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My Friday Bliss List — suzanne-mcrae.com

My Friday Bliss List

It’s Friday once again and it’s time to share about what I’m grateful for this past week.

Every Friday when I have the time, think of it or feel up to it I like to share my Friday Bliss List. The Little Bliss List was started by Liv Lane, as she invites her students past and present to write a blog post about what they are grateful for that happened in their lives that week.

This past year I took an e-course given by Liv ‘how to build a blog you truly love‘. I still have to complete the e-course and continue perfecting my writing skills. It’s been a lot of fun this year as well there’s been a learning curve and some pretty scary feelings that came up as I decided to put myself out there with my writing. I wondered if I could really do it? Did I even have anything worthwhile to share? But I didn’t let those vampire voices stop me, I went for it and I’m so happy I did.

This past week I decided to start a few online classes. One with Dale Anne Potter, Positively Creative Journaling and the other 21 Day Total Transformation with Daily OM Nurturing Body, Mind and Spirit. In Dale Anne’s class I’m learning how to get my hands dirty with paint and glue like a child would and I get to journal while I work on my creativity in a stress-free and fun way. The Total Transformation class is exciting as well, I get lots of great tips on Feng Shui that is helping me to see where my energy is going or where it might be getting zapped. I’m learning to let go and am de-cluttering what I no longer want in my life.. this might take me a little while to do at the level that I’d like to see it happen. I’m also learning some yoga poses and every day I’m spending time doing these things for myself and I love it!

Gabriella from Green Home Today wrote an excellent article lately about why selling your used goods is healthy for your soul. And that is exactly what I spent doing with my daughter all last evening, listing online the things we wanted to sell. It feels good knowing that I’m able to give myself permission to receive money in exchange for the things that no longer serve me and most of all that we’re not throwing anything out that might still be good and useful to someone else. Everybody comes out a winner. I’m becoming more conscious of what leaves our home to go to a landfill site especially after reading Gabriella’s wonderful articles on different topics, and one in particular that was on recycling that helped us understand better how we recycle and where we could improve. Be sure to check it out.

I read one of Florence Scovel Shinn’s books, The Game of Life and How to Play It! Florence was born in 1871, and she became a New Thought Spiritual Teacher as well as a Metaphysical Writer in her middle years. This book will be a repeat read for me. She teaches that life is a game, and in order to play it well, a person must learn to understand the Universal Laws that govern it. I would love to see myself achieving this in my lifetime. It’s one that will take a bit of practicing I feel but will be so worth it.

One evening this week while out in our backyard I was reflecting on how our space had changed especially these last few years… where once stood our above-ground pool that had collapsed a few winters earlier and stood a big empty space of grass, the kids play structure that my husband had built was sold to a young family who could use it… and the children’s tree house had rotted over the years and was taken down.

Our yard is big… and right now I saw it as a big canvas ready to be painted or planted. A time to dream about what we might like to suit our needs now that the kids are grown up. I was visualizing us moving a few log fences to a different location to include as part of new landscaping… I saw a few huge flower beds for some bigger shrubs placed in with our mature trees to also make a privacy edge of some sort… what about a little pond or fountain… a log cabin by the forest for my husband (something that’s been on his wish list)… a nice smaller patio amongst the cluster of trees where the kids tree house used to be which could be a reading corner, a place to meditate or simply be where we could put nice white lights in the branches overhead… and maybe a gazebo type of structure where vines grow and cover the area for shade (but we’d have to figure out a way to keep the earwigs from crawling up there and landing on me). And maybe plant a few more nice trees, I love trees and am blessed to have a lot of them on our 2.5 acre property. Then I noticed my husband he was watching me out of the corner of his eyes, looking I looked over our yard, the empty spaces and was dreaming. He knows what it means when I get dreaming it usually involves a price tag and hours of labour in building for him. I’m blessed that he loves to build things… so maybe we’ll start with this one smaller project similar to the one below.


Thank you PoppyTalk from Flickr for posting the above picture of a beautiful ‘tree deck’ and inspiring our family to possibly build one!

How was your week… and what have you been dreaming of lately?

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  1. Gabriella says:

    The more I look at that photograph, the more I want to build that myself! I hope it works out for you on your beautiful property. Looking forward to photos.

    • It should work out, the cleaning up is almost done… drafting some plans I’m sure will be well underway this weekend. We are all excited about doing something with our space in the shade of a cluster of elm trees. Will post about it as it gets built. 🙂

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