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Friday's Bliss List... Gratitude! — suzanne-mcrae.com

Friday’s Bliss List… gratitude!

This is my first time posting a Friday Bliss List. It was started by Liv Lane who ran an e-course that I took this winter on How To Build A Blog You Truly Love. I joined the e-course a few weeks late, then really fell behind, but I’m here with my Friday Bliss List finally.

My list of gratefulness for this week…

  1. A week ago today I posted my first blog post on my website. Setting up a website came with a painful learning curve but I persevered. I even allowed myself to not have it all perfect and figured it out before making it official. I look forward to allowing myself to explore deeper into writing.
  2. This week my son was more attentive and present. His eye contact was great which is something that is difficult for him. I even noticed that his language skills improved where he was making sentences that were a bit longer than usual. This brings me so much joy.
  3. I visited a great-aunt who will be 100 years old this year. She is the oldest living family member in my grandfather’s family. I’m doing genealogy research for my father’s family, and I also wanted to see what I may be able to pull together for my mother’s family. I was very fortunate to get a few old photos of my great-grandparents and also one of my great-great-grandparents… this being the oldest generation that I have a photo of so far. I also heard stories that I would never otherwise have known had I not taken the time to visit with her.
  4. I’m very grateful that both my parents are still living. This past week helped me realize this even more when my mother lost her best friend unexpectedly. Life can be short and we need to make every minute count with our loved ones.
  5. My husband and I have a wonderful trip planned that is coming up. It’s our first big trip alone since having our children. I must admit that this was 27 years ago since we took a vacation alone. Time flies that’s for sure!



Happy Friday!



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  1. It must have something to do with the pull of the moon… my son was also very responsive this week! Great bliss list!

  2. Karen Stout says:

    Suzanne, your right on time with your blog. I think learning to operate on our own time frame is the best way to go! Welcome and I’m so glad to see you here!

  3. Hello ♥Suzanne,
    Enjoyed and grateful for your ♥BLISS LIST and the reminders in it.
    BIG Congratulations on creating your very own precious website and blog…I remember it being such an exhilarating feeling for me to begin my blog…..and also for you to “not have it all perfect and figured it out before making it official”….
    YAY for you for planning a trip with your husband!! Your sure deserve it after 27 years!
    Much LOVE ♥Susie

  4. Hi Suzanne
    I just finished reading all your posts. You, very much, have the gift for writing. I loved reading your stories and learning more about you. Keep up the good work. I’ll return to continue reading what you have to say.

  5. I love your gentleness with yourself
    ….such a beautiful patience you’ve learned
    on your rich life journey.
    It’s gorgeous….a truly priceless thing.
    Your blog is beautiful;
    I’ll come again
    and again.

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