in my life… they may even seem unattainable if I allow myself look at them for too long which I have no intentions of allowing to happen if I can help it…

I want to become a more conscious and enlightened being.

I want to free myself of suffering because of how I cling on to experiences and things in my material world. I want to come to a place of realization that I do have the power to get to this level of peace and freedom in my life.

I want to learn to let go and let God. I want to trust.

I want to become a spiritual guru to myself.

I want to learn the spiritual meaning of what my emotions and pains are all about. It is in going through this healing process that I know that I will find the inner light that is within me. I want to connect with that deepest part of myself.

I want to learn to solve any of my problems, worries or concerns from higher grounds, from a place where I can see with greater ease what they are about so I can let them go.

I want to hear the spiritual messages within the emotional turmoil that I sometimes still feel.

I want to cleanse and heal everything that doesn’t work or belong in my life, everything that I don’t resonate with anymore.

I don’t want to take the McDonald’s (fast-service) approach to my life any longer. It’s time to make a deeper commitment to myself. I deserve it.

I want to experience more miracles in my life. BIG MIRACLES.

I want to co-create at a whole new and exciting level, things that I can only dream about… I want to bring that into existence. I want to manifest in a way that is bigger than I’ve ever imagined possible.

I want to put to full use all the tools and techniques that I have learned over the years from Karuna, to Reiki, Sphe-Re, EFT, Ho’oponopono, Reiki Crystal Healing, Essential Oils, Heilkunst as well as meditation and more in a greater, deeper more meaningful and healing way.

I want to be all that I want to be… and still be there for my family on our spiritual and healing journey together.

I want to commit to my life in a more dedicated way, to my healing, to releasing and to cleansing everything I have created or have dragged into this lifetime that is less than I wish to be.

It’s time for me to experience freedom from everything that has weighed me down in life.

This may all seem like a huge dream and easy to write on paper, and I also realize that it’s a pretty big order to dream of having. It is also what I needed to write so I could see what it is that ignites that spark in me. It’s when I’m connected to something greater than me that brings me to this place of incredible joy. It’s what makes me feel alive. I feel more ready than ever to go to that place of deeper commitment … one where excavations will happen, releasing, healing, learning to simply live more in the moment, learning to let go of things as they come up if it doesn’t resonate with me, and learn from others in my life as I continue to walk forward every day into a better version of me.

This time of commitment is arriving at a perfect time since our meditation/Reiki room at home is in the middle of a small makeover… my husband is installing new windows, painting and I’ll be de-cluttering and then choosing to have only the things that I truly love in that room, that will support me on this next part of my journey. I’m excited and afraid all at once because voicing my commitment here makes it real for me. I intend to continue taking baby steps in the direction I’m guided to go and enjoy the process of life as it continues to unfold until the day I’m no longer of this planet. I’m so grateful for this deeper commitment that I am making to myself. I am ready to live my life from a more awakened place.

Let yourself be guided to what it is that your soul is seeking for you. Dream big dreams and believe in those dreams… take them a step or two further in the direction that they are guiding you to go… you’ll be amazed at the joy it will bring you as it unfolds miraculously before your eyes.

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  1. OMGoodness….. I was meant to read your post this morning. I have been REALLY wanting to live my life more spiritually. I watched The Shift By Wayne Dyer last night and when he spoke about entering the “afternoon” of your life and when you know there is a higher power guiding you, I teared up. Not just once but every time. I definitely took it as a guidepost. Then I read your post. Most of what you articulately said is what I feel! Thanks form sharing, I for sure will be following your journey.

    • Teresa I’m so happy you dropped in to read this blog post. It sounds like you are exactly where I’m at with questioning and wanting more spirituality in your life. Thank you for following me on my journey.

  2. Suzanne, what a wonderful journey you are on. I’m looking forward to hear more about where your dreams are taking you

    • Hi Sue, it certainly is a wonderful journey of discoveries. I will more than likely be blogging about it no doubt. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Wow, Suzanne, it does seem like we are in similar places! So many people are afraid to even imagine this kind of life for themselves, but when we take each day as a gift (no matter what it holds), when we seek to find meaning and purpose even in the hardest part of our lives, I think it opens us up to seeing miracles happen (even BIG MIRACLES!) 🙂 Can’t wait to see what comes of all of this. You certainly have a wealth of talents to share with the world!

    • It’s exciting to hear that you are in a similar place as well. There seems to be a lot of people who are resonating with where I’m at with my life lately. I’m still very much in the early stages of creating how I want my life to look. Constantly fine tuning as I go along. Thank you for your lovely comment. 🙂

  4. What a lovely post. I resonated with it on many levels, particularly “I want to come to a place of realization that I do have the power to get to this level of peace and freedom in my life”

  5. It is funny to read this post from way back in July because you seem to me, since I’ve known you just a few months, that you are quite clearly on a spiritual track and that you spend a lot of time dedicated to it. Granted, I am not sitting in your living room but it certainly seems that you are carefully considering your life in general and one of the most “studious” spiritual students that I am aware of. Great work. Keep it going!
    Amy Putkonen recently posted..76 – The Brittle May FallMy Profile

    • Amy what a lovely comment. First it’s hard to believe that we have only met online a few months ago. I do try my best to stay on the spiritual path that helps me to learn and grow from the lessons I face with in my life that are there to help me in a sense. It is not always easy or obvious what the answers are but I don’t give up eventually I get it. Thank you for your kindness. xo


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