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What if there was a different way of educating our children — suzanne-mcrae.com

What if there was a different way of educating our children

(For those of you who read my last blog post about my Etsy Shop… you will have to excuse me for my typo ‘smoking’ should have read ‘smocking’, one letter but has a slightly different meaning. I tend to hit the publish button too quickly at times. If you ever re-read something I’ve written and it looks slightly different from before that’s me behind the scenes correcting my mistakes.)

As I sat down last week to begin my new creativity e-course… V.I.T.A.L. eVolution (Vibrant Imaginative Thinking for Artful Living), I listened to a video link that she shared with us on the topic of schools and creativity. I had listened to another video by this person months earlier on Changing Education Paradigms. And just yesterday my daughter told me about the video on Educating the Heart and Mind all by Sir Ken Robinson. So I’d like to share all three with you here, see below.


As I watched the video of Sir Ken Robinson on schools and creativity, I heard the profound message of how the education system needs to change to embrace creativity for children and not undermining it. He has his views of how our schools systems need to look to cultivate creativity and acknowledge the multiple types of intelligence in children. And I couldn’t agree more with him.

Both our children went through the education system. Our son who has autism and our daughter for whom we found out in grade 6 that not only was she a top grade student which we already knew, but that she was gifted. That put a different spin on what school should look like for her as well. Having both our children with different learning needs than most typical kids at school meant a lot of advocating for me within this system. It was not a job I liked, but one that was necessary and it left me no choice but to learn to enjoy it for our kids sake. If I wanted to be sure that they received the specialized program that would best suit their educational needs, then I had to be there every step of the way it seemed.

I wish I had known Sir Robinson back then. I love his way of thinking and how his way of seeing the education system could have helped not only our children but so many others that fall between the cracks of the education system the way it is.

Enjoy listening to him speak about the education system, creativity and educating with the heart and mind.

See where your thoughts on what he has to say take you. Enjoy!


Sir Ken Robinson – Do schools really kill creativity?

Sir Ken Robinson – RSAnimate – Changing Education Paradigms

Sir Ken Robinson – Educating the Heart and Mind

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  1. I love Sir Ken Robinson and what he has to say. I am so lucky to teach in a school where I have almost complete freedom to teach in the way I know is best for my students. I wish more people in the education system knew and understood the importance of creativity, and of finding and supporting the strengths and talents of every student. I’m so glad you shared this!

    • Andrea, I’m so happy to read that you are able to have such freedom teaching in the school where you are. You couldn’t be at a better place to be helping all those children who are so lucky to have someone who understands the importance of creativity and working wiht the strengths and talents of every student. Thank you for sharing. This is wonderful to hear.

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